Great sex with Adity aunty

The trouble with living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone else and most of them are your relatives as well. That was my major problem as I grew up, all the girls who were close to my age were relatives. I thought I would never find a girlfriend in our town. I did go out to movies and dances, but I was with my cousins or sisters at every event. I started to get dejected by the lack of a possible girlfriend in my town.

It was then that Aunt Aditi 52 asked me to visit her on her farm for the holidays, uncle Ralph 65 had died the year before and Aditi just wanted some company she said. I decided to go as there wasn’t much to in our town while on holidays except go away somewhere and my family wasn’t going anywhere. At least on the farm, I could go horse riding or swim in the creek and help Aditi with some of her farm work.

My father Rishabh (Aditi brother) dropped me off on the first Saturday morning of the Holidays. Telling me to behave and not cause trouble for Aditi. Aditi told him that she thought I would be just fine and wouldn’t be any trouble. Rishabh left after a short stay. Aditi showed me my room and asked if I would Iike to help do work down by the creek fixing a fence.

I said I would help and we headed off in her old pickup, she had a picnic basket with her for a snack later. We had to replace an old wooden post and I dug the hole for it, while Aditi made a post out of a straight tree branch. We didn’t remove the old post just placed the new one close to it and wired the fence wire to it. Then Aditi laid out a tarp under the trees and set out the picnic snack she brought with her.

I finished wiring the fence to the new post and then asked Aditi what was next to do. She said she was going for a swim and said I could join her, I replied I didn’t bring my swimmers down me. She said neither did I always swim naked, you still want to swim with me. I was quiet for a moment and thought why not I’ll get to see a naked woman for the first time. I said I will swim with her and she smiled at me.

Aditi wasn’t slender or overweight and I think she is good looking for her age. So we got undressed and she didn’t try to hide anything from me and we went for a swim and played about a bit. Aditi got out first and laid under the trees on the tarp and I got out shortly after and walked back towards her looking at her body and I got a hard-on. There was no hiding it, it was pointing straight her and she saw it straight away.

She told me to lay beside her and she would take care of it for me, I did as I was told and she started to play with my cock and then suck it. I blew my load on her face and chest and she asked did I enjoy it. Yes, a great deal I replied and so she started to play with my cock again and soon hard again. She again sucked it for a short time and she mounted me and went up and down on my cock until I came inside her.

After which we returned to her house and showered together, she told me she would teach me to be a good lover during my stay with her, but I mustn’t tell anyone about it. I promised and she regularly had sex with during my visit. After returning home I started riding my motorbike the 15 miles to her place on the weekend and having sex with her.

That went on for 2 years and then Aditi married again, I still got to fuck her a couple of times a year after that when Hubert 61 her new husband was away. I had a full job at the local garage and would end up a qualified mechanic. Still, there weren’t any girls my own age not related to me, but now I didn’t care if they were related and would try to bed them anyway. But not much success, my father Rishabh went away on a work trip and I tried to get Marie, my mother, into bed. But I didn’t succeed I must have been too subtle about it. I did manage to bed, my older sister Grace. She got drunk and her husband Mike was away and I was able to fuck her.

Only after fucking, I started to worry if she was on the pill, later on when she and I were both sober and she asked me to keep it to ourselves that she told me she was on the pill. So I pressed my luck and asked could we fuck again. She said no then changed her mind and we fucked again. That happened nearly forty years ago and I was 18 at the time of my first fuck with Aditi and I married Disha a third cousin at 26.

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