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My beautiful sister Priya

My sister Priya 28 was really lonely in the City after she moved there. She hadn’t made any friends yet and lived in an old building that gave the creeps. I’m her older brother, I’ve been in the City for years and I was doing very well. As children me and Priya didn’t hang out […]

So I fucked my mother

In 1947 I lived in a remote valley with my family, I was the oldest of 3 and we lived with my mother and father. I was 18 when my father died that year and I was left as the man of the house. My father hadn’t been in the war as he was unfit […]

My mother was worried

Back when I was young and HIV (Aids) was in the news daily, my mother was worried I might catch it. She didn’t know much about it, but thought any girl who was willing to fuck was a carrier of Aids. She would tell me not to get involved with the wrong girls, meaning any […]

My mother’s sibling Shipra

I’m Aman oldest of 5 now 46 married 3 children, my first love was Shipra now 52 1 child never married. My mother is the oldest of 7 and she has 5 brothers and her youngest sibling is Shipra. As far back as I can remember I was drawn to Shipra. Shipra is a midget […]

I could feel her pussy-4

I chuckled and said, “No, I could never find anyone as beautiful, sexy, and caring as you! Like I said before, my past relationships have failed because I have always known you were my soul mate. So yes I want to make this commitment to be your husband for the rest of our lives. And […]

I could feel her pussy-3

Part 4 – The Consummation Once we got back to her place after the charity ball was done, we sat together on the couch in her living room. We were both smiling from having so much fun together at the ball and a part of me didn’t want the night to end. As we sat […]

I could feel her pussy-2

Part 3 – The Ball The evening of the charity ball, I was sitting on my aunt’s couch in the living room. I was dressed in the tuxedo I had gone out and rented earlier that day. While I never cared for bowties, I opted for a bowtie out of a standard tie just because […]

I could feel her pussy-1

Part 1 – The Visit It was fall at the time I decided to travel and visit my aunt. I had been saving up leave for a vacation all year and I saved up enough to take off a week from work. I decided that the first part of my vacation would be to visit […]

Cousin stared at my tits and ass

My parents told me to spend my summer with my cousins. They where all boys ( age 18 & 19 ) I was 18 at the time. This particular cousin would always stare at my tits and ass … i noticed so I stopped hanging around where he was cause I was so uncomfortable. One […]

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