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The College Bet

“You what?” Indira asked. She swayed her long black hair so that it framed her shocked face and rested on her shoulders. She leant forward over the table of the Juhu Axis Mall food court to look at her Tinder date, the squirming travelling weird guy and he wiped his nose with his fingers. “I […]

Desi Bhabhi Ki Erotic Bus Journey

“Listen…..listen.” “Hmmmm?” I opened my heavy eyes to the darkness. The bus was hurtling along the bumpy country highway. “I am feeling really cold. Can you get a blanket from the blue handbag?” my wife Niyati whispered, shivering in the ramshackle bus with no heater and poor insulation. “Hmmmm.” Groggily, I got up and went […]

My Wife Is A Bitch But…

My adorable wife of fifteen years Nisha has the cutest way of telling me that she cheated. She waits until we’re fucking, then tells me she has been bad – again. She knows very well that I want a wife who is a slut in the bedroom, but a lady and faithful wife everyplace else. […]

Meeting Aishwarya at the Club

The Planet Bollywood club had been closed forty minutes. Everyone else had left. The lights were out, but thin, weak rays of light eked through the front windows blinds from the streetlight outside. Manish glanced at the piano, fingered a few notes, before joining his hands together on his lap. Thinking. “Who said anything about […]

A Desi Wife on a Train

My name is Yuvika Sachdeva. I’m 29 years old. Married for a year and half and at present working for a production company in Mumbai, India. I sent this real account of mine to Vaishali_K on Literotica because of two reasons: I am a Literotica fan and of late I have loved all of Vaishali_K’s […]

Who Should Vaishali Choose?

I am Vaishali, an average Indian girl living in a big city. My story starts when I was 19. I had just started my IT degree. It was at college that I met Ashish. Initially Ashish was just another guy in my class but he was sweeter than most. The thing is that I get […]

Vaishali Gets Her Pussy Drilled

“What is all this Aashish?” Read my Skype message for my boy friend. Pasted along with it were few portions of the chat transcript of his with his three month old internet chat pal ‘Megha Ray’. You won’t believe what the chat transcript had. At least I didn’t when I read it at first. They […]

The Lesson

Bill Williams was sitting at his desk lost in thought as he stared at his computer screen when he heard a soft, feminine voice say, “Bill?” He looked up and said, “Hi, Laurie. What can I do for you?” “Is now a bad time?” she asked. “Oh, no. Come on in.” Laurie James closed the […]

Seduction in the Library

You’ve seen me around campus, and we’ve made eye contact, but nothing more. So when I walk out of the elevator in the library on Shivaji Block, you smile as I look at you. I smile in return and you resume your studying. We share a management class, so you know I’m here for the […]

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