Cousin bhabhi neetu – 1

Helloo all .. i am a regualr reader frm very long tym but was very
lazy to post my own story .. so here i am wit my first story .. i am
sahil 30 yrs old single guy. I am born and brought up in GUWAHATI,
ASSAM … i am an average looking guy my height is 5.11’ and i am
little on heavier side ..
So coming to the story … it abt my cousin bhabhi how we started
flirting and slowly we became physically involved .. its hard to say
if she was more interested in me or I was more interested in her …
her name is neetu (name changed) and she is 10 yrs elder to me … i
was not very close to neetu bhabhi or vineet (her husbands name)
bhaiya initially … i used to travel a lot for my business …
recently vineet bhaiya and bhabhi used to come and stay wit us in all
the holidays .. They r actually frm arunachal and used to spend their
holidays here in ghy … they have a daughter 16 yrs old and a son 9
yrs old … its a little long story and i am a bit descriptive so ppl
be wit me i promise u all will love it at the end …. this is just
the part 1 .
Don’t forget to tell me how do you like it. As it is my first story
I need your support, guidance and feedback. Also any females frm in
and around guwahati can mail me for emotional or physical support or
for a secret relationship i travel around india a lot specially delhi
and kolkata… girls, aunty , bhabhi i am waitng for ur mail …….
Neetu bhabhi loves to talk and wear western clothes … she has an
awesome body … though she is not fat but her heavy breasts and
shapely massive butts make her look like a sexy huggable teddy …
when i first meet her long back in 2004 i was dumstruck by her beauty
.. then i met her again in 2013 after a long gap and i was like wow ..
unki gand itni mast moti si thi ki pucho mat (wish i could grab a
handful of those lovely breasts or butts).. she had waist size arounf
30 … her bra size was 36 and butts i dont knw i think 40 but perfect
pear shape …
I am generally shy in nature to talk to girls .. even if a girl gives
me hint or signal its hard for me to catch it and plus i always think
otherwise that what if i am wrong she didnt mean anything ….
So neetu bhabhi and bhaiya came home in 2013 … i am generally a very
confident and fun loving guy … and i like to make ppl laugh and
smile so in just 2 days me and neetu bhabhi became gud friends .. i
used to tease her talk to her while she was in kitchen and she also
liked it a lot …. i used to stare at her boobs and ass when ever i
got a chance and used to masturbate thinking abt sucking and fucking
her …
I could never even in my dreams think that she can fall for me or come
into my arms so i never tried also .. i was happy imagining and
mastubading …. this tym while she was going back we exchanged our
nos and used to be in contact through whatsapp … then when in 2014
jan bhabhi came to guwahati again this tym we went to party .. me
bhabhi and bhaiya and enjoyed a lot .. we had drinks and all and
bhabhi was a bit high only aftet a peg of vodka … and it was like
luck was favouring me … she was wearing tight jeans and tight tshirt
… as she got high she became a little careless and started leaning
over me not in wrong intention but it was just that she does not fall
down so for a support she was holding me … ohhh man i could fel her
breasts touching my shoulders and when i saw towards her i could seee
right through her tshirt coz it was messed up at bit .. wow what a
look it way … as if i was looking at heaven itself ….
I felt like grabing taking advantage of her then and there but i didnt
have guts and then we went homeee … bhabhi climbed stairs holding me
and i againg got a chance to be wit my sexy darling though this tym i
had to hold her near her waist to support her ..i saw her staring at
me while climbing the stairs but i was to afraid to look at her coz my
bro was just ahead of us … next day they went back and she was not
happy going back this tym
So after she went back this tym we started chatting more on whatsapp
and i teased her a lot abt she being druk in just 1 peg .. she said so
what … and slowly we started talking on phone … the talks were
normal in a sense tough she always used to ask me if i had girlfriends
and all and i used to say no coz i didnt have any girlfriends then nor
do i have now… she said y at ur age guys should have a girl and i
used to say i am happy the way i am and also i am not some hunk that
girls will easily fall for me .. … then she said something which i
reallly liked ..
