Daddy Came in the Bathroom

Radha sat in a tub of water with her father begging to get in and use the toilet. He had to go, bad. There was no curtain on the tub, just six inches of slightly milky water, but she had to let him in and called out, “All right, I’ll unlock the door, but give me a few seconds to get back in the tub.”

“Fine, just hurry.”

Radha got out dripping water off her eighteen-year-old, never-been-seen-naked-by-a-man body, went to the door, and flipped the latch, then raced back to the sanctuary of the tub, almost slipping and busting her terribly cute ass. That would have been a terribly big boo boo. Her father would have insisted on playing doctor. At the least, he would scoop up her naked body and place her in the tub – eventually. He had been acting awfully strange since the divorce. Six months without pussy might make a man act strangely, but he was her daddy. He should try to control his strangeness better. There were times he made her feel like a fine piece of ass, and this was another one of them.

She settled into the water, placed an arm over her C-cup breasts, and shielded her pussy with the other hand, though all he’d see is a light patch of submerged pubic hair. She didn’t want him to see that. He didn’t need to see that. He seemed to know there was pussy below that without seeing the telltale pussy hair.

She knew she’d be seeing his dick again. This was just another excuse to show his dick. He paraded his naked dick around using his long schlong like bait, as though that would make a daughter bite the incestuous hook. Sure, he had a nice dick, but it was too nice for her pussy even if it were legal for her pussy. She might have been willing to help the poor guy out before things got this bad and this pathetic, but they just weren’t a good match – big dick, small pussy – sorry Daddy, but you’re stuck with mother thumb and her four daughters. She had no intention of making her pussy big to accommodate him, and he sure wouldn’t make his dick small to accommodate her.

Besides, she was virgin and wanted to bring a small pussy along on the honeymoon, virgin or not. Men like tight pussy. A husband deserves tight pussy if not a tight virgin pussy. She kept her pussy tight by only using one finger to fuck herself – lately, while thinking about her daddy fucking herself. She wasn’t sure how long she could let him go on suffering before she fucked her future husband out of some tight pussy by not being too difficult.

Letting him into the bathroom while she was naked in the tub was one act of not being too difficult and the beginning of a trend that didn’t bode well for husbands who like tight pussy. Not-being-too-difficult act number three almost got her fucked in her own bedroom. He got to see her in bra and panties – see her and thoroughly check the fit. He bought them and acted like he had the right to do that. She wasn’t too difficult. He found that her pussy was in the crotch of her panties. That wasn’t difficult. They were see-thru panties.

Again, she saw his cock, this time pissing. That was interesting. She’d seen it soft, hard, and in various states between. Now she saw an in-between stage in the act of pissing. He could have stood with his back to her. He could have held his cock with the right instead of the left hand. No, he had to stand in profile and piss into the toilet from the side while displaying his cock. She watched. Hell, he wanted her to watch. That was one purpose of this charade – maybe a big dick pissing would make her take the bait. He could have gone outside to piss. That was one reason he lost a wife. He’d need to piss and step outside and piss in her petunias – pissy petunias really pissed her off.

He pissed and missed quite a bit because he kept his eyes on her – another purpose, to see her naked, to break down that final barrier. She could see it now: Why can’t I watch you get undressed? I’ve seen you naked. Big deal. Here, let me help you get those panties off. Need your pussy trimmed. I’ll trim it for you. Spread your legs.

When he stopped pissing, he turned toward the tub and moved to the edge of the tub, leaving his dick hanging out over the edge of the tub. Radha had to back up and go, “Daddy, put that away. You’re dripping pee in my bath water.”

“Won’t hurt. Piss is sterile. My piss is cleaner than your bath water. I should have pissed in the tub.”

“Yeah, you might actually hit the tub. I’m not cleaning that up. You did your business, now please leave me to finish my bath.”

“I’d like to help wash you.”

“Daddy, please. I know what you want. Go out and get laid. I’m your daughter, your minor daughter at that. Go wash someone else’s daughter. I don’t care if she’s a minor someone else’s daughter, or a coal miner’s daughter. Set up a daughter washing both. Pay someone to let you wash their daughter, but you are not washing your daughter.”

“You sure are pretty with no clothes on, Radha.”

“I feel naked with no clothes on.”

“A girl with a body like yours should run around naked.”

“Daddy, don’t do this.”

“Come on, Radha, don’t hide. Let your hands down.”

“Daddy, I let you in. You could have gone outside. I let you see this much. Can’t you be thankful for that?”

“I am. I’m very thankful. Thanks for letting me see you naked, Radha.”

“You’re welcome, now go away.”

“Radha, are you a lesbian?”

“NO! Do you think that because I don’t want to have sex with my own father that I must be a lesbian?”

“If your not a lesbian, then washing your pussy probably doesn’t do a thing for you, does it?”

“Gets it clean.”

“Yes, but I could get it a lot cleaner and have a ball doing it.”

“I’m sure you would, but I get it clean enough.”

“Yes, but I’d clean your pussy inside and out, especially the inside. I’ll bet you don’t clean the inside, do you?”

“The inside doesn’t need cleaning. Nature cleans the inside.”

“I could make your clit sparkle.”

“Daddy, you are not washing me and you are getting all worked up thinking about it. Stop playing with it.”

“I’m not playing with it; I’m jacking off.”

“Not in my bath water, you’re not.”

“No – on you – in your pretty face.”


“It can’t hurt. You’re in the tub. It’ll wash right off and go down the drain. Besides, sperm is good for a girl’s skin. Haven’t you heard that?”

