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My Long Affair with my Aunty – I

The story I am telling is true incident happened in my life. Since my parents stay in village I came to Bangalore to study when I was 9th standard. Till my final year of my college I used to stay in my aunts house. I never liked to stay with friends so I moved to […]

My Long Affair with my Aunty – II

This story is about my motherly aunty Ramya. After she left I felt so much of love towards her. I was really feeling that I may fall in real love with her. My lust towards her was changing to real love. May because of her poor background, struggling life I was becoming more and more […]

The Sexual Awakening of Chitra

Their first meeting was innocuous, at an official get together hosted by Shuba’s husband Vijay’s company. The cocktail part was hosted in one of the city’s posh hotels and attended by several leading businessmen. For Shuba it was it was a very new experience. She was a small town girl, recently moved to Mumbai after […]

Screwing the Babes in the Factory

It was the same day like other days. Me and Neha working in one of this Unit in the factory. Neha is my wife and we are Engineers in the same Factory. It was Our Night shift as per routine and we were trying to fix the Rotator. It cost in thousands to company if […]

My Earliest Experiences – Confessions

I am a 36 year old male who spent his childhood and early youth till completion of his education in small towns in Haryana. Thereafter I traveled all across India for my work, first in Job and then when I started as a consultant, spent most of my working life in three metros of India […]

Crossing the seema with Seema

So guys, I have shared how ice was broken between two girls and me. The summers grew hotter and there was some pressure on us kids to study as well. Boards was a big thing and so was education for us lower middle class guys. Mothers used to tell us to study also during afternoons. […]

Making my Girlfriend Pregnant

The day Seema told me that she had missed her periods, my dick shrinked to the size of a pea, I guess. I belonged to a lower middle class family, parents were betting on me to build a career, become an engineer or a doctor, and here, I have impregnated a girl. Not knowing where […]

Manasi’s Incestuous Calcutta Affair

“Manasi get down at the Calcutta Railway Station, and we will pick you up.” That was the last command given to me by my aunt, who is married and settled in Calcutta. This was the first time I am going to Calcutta, although I have been to Calcutta several times with my parents when I […]

Sex Games with Sameera

I met Sameera in my first year of college. She stole my heart on first sight. Intelligent, warm, frisky, fun-loving, describes her personality. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in person. She’s petite, nicely-developed but without big breasts. Most women would kill for her hair. It is long, wavy, and always bouncy […]

Threesome at the Taj Mahal Hotel

It was a Wednesday night, and the Taj Mahal hotel pool was deserted — no screaming, splashing kids, no hippos in one-pieces. Just me, lounging in the Jacuzzi, trying to read while keeping the water from splashing on my paperback. Yeah, stupid, I know, but I was bored… I’d negotiated the hallways and elevators in […]

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