How my friends babhi had sex with me

Hi readers ,this is Arun back with yet another story of me and my
friends brothers wife.let me tell you about her,her name is Shilpa,
medium color,34/30/34 very rich but very humble. This story is of the
year 2013 when my friend was suffering from cancer and his treatment
was going on.initially we ded not have any such friend
got operated and after that we( me and my one more friend) used to
meet and then slowly he recovered and thing’s were normal.suddenly
after few months he developed some complications and that got us all
in to concern.ten started my story.

As he was unwell Shilpa became concerned and she used to talk to me
regularly for 30/40 sometimes one hour or more.i used to give her hope
as we used to go to doctor and get medicines and we used to go daily
to meet him be with him.slowly his condition started little tensed and
we got him admitted in a private nursing home.once after the visit I
went to give the dinner, juice bag to her it was around 11.30-12 she
had not I has told I vl come.v vr in regular touch in pone as
I used to update her about wat doctor said, medicine I went friend waited in car down as I had to just hand over and come.i
went up she opened ( as children were sleeping I had called her from
down our usual practice) she opened the door .dim lite was only there
she was standing opp me I had no intention till that time,not that I
ded not like her she was sexy but as I thought she is conservative and
her hubby is also rich and good physique,his tool will also be good
enough to satisfy her,so no thinking,now coming back to the story she
looked at me I could smell the aroma of tea from her mouth.her lips
were open she seeing strangely in my eyes.i said all slept,she replied
ya I said u also take rest will come tomorrow and was about to turn
,my hand in the door handle suddenly I could feel some hand touching
my hand with force I was shocked and surprised I looked back .I could
see the list in her eyes I saw her she said wait na I said down he his
waiting I have to warna u know she told tell him to go I said can’t .
from her face I could make out she needed me tonight.i said can u wait
she said how much time.i said will be back she asked Sachi I touched
her face and said 100% hu avees ( I will come) I came down sat in car
, texted her saying don’t sleep vl b back in 5 mnts she replied ok
will wait. We got down parked car and went towards home .I pretended
as if I am opening my door and by that time my friend had gone in I
said good night and wen he went inside I walked out and messaged her
asking can I come she replied sure am waiting. I ran literally as this
turn was most unexpected in my life she kept the door open I walked in
and she slowly closed the door and took me to other room. I was
happy.we both were looking I’m each other’s eyes I put my hand on her
shoulder I could feel her cock instantly shot up she has
noticed the bulge. Before I proceed I wanted to know why the sudden
change so I held her face in my hand and slowly whispered in her ears
ki suddenly Kya huva she replied yaar tumhara dost ki wajah say hamara
sex life is in for toss since so many months I said so…she said tho
Kya abhi karo….now I was sure wat she wanted so I took her lips and
we started from lips to lips Aaaa it was super the tea smell and the
way she ded aaaa it went on for about 5-7 mnts deep our tongue inside
each other exchanging was super I was in heaven .my hands
moving in her full body and embracing her tightly making her feel my
tool then we parted and I asked her to sit in bed and put my hand on
her shoulder she sat I opened my pant chain,she was looking at me she
understood my next step I said sweetie avey a koli nay Moda ma le(
open my chain/ pant and suck my tool) she immediately ded so Aaaaaaaa
wat a feeling I was pushing her inside out and she was chewing it in a
very good way I was slowly pressing her boobs then after 10-15 mnts I
asked her to get up she got up I pulled her top and AAA I could see a
mast Mark’s and Spencer’s brand black bra she was great looking
suddenly she felt something and covered her chest with cross hand I
slowly panted a kiss in her forehead,then face then lips I said I
understand baby it’s ok then I put her to bed and pulled her leggings
and once again I was happy to see same brand off white color chaddi
Aaaaa I was aroused I bend down and pulled it down I could see a
little hairy medium color chuth I straight away started licking it and
kissing I could see she was happy and enjoying she was pressing my
face hard I enjoyed then I got up and asked her if u can can I ask you
one thing she said of course I said achanak Kya huva. She said I m
frustrated as I told you not tat me and my hubby don’t enjoy but off
late since last few months no sex also now I realize ki ur tool is
very good size comparing his I vl GT more pleasure so saying she put
my tool once again in her mouth and playing with her tounge she was
enjoying I now Said ki can v start our final as I hv to go and wat if
children get up for bathroom she agreed I first bend down on her and
asked her to sleep and started to suck her juicy balls she was happy
as all this she said was part of their routine till sometime of
marriage and now only sex no foreplay and she really enjoyed I was
happy then I got up and slowly started to push my tool inside I could
hear her voice I said plz if it’s paining I vl remove.with her eyes
closed she said no m enjoying carry on many days not done so I asked
should I remove and do fingering or put oil for lubrication she said
no no plz tum karo bus and I started my pumping session it later for
may b 10-12 mnts I cummed before that I said m reaching climax wat to
do she replied andar hi thoda bhi bahar gaya tho marungi I said wah
…I was happy…I cummed and we both embraced each other for sometime
and then got up and went to washroom together there after washing I
felt aroused she could make out she bend down and once again tool my
tool in mouth I was aroused I lifted her kissed her in lips I said Ave
mane javu padse.. she put a pity face and said aji thodi var plz aji
ek round I said sweetu Ave Roz dnt worry hu chu na we will( ii HV to
go she said some little more time one more round I said m there nanow
daily) saying that we walked out of the wash room hand in her shoulder
and she slowly opened and I came down before reaching my home I had
about ten messages from her telling me about the way she enjoyed and
thanking me for such lovely sex pleasure.i from my side pleasure all
mine she replied hmmmm.till date we enjoy each other’s company and she
also allowed me to fuck her ass will narrate later. we are
together.hope u liked it will wait for your comments.

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