Got our sex act filmed

You may think that I am a pervert but actually it is being different.
For married people sex is always the same if not rare. I am 45 years
old and my wife Monica is a few years younger. She is 5 feet 2 inches
in height, very fair, well sculptured Bodas with great ass and short
hair. She looks younger than she is. We had gone to Matheran a hill
station near Mumbai. Whenever we go out we do go prepared for sex
which means we carry some liquor and some sex costumes. Monica
surprises me with new slut costumes which increases my libido with
liquor. As we finished our evening walk, we came back into the hotel.
Monica had worn on those tight nylon track pants with short tee shirt
and I could make out that people were straying at her ass as well as
crotch. We stayed in regal hotel which has open space and as we had
our beers to chill out and walked hand in hand, I could make out that
the hotel boys were leering away. We went back and had some hard stuff
and after a bath came out to play some billiards before dinner. I was
in shorts and a sleeveless vest while Monica was in small tight shorts
and a shirt too knotted into them. As she bent to play her shots I
could feel my cock getting aroused. I was happy to see that others too
were interested. They must have envied me. We finished playing and
kissed and then had our dinner with some wine which we brought. I must
have been quite high when we left and we both knew we would be fucking
now once we got back. We entered the room and had some more wine and I
told her I would just come back and she could get ready. I was feeling
high and thought this was the day to have a great fuck. I went around
and spotted the boy who was handling the billiards. I called him and
said,’I noticed you were staring at my wife.’ He got defensive and
said no and sorry. ‘ just relax boy. I know you were staring at her
ass and I sw you click her video of her ass on your phone. Don’t
worry, I am not angry. I have an idea.’ Then I told him my plan. I
wanted him to film me fucking Monica and this would be done in the
balcony. Our room was on first floor and there was a balcony with
chairs. It was facing the woods and hence was open. I told Babu, which
was his name that he should position himself there and keep his camera

Monica would not have her lenses on and could not see far. I
would fuck her in the open and he could film it. It sounded great and
given the amount of wine I had, was freaked over it. As I left I told
him,’tum uski gaand ka maza Lelo.
I felt like a pimp but thought it was a good idea. No one knew us
anyway here. I went back towards the room and lit my cigar. I opened
the door and there was Monica undressed. She had on this short black
leather dress. It barely covered her tits on top. It came just to
where her ass ended. The side had strips and exposed more flesh than
it covered. She had painted her lips like a slut and welcomed me. I
kissed her and then put of the lights and kept only the corridor light
on. I opened the balcony door and stripped off into my thong. It had a
string behind and the piece of cloth just covered my cock which was
already hard and big. I poured some more wine and went out to the
balcony, the moonlight was flowing in. I stood back to the railing and
asked Monica to step out. Come on baby let us fuck here. Right below
the moon. Monica was hesitant. She had never fucked in the open and
was hesitant. Come on baby, today you are a slut to satisfy my lust.
‘No one can see. There are no lights here.’ She stepped out and looked
satisfied, she wore on heels which made her look more like a slut. The
bottom of her ass could now be seen as I turned her to the dilating
and kissed her. I saw on the right that babu was there and he got two
more boys to be there in two other places. The leaves moved and I told
Monica that it must be an animal and that no one would be there.
Slowly I lifted her dress so that her bare ass was exposed for the

I kissed her and with my right hand stuffed inside her panty
massaged her crotch. Her bushy air tingled and I moved my finger into
her cunt and she gasped as I explored her pussy which was wet. Now her
full ass was exposed and the tiny string that went through her slit
was the only piece of decency left. I pulled out one of her tits and
kissed it and bit her nipple. She cried but the finer in her cunt was
fucking her like mad. She put her hand on my cock. It was wet. I made
her bend down and released my black monster and asked her to kiss it,
lick it and suck it. I got up on a stool so that the cameras could get
her sucking my cock. ‘Oh fuck Monica, you are a real slut. Oh god, my
fucking cock. I got down and then made her stand up and untied her
dress. It fell down and she was standing naked with her boobs exposed
facing the woods. I came from behind and pressed her boobs as she
wwailed in ecstasy, I slowly pushed my dick in her cunt from behind.
It wa fucking wet. I made her come to the railing and then fucked her
from behind for five minutes as she wailed. Then I turned her over and
fucked her from the front with my mouth rummaging her tits. I got up
the stool next and then positioned myself such that babu could get
full view. I put my OCD in her mouth and fucked her like mad. I kept
pounding her mouth and she was unable to breathe but I held her head
tight and then yelled as I emptied my cum in her mouth while yelling,
bitch take this cock, fuck you. She swallowed the cum wiped it and.
Sat on the chair. I got another drink and stood looking out. I
signalled to Babu that it was not yet over with my cock still hard
hanging outside the railing, Monica got up and said, ‘do you think
someone is there. I thought I saw some light.’ Don’t get hyper. No one
is there.

I kept kissing her again and kneaded her tits. She still
looked worried as even I heard a click. But I was wild and drunk.
‘Forget it, fuck them if anyone s there. I want to fuck you again. She
tried to get away and picked up her costume. I went ahead and closed
the door. No you cunt, I want to fuck you agian. She looked angry and
tried to go, but I pulled her back and spanked her. ‘You hit me, you
bastard, motherfucker’ say what you want you fucking slut, I will fuck
you again. I caught her and lifted her and took her to the edge and
positioned her ass on the edge. I pushed my fucking cock in her pussy
which was still wet and kept pounding away inside. Oh fuck, oh fuck
cried. I suddenly switched to Hindi as I got excited no end knowing
there were three cameras there. ‘KAise lag Raha hai mera Lund,
janeman. Yeh loh baby tere choot itna shahad se bhara hai.are teri
meri randi mai to motherfucker hoon. She kept crying as I kept
pounding and I was kissing her hard and then yelled as I poured my
load and seed into her cunt. I put her down on the chair and made her
lick my cock which she did. We went back in and slept naked. In the
morning she did not talk to me. As she had brought only short dresses
and her tracks were dirty, she wore on another pair of short slut
shorts for breakfast. She did not talk and I kept trying to ask her to
cheer up, before we left I met babu. He was evicted and thanked me for
such a great exhibition. He and his friends had cummed five times he
told me. I asked him to send me the video and I have it on xvideos.
Put our names under Indian and you will get it. I hope you liked this.
Call me a fucking pervert but it was great, Monica and I are still a
happy couple and we still fuck a lot. And believe me she likes the
outdoor idea.

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