Fun of Truth and Dare-4



Encouraged, I start to push into her harder each time she comes down. Her tunnel slides down my cock and I feel every pulse of her inner-muscles. Her hot sheath grips my cock, pulling it off of me every time she moves up, and slamming my cock back onto me each time she comes down. My pushes back at her are bouncing her into the air now.


We get a slow, easy rhythm going, one that’s getting faster and faster. Urmila leans over and sucks my nipple into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around it as Manisha rides my hard cock up and down. My bounces are throwing her into the air now, and her impacts are slamming me back to the ground.


Urmila sucks on my nipple with her lips and tongue while her hand reaches to feel the base of my cock and the impact of her friend’s pussy. Hina leans down again and kisses me hard, our tongues entwining and tasting the length of each other. I slide my left hand up her leg and she moves it closer to me for better access.


My fingers slide along the length of Hina’s shorts-covered hot slit while Manisha speeds up on my cock. Manisha’s hands rest above my hips now. My sister sits behind Manisha playing with her hair and ass, and rubbing her shoulders.


Hina sits up to slide off her shorts and allow my fingers access to her pussy and clit. I manipulate her parts as gently as possible while Manisha fucks my brain out. Manisha’s pussy is on fire, and I’m quickly speeding past the point of no return. Hina moans into my mouth as I feel the glow from my groin.


Manisha makes a low guttural growl and squeezes her eyes shut. Her stomach tenses up and she looses control of her fucking motion. Our rhythm falls apart and we’re left fucking like animals for two more strokes as Manisha’s low growl gets slightly louder and higher pitch then we speed to a crescendo and my jizm explodes out the tip of my tool deep into Manisha’s body. Her growl gets slightly deeper as she feels me paint her insides with jizz, and her tunnel walls collapse around me, spasming chaotically. Her orgasm continues past the end of mine, I keep bucking for her sake, trying to prolong her orgasm.


Finally she collapses on top of me, her pussy still quaking on my dick, her arms attempting to squeeze my body into hers. I keep pumping into her body as her orgasm subsides, then I slow down and come to a stop, holding my hardness inside her. She lays on top of me for many seconds, trying to enjoy the buzz while it lasts, trying to recover enough to sit upright again.


Her face looks up, and our eyes meet. We kiss deeply, and she pulls herself off of me, sitting up. Our liquids drip from her slightly. She holds my face with her hand, then slowly moves off of me and over to sit and drip out onto my boxers.


Hina exclaimed, “wow, that was one hell of a truth!”


Manisha looked over at my sister and said, “truth or dare.”


The five of us sat naked in my parents basement and Divya said, “dare.”


“Have Adesh go down on you.”


I hadn’t said much to this point. These girls were using me as their tool and as a teen-aged boy who had just lost his virginity in what was very much a five-some, who was I to say anything and accidentally fuck it all up?


“She’s my sister!”


What the hell was I saying! I was actually way past the point of caring about our relationship at this point. My sister had grabbed my cock and placed me inside of her friend. Now she sat there naked, and was one hell of a sight to see. I wanted to go down on every part of my sister. I wanted to suck her nipples, lick her ear, taste her lips, nibble her collarbone, suck her fingers, tongue the inside of her elbows, nuzzle my way up her inner thighs then eat her pussy! I wanted to love every part of that nubile naked body stretched before me.


Divya looked at Manisha and said, “he’s right.” Her eyes moved over to Hina. Disappointedly, she added, “we shouldn’t be doing things like that.” Her eyes moved back to mine and both of us pleaded with the other. Our naked bodies yearned for the one another.


My ‘little brain’ was telling me, “make her cum, then fuck her until you break me off!” My big brain was telling me, “do what he said! Do what he said!” What fucking brain made me say that stupid thing before?


My sister sat only a foot or so away from me, and I pounced on her. I was so anxious to repair the stupid thing I had said that our teeth bumped awkwardly. I kissed her. First, we kissed with closed mouths, but in no time our they were open and our tongues intermingled.


