First time sex with Gujarati bhabhi

Hi folks, this story is about how Naman fucked my neighbor gujrati bhabhi. She is modern woman. Let me come to the point directly. She lay stretched out on the sunbed in the heat of the day, a cool breeze floated across her exposed skin, she wriggled to get herself more comfortable teasing the straps of her bikini top over her shoulders. Her iPod tinkling in her ears as she enjoyed the heat of the afternoon sun, the corner of the garden was secluded so she felt at ease as she spread her legs a little.


Naman looked out of his bedroom window, seeing the scantily clad neighbour stretched out in her quiet corner, his cock stirred as he watched thinking of how she would feel as he touched her, fondling her ample tits. He started to stroke his cock as he looked from the window, his hand feeling his stiffness growing, he gasped as he realised she was shifting her straps off her shoulders.


Naman’s cock was rock hard, belying his 68 years of age, a man half his age would have been proud to have a tool that hard. It was also so hard through lack of action, he had been more used to watching his neighbours in later years. Being a widower for over 10 years the need for a real live woman was becoming overpowering.


“If only” he thought, “yes let them fall all the way down, that’s it now let those sexy tits free, go on do it.” The voice in his head imploring the woman to drop her bikini top as he wanked steadily.


He watched as she turned over, unfastening her top now as she squashed those sexy tits, the sight of her naked back so horny, his hand moving faster now. He watched her wiggle her ass, his cock so needy, oozing pre cum now, “Mmmmmm I need to fuck her, got to get my cock in her somehow.”


His old cock exploding at the thought of her soft flesh, the warmth of her pussy causing spurts of cum shooting over his hand and the carpet, he milked his cock as he looked from his vantage point at her.


A few days later Naman was walking past his neighbour’s house when she came out the front door.


“Hello Bhabhi” he chirped “off to work?”


“Hi Naman, oh no not today, I hope to catch up with some sunbathing later if the weather stays this way.”


Naman grinned, the pictures in his mind that would have shocked the young housewife already making his cock twitch.


“Where’s hubby? Working?”


“Yes wont be back till late so I am going to make the most of it.”


“Well be good” he walked on past his mind full of with visions of her ample tits.


“OK bye Naman.”


Later that day he took up his position at the window, he could see clearly the spot where she laid out on her sun bed.


Naman’s cock stiffened as he looked over her bare back, the bikini bottoms pulled high between her cheeks as she took in the rays. He wanked slowly watching her all the time he was making plans to get closer to her, any excuse to get close, even if it took a while his cock was going to bury itself in her pussy and enjoy her completely, the sooner the better he thought.


A few days later he passed Bhabhi in the street, his cock twitched again at the sight of her, his eyes drawn to the seams running up the back of her legs, visions of stockings held in place by suspenders filled his head as he walked behind her.


Catching her up, he again got chatting with the object of his lust.


“Hi Bhabhi how’s things?”


She turned seeing her old neighbour, thinking to herself this was the second time in a few days she had spoken to him prior to this week she had spoken to him maybe once in the last year.


“Hi, just doing some last minute errands, I have my first dance class this evening so I need to pick up a dress from the cleaners.”


“Really? I used to be a bit of a dancer myself, well me and the wife used to go regularly that is.”


“Maybe you could give me a few tips then Naman” she replied cheerily.


“Yes of course anytime, just drop by, I still have some of my wife’s old dance outfits if you would like a look sometime.”


Realising she had backed herself into a corner she took the easy way out and gave in.


“That would be great, I will pop round sometime if that’s OK.”


“Sure I look forward to it, why not drop by later I will be in.”


Feeling the net tightening round her she had little choice.


“OK Naman, I will drop by when I get back from the cleaners.”


She walked away her mind racing, not sure why she had agreed to drop by like that, then again he may have some nice dresses, she remembered his wife was a very smartly dressed woman. She had felt his eyes on her as they chatted, like the last time, it had sent a shiver through her that she could not explain.


When Bhabhi arrived home she pondered Naman’s offer and thought it only good manners to call in and let him show off his late wife’s dresses at least. Dinesh wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours so she had time to kill anyway.


She kept thinking about the way Naman looked at her, she knew he fancied her and to be truthful she did enjoy the looks she got from men in general but the look he gave her seemed to excite her in a way she didn’t understand.


Opening a bottle of wine and drinking a large glassful she felt ready to go round and see Naman, the wine had a soothing effect as she walked the few doors down the road. She approached the door and was about to knock when Naman opened the door beaming, his eyes lit up as he took in the woman at his door.


“Come in sweetie, where’s Dinesh?”


“Oh he won’t be back for a while yet he is supposed to be taking me to my dance class later, that’s if he gets here.”


Naman led her through to his lounge; picked up a bottle of wine he had open.




“Oh I shouldn’t really” she half protested.


“Nonsense, have one and relax I am having one and I don’t like drinking alone.”


He filled a large glass and handed it to her, she sat on his large sofa, very deep and plush she almost fell back into it, Naman catching a glimpse of her thighs as her skirt slid up.


