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Highway Horror Story

A long winding stretch of black road weaves in and out of view through dense shrubbery. Amber leaves glided gently across the highway, faintly reflecting the last rays of the setting sun. Breaking into the sounds of nature, a rusty brown dog plows through the fallen foliage, resembling a cold north wind blowing whirlwinds of […]

The Secret of the Kapoor Cunt

Life is complicated no matter who you are. The grass always seems greener on the other side but more often then not that is not the case in reality. Now imagine being a gorgeous celebrity and people running around at your finger tips just to fulfill every stupid demand of yours. Millions of fans dying […]

Katrina’s Kinky Racy Roleplay

It was a noisy night with a blaring music & bright lights. Katrina had just stepped out of the canteen as she searched for her pals. She had reached the corner of the canteen block when a voice called out “Excuse me! Can you help me please?” Katrina turned & looked in the general direction […]

The Garden of Chudai

The place where no sun could reach. Where there is darkness. In spite of none being present there was a strange buzzing coming. A place that no one had ever come to. Don’t know how did I get here. But something was attracting me. The natural beauty or something else. As I was heading deeper […]

The Erotic Reunion of Poonam

He was sitting since last two hours on the bank of Ganges in a very secluded area. His eyes seemed were staring perhaps on a void that was no where to be seen and the rain that was pouring like cats and dogs. It was very chilling and rain drops were piercing the skin. But […]

Strange Encounter

Did your mother ever warn you that hanging out with the wrong sort of people could get you into trouble? Well mine did, plenty of times, but like most adolescents I didn’t listen. After all, I was fifteen years old. I knew everything about life that needed to be known. I was certainly old enough […]

Anniversary Gift

I was in heaven as my tongue tried to wrap itself around her clitoris. The futile effort was rewarded with a moan as she squirmed though her second orgasm of the morning. The pads of two of my fingers stroked in and out against the top of her vagina. Her hands stroked the top of […]

Random Act of Violence

My spirits were high as I drove East on Interstate 90 late that morning. I had everything in the world to look forward to. My residency in emergency medicine was nearly at an end, bringing a close to almost thirteen years of college, med-school, and intensive specialty training. Soon I would start making the big […]

The District Judge and the Maid

The doorbell rang at precisely 7 am, signalling the arrival of Sushma Jain, our temporary maid. She lived across the street and two doors down and had been watching our kids on a semi-regular basis for the past three years, since she was fifteen. Farha and I didn’t need babysitting very often, since Farha, my […]

The Diwali Miracle

I was not in the best of moods. My live in girl of 5 years was at her parents. On friggen-Diwali. And I was alone just like the last 5 years. The argument was the same as every other year. I usually start it, as she is getting ready to leave. “Why do you have […]

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