Anshu and mummy-2

“No, we need to give your brother time to let his body recover and cool down before we get serious. This was just to take the edge off his lust. By the time we come home tonight he will be able to relax and enjoy all the goodies we have to share with him.” Mummy told Anshu.


I was sitting on the couch when Mummy and Anshu came back downstairs, both had wanted to change clothes before going out. We had a nice dinner and spent some time just walking around the Mall afterwards, mostly we talked about what was happening with our friends and relative’s while I had been overseas. Mummy and Anshu did a bit of shopping, then decided that they were ready to go home.


Mummy drove the car while I sat in the in the middle. As we drove onto the freeway for the trip back Anshu took one hand and placed it in her lap, Mummy set the cruise control and lifted her foot off of the gas pedal. She took my other hand and pushed it under her short skirt and down between her legs. I discovered soft silk along the leg then an opening and nothing but soft shaven pussy lips, she was already damp along the lips so my finger slipped down inside to the inner recess of her cunt real easy. Anshu had done the same with my right hand and to my delight found that she had on the same type of crotchless underwear and she had shaved also. I worked my finger along her legs and between the thigh top and outer pussy lips, teasing and touching, I loved the way she would wiggle back and forth as my fingers enjoyed the feeling of her skin.


Mummy shivered as my hand slowly rubbed the smooth walls of her pussy, just barely above her clit. “Oh baby, I’ve dreamed every night for the last few weeks about having you back home to take care of us. My pussy just wets all over itself when I remember how your cock felt deep inside. Now, tonight, it gets to stop dreaming and have the real thing.”


Anshu sighed as the hand in her lap finally pushed a finger down into the open lips and stroked the walls. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, how many times we lay with a toy in our cunts talking of how much we missed having your hard cock stuffing our cunts full, the way you fill us with hot cum and then keep on fucking until we came. Ohhhh, just thinking about it is driving me crazy.”


As Anshu was talking I could feel her pussy suddenly shiver and spasm as my hand and finger were soaked with creamy white pussy juice. I looked her in the eye and licked my finger and hand off slowly. Her eyes never left my face but her body was shivering again. Mummy was holding my left hand tightly between her legs and I could feel her body fighting to not climax. I moved my finger back and rubbed the clit that lay wetly below and then pushed my finger down and into her cunt opening, she lost. Her body jerked and shivered as she quietly orgasmed, my finger continued to probe and stroke to prolong the effect. “I guess I wasn’t the only one with a hair trigger” I said to them.


I walked into the house helping two beautiful women who had rather shaky legs. As I closed the door behind me and locked it, I heard Anshu tell her mother. “Mummy lets just change into our night clothes and go in the bedroom. I think that we just might not make it out of any other room once we start. We want to make sure that we are were we can be totally relaxed once we start. What do you think Mummy?”


“I fully agree with you baby,” Mummy replied, “plus there are some things in the bedroom that we many want to use and I don’t feel like running up and down the stairs tonight.”


I walked into the hall and asked Mummy and Anshu if they wanted to go on upstairs while I made sure everything was closed up and made sure the phone was turned way down. They disappeared up the steps as I walked through the lower house checking the rooms and windows. Turning off all the lights and going up to my room I told Mummy to call me when you are ready. I changed into a small bathrobe, shaved and walked back into my room. Anshu followed me into my room and asked “Hey big brother, do you still beat off?”


“Of course,” I replied, “Every time I thought of you or Mummy I had to, and that was at least twice a day.”


“God, no wonder your cocks doubled in size since you were home last.” Anshu said.


“No, the reason its bigger is it’s been three years since I plunged it into any wet pussy and its still just backed up.”


“Three years?” Anshu asked.


“Three years,” I said “I have the best at home and I wasn’t about to try anything out there that might cause me problems. So I would sit and talk to the girls about different ways to make love, and things that they enjoyed having done to them. Let me tell you sis, they tried their best to get me to sleep with them but I refused. In order not to sound like a snob or creep about it I told them that I was a virgin and saving myself for my future wife. Once that was accepted by them they began to really tell me what I should do and how i could make a woman real happy. You know all those little items I send home to you and Mummy? Well those will come in handy over time as I use what information I have been given to make you and Mummy as happy as I can.”


“Yeah, some of the items Mummy and I had no problem with but there are some that require a very careful explanation about.” Anshu commented.


“Children,” Mummy yelled, “I need some help in here, you can finish your discussion in here with me included you know.”


Walking into Mummy’s room I turned to Anshu and found her stepping into her room, “I’ll be right there.” she said.


I stepped into Mummy’s bedroom and was stopped by what met my eyes, her bed was no longer a brass full size, it was now a very large water bed, wooden posts supported a full wooden canopy that was a full size mirror. All along the top rails were small lights that lit up the bed and left no area of the bed unlit. The headboard was from canopy to floor and had shelves with mirrors behind them. On the shelves were most of the toys that I had sent them. Mummy was sitting up in the middle of the bed, her back against several large pillows. She had the white cotton night shirt that I had bought her on, It was unbuttoned down to just above her navel. I could see soft, tan skin where the shirt was pulled back. If she was standing up the edge of the shirt hands just an inch below the curve of her soft ass. I just stood there enjoying a sight that until this morning was only memory.


“A-hem,” I heard behind me.


“I’m sorry but what I saw sort of took my breath away,” I said, “I just sort of went into a daze, it was like the first time I peeked at Mummy,”


I moved out of Anshu’s way and as I looked at Anshu from the back my cock went into semi rigid to max thrust. Hair touched shoulders that were covered by black sheer nylon, it ended just about 12 inches from her knees. A pair of crotchless panties made from the same material encased a tanned ass that was heart shaped and firm. She looked back at me and said “Tell us about the first time you saw Mummy.”


Pulling my thoughts back I began, “I had crawled under her bed one after noon when I was 12, I was looking for something that I was not suppose to have. Mummy walked in and sat down on the bed, she had come home early that day. Well I just got real quiet and stared as Mummy started to undress. As she took off each piece of clothing I felt my dick stiffen, soon she had on panties and nylons and nothing more. As her back was to me I could see a dark area through the white material of her panties. But when she walked over to the mirror on the closet door I could see both her back and her front, then I realized that I was staring at the pretties tits in the world. My cock was starting to throb, so I reached down real slow and eased it out of my shorts. As I watched Mummy look at herself in the mirror. Well, when Mummy spread her legs apart and started to rub her inner thigh as her thumb slipped over the mound in the center of her panties. My hand went down to my cock and started to rub it, Her hands then slipped under the leg bands and pulled the panties off to the side, once her pussy was exposed her fingers slipped in and she started to stroke her self. I could see that as her fingers slid up and down they were getting wet and shiny. As her rubbing sped up, her pussy started to swell and the lips pull back exposing the little bump that she was rubbing. Suddenly she jerked her hips real hard then again, I saw white liquid running down her leg, each time her hips jerked. I felt my cock that my hand was rubbing suddenly jerk as I shot my cum all over the floor. I lay there under the bed, my cock throbbing as it continued to shoot hot cum in my hand and on the carpet. Mummy, still stood looking in the mirror, her hand between her legs, one finger deep inside of her. To this day I still jerk off with that memory. I wanted to crawl out and tell her that I would be glad to make her happy by rubbing her pussy anytime she needed it. God, look how hard my cock got just telling you about it.”

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