Naman was very chatty talking about his wife and their shared love of dancing, he could see he had Bhabhi’s attention and she was drinking as they chatted. His lecherous eyes were drawn to her legs again, Bhabhi feeling his eyes on her, she suddenly felt rather naughty and slowly crossed her legs seeing Naman watching intently. He gulped his drink down and immediately went for a refill; he topped Bhabhi’s glass at the same time. Halfway through her second glass Naman mentioned his wife’s dresses.


“Real creations they are you know, cost her a fortune, well cost me really she had several, shoes to match as well, you can take a look if you like.”


“Thanks that sounds great.”


“I keep them in the spare room upstairs, follow me.”


He got up and moved towards the door, feeling relaxed Bhabhi followed, Naman smiled inwardly.


She followed him to a room that was not like any spare room she had ever seen, it was a large dressing room, with large mirrors on one wall, a large bed in the centre with dressing table still covered with make up and bottles of scent.


He saw the look on her face as she looked round.


“Don’t worry its not meant to be a scary place or a shrine, its just that I haven’t had chance to do anything with all this stuff is all and to be frank I could do with a hand.”


He pulled open one of the mirrored doors that concealed a huge wardrobe filled with clothes, dresses in bags, racks of shoes and accessories of all sorts.


Bhabhi’s eyes were wide as she saw the rail filled with dress bags.


“My word Naman your wife definitely liked her outfits.”


“Oh yes there is some great stuff there, have a look, if there is anything you’d like feel free.”


He passed Bhabhi a bagged dress, “this was a favourite of hers looked great on.”


Bhabhi took the bag and opened it, inside she pulled the hanger out with a slinky black lace dress attached, feeling the material she gasped.


“It’s gorgeous.”


“Yours if you want it” he said, “you would look great dancing in that one”


She held the dress against her and looked in the mirror; she could see it was rather low cut with a flared skirt and petticoat.


“The shoes that match it are in the rack there” he pointed, “try it on if you want, but you look about the same size.”


Gulping her drink down she felt a rush go through her, imagining the dress on her she just knew it would look and feel great.


Naman took her glass “I will leave you to it come down when you are ready.”


In seconds he was gone leaving her to admire the dress, wanting to try it on now, it would be OK she thought to herself the wine loosening her resolve. She peeled off her top and skirt, seeing herself in the mirrors in her sheer black bra and panties and seamed hold ups she looked rather sexy.


“I wonder what Naman would say if he could see me now.”


The thought pushed aside as she slipped into the dress, the top was a little tight so she removed her bra and it seemed to fit a lot better. Slipping the heels on her feet she paraded in front of the mirror.


“Not bad at all.” she mused.


“You OK Bhabhi?” she heard Naman call.


“Yes fine, I will be down in a minute.”


She tried to unzip the dress to get changed again, it was stuck! She tried again it would not budge. After a few minutes trying she had to concede and went downstairs to ask Naman for help. As she entered the lounge, he gasped at the sight of her, drink in hand he indicated for her to turn round. Bhabhi turned as she did she felt Naman’s eyes all over her a tinge of excitement again filled her.


“Have another drink, you look great like it was made for you”


“I can’t get the zip undone.” She looked at him panic in her eyes.


“Mmmmm I think that was always a problem with that dress, please don’t worry yourself, keep it on and finish your drink we can sort that later.”


Bhabhi sat again, the dress riding over her thighs, this time she didn’t move to cover herself, Naman’s eyes feasted on the wife’s sexy legs on display. As they chatted Bhabhi kept sipping her drink, slowly she was becoming more relaxed as the alcohol affected her. Naman wanted to get another look at her and persuaded her to stand and give him a twirl, his cock twitching at the thought. She stood up and twirled quickly round in front of him, he watched the flared dress rise giving him a view of her stockings; he reached out as she turned. Stumbling Bhabhi fell onto his lap her dress round her waist and her stockings on display, Naman held onto her then took his chance leaning in he planted a kiss on her lips, soft yet firm too.


“That’s naughty Naman I am a married woman you know.”


His arms round her waist now holding her on his lap he kissed her again, she still had hold of her glass, this time he pressed a little harder his lips soft on hers. He could feel her resistance so he kissed her again covering her mouth with his, then her lips parted, his tongue probed quickly as his cock started to stiffen.


She broke the kiss, “No Naman you mustn’t.”


She wriggled on his lap succeeding only in making his cock stiffen further and causing her dress to ride up e further exposing her panties to him, she grabbed the hem and pulled it back down. Naman was far too excited by this point to stop, he kissed her again feeling her resolve weakening her body giving signs that she was starting to respond now. His hand sliding along her thigh under the dress, she gasped into his mouth as his hand found her bare skin before her panties. He could feel the heat from her pussy, he quickly covered it with his big hand teasing her pussy as he kissed her he knew she couldn’t stop now. Pulling her panties aside he stroked her wet lips before slipping a finger inside her married slit, her struggles now only a token resistance.


