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This is a story about a bet i made my beautiful mom.my name is Amit.i am 18 yrs old.my mom is a 40yrs old redhead.with an athletic body.with big nice pair of tits and a big round ass.she workouts regularly to keep fit.my dad is always at work and returns home late at night.everytime i see mom going out in her sexy dresses with red lipstick on she looks so sexy and i always compliments her like.how sexy she was and if she was my gf i would be all over her right now.and she always chuckles and and says thank you thinking i was joking but in reality i was in love with her.

she was my dream girl.i never got to even touch her until 1 day we were alone and bored at home so we started to play cards.it wasnt getting fun so jokingly i said lets play strip poker.and mom was looking at me silently but agreed.so we parted the 1st hand and i lose so i took my shirt off.i lost the 2nd hand also and i took my shorts off.now i was only in my trunks.i parted the 3rd hand and i won.

mom was silent for a while but had to follow the rules.so she took off her top revealing her bra clad big tits.on the 4th hand mom lost again and she took her jeans off revealing her lace pantie on her big ass.on the 5th hand i won again i was so happy that finally i was going to see something nice.mom took her bra off showing her big tits with pink nipples.on the 6th hand sadly i lost and i had to take my trunks off.moms eyes widened when she saw my cock.i was already hard.i had a big 8 inch cock.moms mouth was opened in awe.

i had to call her then she snapped out of it.i won the next hand and mom took off her panties revealing a clean shaved pussy and her round ass.it was awkward both of us now butt naked.i had to touch her and if i cant do it now then i cant ever.so i told her lets do a bet just 1 hand.the person who loses had to do anything the winner says i mean anything.she was all game and she agreed.i parted the last hand.and luckily i won.mom asked what i wanted and i just daringly said i want your ass.mom was shocked.but she thought i was joking and asked again.but i said i just want to fuck your ass and thats it.i knew mom was a sport.but she was hesitating and finally said i have to fuck just her ass and not to even touch her pussy.i agreed.she stood up came to me and kissed me on the lips.

so i kissed her lips then her neck and her big tits.i wanted to eat her pussy too but i was afraid she will stop and leave so i turned her around and bended her on the couch.i spread her big bubble ass cheeks and i saw her puckered pink asshole.i began to lick her asshole.then i tongue fucked her ass.mom was just silent not even making a sound.then i began to finger fuck her ass.

then slowly i pushed my big cock in her ass.it didnt take much effort to my cock to be fully impaled in her ass.i knew dad was fucking moms ass otherwise it wouldnt have been this loose.slowly i fucked her ass.it was so hot.her big beautiful butt cheeks were moving up and down with every stroke.i grabbed her big tits.i fucked her ass like that for a while and i laid her on her back and ate her ass again.i licked sucked and tongue fucked her ass again.it was so good.by now i knew mom was getting horny and wet but i couldnt dare touch her pussy.

then again i slided my cock in her ass and began fucking her hard and fast.now she couldnt control herself and began to play with her pussy and she was moaning and cumming hard.i sucked on her hars nipples while fucking her and it drove her wild and she squirting cum all over me.i fucked for ass for about 20 minutes then i pulled my cock cock out of her ass and splashed my cum all over her big tits.some even went to her face.she was gasping for air.i fell on her exhausted and hugged her hard and she also hugged me back.

she looked at the time and jumped up cuz it was almost time to dad to return home.mom ran to her room naked picking her clothes and swaying her big bubble butt.i also ran to my room.mom never said a word after that day.but she loved me as before.nothing ever happend after that.but i was always hoping i could get to fuck her.now i just masturbate to pictures of her ass with my cock impaled fully.that day i took some pictures with my phone while fucking her from behind and she didnt know it.i got many girl friends and fucked them alot.but nobody even came close as good as my mom.my mom was the best fuck ever.i with i could get to fuck her ass again and again .

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