she was like “ kewal looks se kuch nai hota … aap dil ke bht ache
ho dekho mera kitna care karte ho .. hamesha hasi majak .. and i know
ki aap andar se bht romatic ho ( u r very good at heart and u care a
lot abt me … u always make ppl smile..and i can feel that u r very
romatic at heart)” …
I told her bhabhi “ mujhe yeh 20 -25 saal ki ladkiyan pasand nai haa
.. bht nakre ha inke and in ladkiyon ko kewal looks aur paise se
matlab … aaj kal pyar aur romance koi nai samjhta ( i dont like
girls of age 20-25 … they have a lot of attitude and they only go
for good looks or money .. also these days love and romance has lost
value)`” .. bhabhi heard me and said that its not like that … u
tell me what kind of girl u like .. i will search for u … i
hesitated for a moment and then i told her my liking “mujhe thodi
matured ladkiyan pasand ( i like matured girls)” .. bhabhi said
“matured matlab ( matured in what sense)”.
Then i said “ dekho mein bolta hu .. mujhe apne se jyada umar ki
ladkiyan pasand haa .. say 32 yrs se 50yrs jaisi … married ho
unmarried ho ya jo bhi caste ki ho .. bas body thoda heavy hona
chaaiye … mujhe zero figure ladkiyan nai pasand (see i will tell u
.. i like girls who r older than mer .. say frm 32 yrs to 50 yrs …
either married unmarried whatever the caste be i have no issues ..
just hat they should not be zero figure .. i like girls who r a bit
Bhabhi started laughing loud and told “ matlab sir ji ko paki pakai
ladkiya chaiyee jo puri experienced ho .. hahaha sahi haaa badmash (
thats means sir like ripe girls who r experiend .. haha gud gud)”
I told “ isme paki pakai ki kya baat ha … mujhe waise ladkiya
pasand ha jinka sharir bhara bhara ho .. experience to mein khud karwa
dunga ( its not abt ripe .. i like girls who have proper curves and
flesh in their body .. for experincei am there)” …. neetu said
“oh expert ho lagta ha .. kitni ke saath kiya ha abhi tak ( oh seems
u r expert .. with how many have u done till now)”
Now i knew that i could go a lil further .. the way we were talking
and flirting had already aroused me a lot and i was hard like anything
… just imangine u r flirting and talking all this wit ur dream sexy
bhabhi made me loose my mind and control of words …. next i was like
“aaj tak aapke jaisi koi hot sexy bhabhi mili naina .. kaha se karta
… aap mere liye aapki jaisi koi friend aapki ko pata do ( till date
i didnt find a hot and sexy bhabhi like u so could not do it .. help
me to get 1 or ur friends who looks like u)”
It was Neetu bhabhis turn to be shocked wit what i said .. after a a
silence of few seconds she said “aapko main pasand hu kyaaa( do u
like me or what )”… i said “dekho bht ho gayaa ajke liye …
phir aap bhaiya ko boldogi ki sahil aisa bol raha tha and hamare
relation kharab ho jayenge ( i told its enough for now .. what if u go
and tell bhaiya abt all this .. our family relation will be
What bhabhi said next was a full tym green signal for meee … i could
not belive it “bhaiya ko nai pata ki main aapse phone pe itna baat
karti hu … and dont worry mujhe secret rakhna ata haaa( bhaiya does
not knw that i talk to u over the phone .. and iknw how to keep
secrets)”…. iactually wanted to hear this only and it made me
really happy and more confident but still i wanted her to say all
these things and didnt want to risk it by saying myself so i said
“aur mujhpe itna vishwas kaise agar maine kisiko boldiya toh ki aap
mujjse aisi baat kar rai ho( how come u have so much faith in me ..
what if i tell some1 that we talk like this then)”…immediately she
replied … “ itna toh maine aapko jaan liya and parakh liya ha ki
app secrets rakhne mein bht expert ho and kisiko nai bataoge .. agar
koi shaq hota toh main aapse yeh saab baat bhi nai karti …na hi us
din disc mein aapse chipakti ( this much i have tested and learnt abt
u that u will not tell any 1 and that u r very gud in keeping secrets
.. else i would never talk like this wit u orwould never be doing
things i did to u in the disc)” ….