In a few seconds she was moaning softly as he teased her clit, his cock rock hard beneath her now. It had all happened so fast, his mind raced as he fondled the wife. Bhabhi was wriggling in an attempt to protest but the lips covering hers and his tongue in her mouth was starting to turn her on. The fingers on her pussy were insistent as they teased her clit adding to her confusion.


Naman pulled away from her, she looked at him in surprise, gasping as she got her breath back from the assault on her.


“Let’s deal with that zip.”


He reached round as she lay back panting and slid the side zip down with ease, the top of the dress opened and her bare breasts were exposed.


“That zip always was getting stuck, there’s a knack to getting it down.”


Bhabhi gasped and tried to cover up but Naman had his hands on her tits already, he wasn’t wasting any more time, his cock needed to be satisfied. Wriggling her top down even further now he guided her to her feet before sliding the dress completely off, she stood in her stockings and panties before her elderly neighbour, her heart thumping as her pussy tingled.


Naman stood and kissed her again before guiding Bhabhi to her knees before him. She looked up at him as he smiled at her.


“That’s it Bhabhi, you know what I want.”


He freed his cock, her eyes wide as she saw his 9″ thick shaft in front of her.


“Suck it for me.”


She reached out feeling the thick shaft in her hand, working the circumcised cock feeling it so hard he pulled her head towards it. Her mind confused with excitement and guilt as she felt her neighbour’s hard cock in her hand, she knew she had gone too far to stop now but it had happened so fast.

“That’s it open your mouth.”

She did as she was told, and then the cock was in her mouth, his hands on her head holding her firmly, her excitement clearing her head as she started to suck her neighbours cock. Naman moaned as he felt the married woman sucking his cock, so wet and warm, he needed to take it easy, make it last. He pulled at his clothes, he wanted to be naked with this beauty, stripping as she sucked him, then pulling her up he slipped her panties down.

“Naman this is so wrong we mustn’t.”

He pulled her close again kissing her deeply his tongue probing her mouth as he teased her swollen nipples. Easing her back onto the large sofa he slid between her legs, he could feel her wetness, his head lowered to her tits, taking a nipple in his mouth he savoured it as he sucked, her moans urging him onward. Moving to the other nipple he licked and sucked teasing them even further as his fingers played with her clit. His tongue traced a path from her nipple down across her tanned stomach and then into the stripe of pubic hair before down further and across her clit making her shudder.


“Oh my Naman please nooo.”


Naman probed her pussy lips with his tongue tasting her sweet pussy scent then flicking across her swollen clit as she protested her hands never left his head guiding him to her innermost folds. Moaning she held onto him as he sucked and toyed with her lips, fingers working in and out, squelching noises from her wetness filling his ears. He could stand it no longer his cock was ready to burst, he eased himself up, kissing her again as he guided his thick cock head to her pussy. Bhabhi stiffened as she felt the head at her entrance as Naman leaned into her his cock slid easily inside on the sea of her pussy juices, his thickness filling her, stretching her now as he pushed in deeper still. She moaned loudly as his cock forced its way inside, she had never had such a big cock, so much bigger than her hubbies. Naman held still as his balls rested against her ass, kissing the wife again he let her get used to his size. Slowly he withdrew, he could feel her pussy so tight on his shaft, her hands pulling at him trying to stop him moving away, then he slid back inside her warm pussy gripped him, she felt so good.

“You feel so good.”

She moaned as he started to fuck her in and out his cock reaching in so far her legs spread as wide as he strained with each thrust. The wet fucking noises and their moans filled the room, Naman felt her pulling him in then she started to shudder as she orgasmed, the pulses tight on his cock her wetness increasing.

“Oh god!” she moaned.

“That’s it hun you cum for me, bet hubby doesn’t make you cum like that does he?”

Her pussy answered him as he felt her pussy convulsing on his cock again, he heard her moan loudly as her whole body shuddered. The tight pulsing of her pussy on his thick cock was now too much, he had held on for as long as he could now he was going to cum, loads…Naman thrust in hard holding his cock against her cervix as it started to swell, his balls tightened and then the first spurt broke free from his cock. Bhabhi’s eyes opened wide as she felt the powerful jet of spunk inside her, Naman held her tightly as he spurted again and again, flooding her married pussy. He collapsed on top of her as his cock spewed inside her, kissing her deeply. They lay still for a few minutes before his cock started to shrink and slip out of her.

“You are a very sexy woman Bhabhi I would love to do this again”

“Oh my no Naman I am married, it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

“But you did like it didn’t you?”

“Well yes.”

He could feel her pussy still trembling on his softening cock.

“Then it’s just some fun that we both need, so no problem.”

He helped her up, and then poured another drink, handing it to her smiling, seeing the nervous look on her face.

“Don’t worry I wont say a word to Dinesh, it will be our secret, cheers.”

She gulped the wine, looking at her older neighbour wondering how this had happened and more importantly what was to happen now.

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