Girl having sex with widower father

My father Alagappan lost his wife when I was just 3 years old. He was just 35 and in his prime of youth. He took leave to take care of me. Put me in the day care and then in the play school. The day care people were very fond of me that I was taken when the schooling is over and kept with them till my father came from his office. This was the only convenient alternative.

I grew up under his care. He was lie mother and father to me. He bathed me and dressed me and applied make up and readied me to go to the school. He knew my tastes. It never occured to him that by his marriage his botheration would be reduced and his wife will take care of me. He asked me to be careful and not to allow any strangers to touch in unwanted places.

Everyday he used to aske me who came to the school and what all I did etc. It was very comforting to have somebody to worry about you. One day I found some blood stains in my panty. I told him. He brought some napkin and showed me how to wear it. He said it is normal now women get this process everymonth and not to get pnicky about it.

He used to go on transfer to so many places and he took me along and got me admission in the new schools. I have been sleeping with him in his bed, but after the blood incident, he got a new cot for me in the same room. Sometimes I sit late for my homework and sometimes I go to sleep early.

One day I heard a peculiar sound from the bathroom and I saw him standing and pulling at his private part. No, he was not pulling at it but running his hand up and down. His organ was fully aroused. It was the first time I am seeing his too so big. Otherwise I dont see it at all. I was lying in my bed and watching him doing it with his tool.

Finally it gave out some white liquid and he just washed his hand and tool and came back to his bed., switching off the light. I was wondering why he is doing all hese things? Poor dad, he did not marry and his sex life was unfulfilled. He may be masturbating. Sometimes I apply pressure on my cunt, rub it or even poke it with my finger to get some pleasure. for Dad he had to do so much to himself relieved.

Poor dad, he could have married a nice beautiful wife. But he was afraid she may not treat me well. I did not ask him, how can I ask him. Spmetime, my pussy gets too itchy. I rub, rub and rub it and get some pleasure out of it. Then It became a practice to rub the pussy under the blanket so that dad may not see it. I put my finger inside sometime two fingers are needed.

Sometimes I go to the bath and do it with twin fingers. It is a nice feeling. What an irony, father is enjoying in his bed and daughter is enjoying in her bed in the same room. Now I have become a keep observer and know when his private part is arose. Pressing it on the bed, he sleeps on his abdomen. I too pressing my hand on my pussy, I sleep on my abdomen.

I can see slight movement of his buttocks. I too move it but he may not see. Day by day I was becoming crazier and crazier. Somehow I waned to touch his cock. So big and stout. Will it be hard. One day I just moved to the bed of my dad when he was asleep. and put my hand over him. He just lifted his head up and went back to sleep. Next day I put my let on him. He did not mind.

Third day I got closer to him and pressed my boobs on him and placed my leg on him. He turned towards me and put his hand around m to hug. I moved closer. Next day I pressed him hard and pressed my boobs against his chest. His erect cock was grazing my cunt. I brought my hand down and caught his cock.

He suddenly opened his eyes and removed my hand from his cock and turned to the other side. Next day the same thing was repeated and I pressed my boobs against his chest and caught his cock with both of my hands. He said no, no, my child what are you doing. it is wrong. I said please dad, please. He kept quiet. I saw his cock was very hard and long and stout.

I moved my hand over it up and down. After some time I think he ejaculated. He rushed to the bathroom and emptied the semen and came. I took his hand and placed it over my boob. He at first pulled it back. But I was insistant. He placed it softly. I pressed his fingers onver my boob. Slowly I climbed over him and pressed my naked pussy over his cock and pressed my boobs over his chest.

He kept quiet still. I lied there and after some time climbed down and went to sleep. Next day my dad had put on a pyjama. I untied it and pulled it down and his limp cock was there claiming all attention from me. I just slid down and took his cock in my mouth. He was shocked. Auf, what is this, No No, dont do it.he said. But his cock was already inside my mouth and iI could not talk.

I was licking it vigorously that it was growing biger and bigger. I put my hand on his balls and licked it also. Everyday I used to suck his cock for some time. He stopped opposing it. I began sucking him in the drawing room when he reads his paper. I sneak under the dining table and part his legs and take his cock in my mouth. Later I found he too started to enjoy my action.

This went on for two to three weeks. One day I thought I should sit on him. Putting my legs on either side of him I sat slowly on him and took his erect cock and rubbed it against my clitoris. No, Child, this is a dangerous game you are playing. It is immoral and illegal. Please do not do it. Do not even think of it, he cried. I told him I am above 18 and I know what I am doing.

He kept quiet. I rubbed his cock on my clitoris. It was like passing electricity. Opening my cunt lips widw, I inserted his cock inside my cunt. It was not going in. He was not giving me any help. He was stubborn with his hands tucked behind his head. I placed his cock at the cunt door and pressed my cunt down. It went a little. It worked hard and it went half.

I poked my cunt with his cock continuously and it was not going in any further.In the meantime he was ejaculating. He pushed me aside and ran to the bathroom. After he returned from the bathroom he was showing his anger towards me. I told him, Dad you want sex, I too wanted sex. You will not go to another wokan, I will not go to another man before marriage.

Then why not we satisfy each other. Who will know. I am clear in my consciece. and you too. I have watched you masturbating. I am also masturbating. It is a natural process. Here we meet only as a man and woman. not as father and daughter. My father was so overwhelmed that he embraced me.

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