“Yes, but only from people with sperm they want to get rid of. Daddy, don’t point that thing at my face. If you must do this, squirt it on my leg. Squirt it on my knees. If sperm is good for the skin, my knees could use it. Here, I’ll pull my knees up and make it easy for you. There, if this works, I’ll tell all my girl friends.”

“I guess you do spend a lot of time on your knees, don’t you, Radha?”

Radha quickly put her knees under water and said, “If you are implying what I think you are implying, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“I am. Can’t you tell? See how hard my cock is. That’s from seeing how much your knees need sperm. I’ll bet your jaws could use a lube, too. Wanna open your mouth?”

“No. Do my feet. At least that’s down near the drain.”

“Let me squirt my cum on your pussy. Lift your pussy up and spread your legs. Let me see how much cum I can get inside the slit.”

“If you cum like you piss, you won’t get any sperm anywhere near my pussy, much less inside the slit. You just want to get a good look at my pussy with my legs apart. Forget it, besides, my pussy is plenty soft. It doesn’t need any sperm, and you just might get lucky and hit the hole. My pussy sure doesn’t need any sperm there.”

“That is the softest part. I felt your pussy while checking the fit of your panties. Sure wish I could have gotten a good look at it, but I felt it up good. I felt all around inside the lips, all around the hole, a little inside the hole.”

“I was there, remember. I brought the pussy to that lingerie party.”

“You got a super, silky-soft pussy, Radha, especially all around your pussy hole and just inside the hole. Felt your clit, too. You have a big clit like your mother, but she doesn’t have a pussy hole like you do – never did. That is one nice tight pussy hole, soft and slick like a slug’s belly.”

“Thanks, but if you think vaginal flattery will get me to make a sperm target of my pussy hole, think again. Knowing you, you’d get so close you couldn’t miss. I’d end up with a pussy full of cum.”

“I would only put the head in.”

“I’ve heard that line before.”

“I’ll bet you have. Did you let them?”

“THEM? You think I’d let THEM. I’ll have you know I’m a virgin.”

“So, you can let a bunch of guys jackoff in your pussy by only putting the head in? I can see you doing that. You’re awfully popular with a lot of boys. If you’re a virgin, you’re doing that or sucking their dicks. By the looks of those knees, I’d say you do a lot of cock sucking. That’ll make a girl popular.”

“Could it be that I have a good personality, that I am attractive with a great body and not tied down to a steady boyfriend? No, not your daughter. If she’s popular with the boys, she must be a whore.”

“I suppose it could be that, but I like to think you’re sucking them all off and giving them pussy. Makes my dick hard.”

“If it’ll make you cum any faster, go ahead and think I’m a whore. My bath is getting cold.”

“Cum where?”

“Wherever you like. I’m in the tub. What difference does it make.”

“I want to cum on your face and tits. Tilt your head back and thrust your chest out.”

“Fine, cum on my face and tits.”

Radha brought her shielding hands behind her for stiff-arm support, tilted her head back, and thrust up her proud beauties. As an added touch, she let her legs drift apart and tilted her cunt up bringing most of her pussy out of the water, trying not to be too obvious about it, but when her knees meet opposite sides of a wider-than-average tub and the pussy was fully out of water, she did look obvious. She was showing her jacking-off daddy everything except asshole, and showing it well like the whore he liked to imagine she was, like the whore she’d like to be if she were that type of girl, which she felt like while trying to show her daddy the pussy hole she’d like him to make bigger.

Her dad stared at her pussy and said, “That’s a good beaver, Radha. Are you trying to spare your face or your tits, or both?”

“I’m trying to help you cum. You wanted a good look at my pussy. I’m giving you one. At least, it’s the best I can do in a tub. You can look at it and cum on it if you want.”

“I think I’ll put some on your face, some on your tits, and the rest in your pussy. By the way, you’ve got some great tits, but they’ll look even better with cum on them.”

“Did you say IN my pussy?”

“I’ll try to hit the hole. The little fuckers can swim in from there.”

“Can you even see the hole? I can’t. My clit’s in the way.”

“Not much, but I’ve got a good slit to aim for. All I have to do is get some in the slit, it’ll run to the hole.”

“Too bad the tub isn’t wider. I could make you a better slit and expose more hole.”

“You’d do that for me, Radha?”

“I have to do something for you if you refuse to go out and get laid. I can’t watch you suffer, and sooner or later, you’ll hold me down and fuck me. Getting a little sperm in my pussy probably won’t do any harm, but if you were fucking me all the time and putting a lot of sperm in my pussy, I’d get pregnant for sure.”

“I’ve never heard you say fuck before.”

“You’ve never jacked off on my pussy before, either. I figured if I got my legs far enough apart and got my pussy out of the water, and made a good target of my pussy hole for you, I could say fuck.”

“You can, and say it often. Be good to me and I’ll let you be a whore. You can stay out as late as you want, wear anything you want, take boys to your room, go out on dates with no panties on – bra or panties. You can bring your friends here and walk around naked, fuck ’em right on the living room floor. Would you like that, Radha?”

“Yes, I would.”

“Oh, so you’d like to be a whore, would you?”

“Sure, if you’ll let me. They all want to fuck me, and I’d like to let them fuck me right on the living room floor. All we ever needed was a good place to fuck.”

“All right, you give me all the pussy I want, I’ll let you be a whore. Do we have a deal?”

“We have a deal. Now, do you want to jack off on it or fuck it?”

“I want to fuck it.”

“Then get it out of the tub and lay it on a bed so I can get my fucking legs apart and fully expose the hole. If I don’t, you’ll fucking miss.”

He didn’t miss that target, and some unlucky husband was sorely disappointed on his honeymoon, but that’s the breaks. What did he expect, a virgin? Hell, her nickname was Gang Bang Radha.


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