This tym i was lierally shocked i asked her “to disc main kya aap
high nai thi ..aap jaan bujh ke mujhse chiap rai thi ( so u were not
high in disc u were doing those things knowingly)” … neetu said
“ high to thi but khud socho apni pati se bhi toh sahara le sakti
thi …. tumhare passs hi kyu ayi … but tum to bilkul phatuuu nikle
…. (i was high but i could have taken help of my husband also
instead of u … but u r a loser u could not understand)”
She was right i should have understood and acted accordingly ….
anyways now i understood that she is completely mine so i told “
agli baar aogi na toh drink karne ki zarurat nai … mauka milte hi
aap meri bahoo mein aapke 1 tight hug de dena ( next tym when u come
then u don’t have to drink .. as soon as u get a chance u come into
my arms and give me a hug)”
She started lauging very meekyly “ acha mein aapki baho mein aake
hug dedu … apne itna easy socha ha kya …. maine apni taraf se jab
mauka dena tha de diya ab bhul jao mere darling devar ji (oh i see i
should come to ur arms and hug u .. so u really think its that easy ..
i gave u chance u could not take it now forget it my darling )”
I got lil tensed and irritated at the same tym that what happened
suddenly how come i lost her … i got determined that i wont leave
such a golden chance so i said “ thik ha woh to aap jab ghy aaogi
toh dekha jayega … aap aao mat aao meri baho mein mujhe mauka milega
toh is baar nai chorunga …khud hi chipka lunga ( ok when u come to
ghy this tym we will see abt it .. u come into my arms or not i will
definitely take u in my arms as soon as i get chance)”
I was still lil tensed that what would be her reply .. will she stop
talking to me … and then she said “ acha achanak se phatu se itne
himmat wale kaise ban gaye .. chalo dekhte ha ki kewal bolte hi ho ya
kuch karne ka daam hi ha tumme (oh suddenly frm a loser u seem to have
become very bold.. lets see that u knw only to speak or have guts to
do something )”
Now i got confident that she way playing wit me … my shy sweet neetu
bhabhi likes to be dominant also …. now i knew she wanted to enjoy
this so without fear i directly told “ dekh lena woh toh .. chalo
abhi 1 phone pe kiss to do sexy wali ( ok will see .. but as for now
atleast give me a nice sexy kiss)”
Neetu bhabhi was very playful and dominant … she was flirting openly
and it was evident that if we get chance things will happen but still
she didn’t let me go fast or cross the line “ kya kisss …. jyada
nai ho gaya kya … flirt kar rai hu iska yeh matlab nai ki jab jo
mangoge de dungi samjhe .. hug ki baat hui ha wahi tak raho ( what
kiss … don’t cross ur limit .. i am firting wit u does not mean i
ill give u everything . i agredd on hug so stick to it )”
After this it was time for bhaiya to get back home and we bid bye and
kept the phone … next day i went out of station for 1 week and was
not in contact wit her coz phone was not working in interior area.
When i came back home after 1 week at early morning 5.30 mom woke up
opened the gate and told bhaiya bhabhi has come as bhaiya had some
interview … they r sleeping in ur room so don’t make noise u take
ur clothes and sleep in hall . i was confused coz it was not expected
… i didn’t knw what to do still i had to go to my room to get
pillow and all to sleep in hall … i opened the door of my room took
necessary stuff looked at my princess and when i was abt to go i saw
her moving .. i looked at her she opened her eyes … i took out my
cellphone and signalled her to see her phone and i went out of the
room … after i came out i msged her
Me – gud mrning darling what a surprise .
Neetu – gudmrng dear . ya had to come suddenly for some interview
Me – is bhaiya sleeping
Neetu – yes in dreamland
Me – come out .. i am waiting in the store room
Neetu – r u mad .. what if he wakes up or some1 sees
Me – every1 is asleep come just for 5 min who is phattu .. come
fast i am waiting
I didn’t get any reply after that and i was waiting seconds felt
like hours waiting in the store room …
Then suddenly the store room door opened and there she was in red rosy
lips, hair tied in a bun, wearing black sleevless nighty which
outlined all her curves she was looking like a sex godess .. i felt
like stripping her naked and licking her whole body then and there but
i didn’t want to risk things .
Well hope u liked my story till here … the rest in next part how i
managed to lick neetu bhabhi frm top to bottom and fuck her in her own
house … and how she dominated me and mad hungry love session wit me

Don’t forget to tell me how do you like it. As it is my first story
I need your support, guidance and feedback. Also any females frm in
and around guwahati can mail me for emotional or physical support or
for a secret relationship i travel around india a lot specially delhi
and kolkata… girls, aunty , bhabhi i am waitng for ur mail …….

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