Having random sex with mother-2

I knew she needed it so she let me continue the work saying “Ok fine but please just don’t let the hands slip and touch places which you’re not supposed to touch” I with a smile just chuckled and said “I’ll try my best”. She smiled and went back to enjoy my work on her paining back. This went on for sometime, me trying to widen my area towards her ass and she placing my hand back to upper region. After a while when I went near her ass she didn’t stopped. I was happy and slowly went for it and kept rubbing her lower back just an inch about her ass crack. She was quite so I started to move on the bumpy region, and still with no words I started to groping her ass.

It didn’t took long for me to grow bold and be rough on her ass, then I started to lower her saree down but it was tightly tied. She finally opened her mouth and ask “Do you really need that?” I just replied with “Yes” to which she was laughing and said “And I thought you’r my innocent son’saying this she just lowered her saree and the there it was, straight away I was pressing/rubbing that ass. At one point she said to go slow but yet I didn’t care. She was enjoying it for sure.

I was damn sure that she would kill me if I do it, but had no response from her even though I was pressing her ass like it was some kind of drum. She doesn’t have a huge ass but its fleshy enough to play. After sometime she changed her position and turned over. “No one should know” these were the only words I listened. Then without wasting my time I completely removed her blouse and her white bra with was unhooked and started sucking on it.

That boobs with I sucked years ago from now was again in my mouth, I softness was unreal. I was sucking one boob and placed my hand inside her saree and started to rub her pussy. Heavy breath was noticeable, she was moving her ass in a rhythm of my fingers. The wrong in doing it made it even fantastic.

Soon I completely remove all of her clothes and was admiring her body as I was removing my clothes. I was hard and went near her face to which she heisted and said “I don’t do it even to your father” so I just started to tit fuck her for a while. The soft marshmallows around my dick… Damn that was amazing, soon I came all over her neck and face. She said “You could have said before you ejaculated, it’s all over my face”. Then she cleaned herself with a tissue and I went down to her hairy pussy

It was obviously wet and I started working my tongue on it. She was enjoying it a lot for sure. Moving her hips to match my face. Holding my hairs and pressing my head deeper towards it. I said “Can I enter now” and she replied “That’s the only thing left so get it over with and quickly before your father arrives” and with two or three thrusts I finally was in completely. The warmness in her pussy was inviting. I went for sometime and came inside her and fell beside her. She then quickly got up and dressed herself and asked me to dress and not to say a word to anyone.

Later it became a routine and we are having sex on regular basis, new positions time to time. And hence I can say the forbidden fruit is mine now.

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