She broke the kiss and fell backwards, in a small fall that actually looked somewhat painful. I grazed down her tits, rubbing her nipples gently in passing, across the plains of her solid stomach, and down to her dripping pussy.


I decided to tease her a bit first, and my tongue licked right past her labia, between them and her leg where there are so few wonderful nerves, and out along the inside of her leg. I sucked gently at places along that leg, pulling her skin out and letting it pop back, then licking it to force the pain out. I moved up to her lips and slid my tongue along the outside of her labia, catching only the edge of her nerves and making her crave more.


I did a lap around her outside before slipping down into the inside. I pulled a pussy lip out with my tongue and lip, then moved along it, periodically sucking into my mouth, and periodically licking closer to her hole. I built her up to a slight squirm with this method, then brought my finger into the game.


The feel of this girl, my sister, squirming at the touch of my tongue, was starting to make me hard again. I could feel myself expanding. Hina moved up behind me and leaned into me. She reached around my legs and grasped my cock, gently tugging on it and playing with it. I was still slippery from Manisha’s pussy, and as I got completely erect Hina slid her fist along the entire length.


I pushed my finger into my sister’s tight, wet, waiting hole as Hina’s hand slid along my length. Hina’s hand felt wonderful, and my sister’s body felt wonderful. Divya was beginning to shake periodically under my mouth, as I was now tonguing her clit directly. My finger slid in and out of my sister’s hole, but her body was moving in time with my tongue.


I prolonged her passions by periodically moving my tongue off of her clit, then applying pressure and sliding down to her hole and back up again. Sister loved it, and her body told me so every time she’d shudder. Hina’s hand slid along my cock, but she decided to replace her hand with her mouth. The position was awkward, but she eventually just laid down, and I moved my dick into her mouth. She sucked me in while tugging on me with her hand.


I stopped teasing Divya and let her move towards orgasm by continuing to swirl my tongue around her clit. Her tangy, slightly salty taste filled my mouth and her juices covered my face. Sister’s body shook and her hand took hold of the back of my head, pulling me closer into her. I fucked her clit with my face until her quakes subsided and she gently pushed my head away from her.


I moved up to lay on top of my sister’s body while she came down from her orgasm high. I felt my cock brushed and tickled by her whisps of coarse pubic hair. I slid my cock into her trough and pushed it back and forth, stimulating both of us but careful to avoid much touching of her clit. A hand grasped my bare ass as Hina moved her fingers down my crack, along the sensitive strip between asshole and testicles and onto my dick. She pulled me from between Divya and me, tugged on my cock twice, then placed me at the entrance to my sister.


I looked at Divya’s eyes, and she looked back. The feeling was mutual. We kissed gently as I pushed into her and her hands grasped my shoulders. Divya was spent and lay there, encouraging me gently, as I worked towards my second orgasm of the night.


Her tunnel clamped me tightly, but didn’t really pulse the way Manisha’s did. I pushed myself into Divya’s body as she lay underneath me, looking into my eyes, feeling and admiring my shoulders and chest. Her hands roamed up my back, across my neck, and held my face as I fucked her in missionary. She moved her legs to surround us, and used them to prop herself up a bit. I had a perfect angle to drive my cock down into her tight pussy, and this method of driving down into her was bringing me to the edge.


I pumped her harder, trying to slam her pussy onto my cock, slam my pelvis into hers, trying to push her into the ground. This feeling was not like fucking on my back, my penis was about to explode into her, driving part of me deep into her body.


I pounded her, and as she smiled up at me sweetly I was only encouraged to enjoy myself more. I blew a chunk of myself off into her body and tried to keep up my motions, but failed. A sharp gasp escaped my lips as I planted my cum in her. I ground against her body as my orgasm continued, then subsided, and we collapsed beside each other on the floor.


The game died down after that, everyone was tired. Manisha was sleepily stretched out, naked and face down, on the floor. She was falling asleep while watching my sister and me have sex. Hina and Urmila had played with themselves, cumming while sister and I had fun. We decided to go to bed, so I started to sneak off upstairs.


“We should have more sleepovers…”

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