How my student seduced me to bed

Hi readers am back with another story of mine
It’s about 8 years or more in those days I was instructor in a
computer day a plumpy mallu girl walked in along with
her friend- a gujju who was tall sexy looking and friendly.
As usual she used to talk to me and I ded not notice the mallu by day my closeness to the gujju girl grew more and this was
being noticed by mallu.the gujju girl was tall,slim she had very small
breast- 32/34/32 but her dress was very the same time
mallu girl was plummy,34/32/34 very fair .she was silent not very
social.days passed our relationship grew but to a limit it’s not that
I was not ready but there was no response from gujju girl so I did not
proceed.once mallu girl had a doubt and before she could call me her
friend helped her I noticed s dejected look in her face but I left it
later she came one day with a very beautiful revealing dress it was
her birthday .she came to me to give me chocolate.i accepted she
bought her hand I also advanced my hand to wish.jokingly I said so
only sweets no party she immediately as if waiting said sir anytime
aap bolo I m ready I said nore just joking she said wat sir y etc.and
immeditely asked my no I gave little ded I no this was the start of a
very good beautiful sexy releationship. After she went I got text
message.sir wat time are you coming? I replied who’s this.just to
confirm.she replied Nimi- her name.i said ooo ok ok
Not today later she said sure I said yes.then she came next day things
were same now slowly I saw a change in her dress, attitude, behavior I
slowly felt attracted.i oneday nite send her a message to which she
immediately that daily we started messaging each
other.days went but in class she and I did not talk.then one day I
went to the next step.personal talks she started replying.i got little
convinced that she is little interested.then she asked me sir u like
my friend- priyal I replied y u ask she said tell Na I said..yes she
replied ok then I corrected not as u think she may be good in nature
.now I thought Chalo she has started now let’s try and said ur good
looking then her she said Aaaa really I said yes y u don’t think like
that our conversation went on now it was a routine to message each
other daily and message chat night. Once I asked her who’s with u
now she said no one am alone in my room she then asked y.i replied no
just as ur texting in case anyone then boli don’t worry noone u can
continue bfree.i then got guts I asked can I ask u something she said
sure I asked wat are u wearing?? She immediately replied nighty …. I
said ooo vow must be good looking she was excited.after such talks one
day I asked her can v meet she replied in confirmation.

I said ok vl let u the meantime we used to meet regularly in
class Nd my interactions with priyal was reduced,as now I had to
balance I slowly started to chat- message her little sexy
message which she used to like and many a times she also sent me.i
understood that she is also interested.oncevpointblank I asked her can
I ask u personal things,she asked what .I said will you reply or stop
messaging.she said I vl reply if I can but not stop messaging.i said
ok.i asked her if u don’t mind can u tell me the color of your ug ‘
s…she replied hmmmmm very naughty.i was very frightened as I may
loose her plus izzat but to my surprise she immediately replied .I was
now sure that she is also interested I said thanks.she immediately
asked don’t want to know my size….it was shocking.i said I no she
asked how .I said quiet natural it must be 34/32/34 she was dumb .she
said ur tho pucca ….I said y she replied I was ready to
meet as I knew now with place it’s fire so it vl help I said now when
can u meet me she replied day after tomorrow.i vl tell you time and
place I said ok now my tool was full 8″ excited to day night
in our chat she said tomorrow after class we can meet at my house I
said Oooo

She said after she leaves she will message me address
I said no need as I vl chk in her form she said Oooo very smart I said
yes. Only give directions. She said ok she came nd after leaving she
messaged me directions.nd told me to wait for her call before I enter
the complex.i went after 15 mnts after she left waited for her call/
message she said u can come.i entered rang her door bell .she was
standing in front of me my God she had changed her dress a sexy (lemon
yellow color) now it was a skirt…with less then knee length I can
clearly see her breast little transparent her ugs and her sexy leg…
she welcomed me I sat in the chair we smiled at each other I was hot
so was she ,she asked me water I said ok

She got me .I drank a sip…I went near her held her face and started
smooching…a wat response she gave my whole body was touching her she
was excited I was pressing her ass very good slowly I took her one
hand and put it in my tool and my hands pressing her ass it ass
beautiful….sexy I lifted her skirt she suddenly stopped me and said
let’s go in. I walked inside her bedroom with my hands around her
boobs .we entered in I was pressing she was enjoying I sat on her bed
and made her stand ners me I started admiring her body she was
beautiful sexy I said vow u have beautiful figure Nimi baby and
embraced her now my mouth/ face touching her breast and hands pressing
her to me and her ass she was in high pressure she immediately pushed
her dress down and gave me her boobs to suck I was enjoying with one
hand pressing other boobs and one hand Inside her chaddi she was
wearing black bra and panties super looking.i was very excited I got
up and helped her remove her skirt in one second she put it
down.oooooovowwwwwe wat a look sexy now it was my turn I also slowly
removedd my pant shirt only in ugs she saw my tool fully loaded I
asked her to sit down .she sat only in her ugs all bulging fair sexy I
then pointed my tool to her she smiled and touched it I said now put
it in ur mouth,she saw me reluctantly as may be it was too fast beyond
her imagination she wiped the wetness with her hand and took it oooo
what a feeling Aaaa said Nimi my dear she raised her eyes I said ur
tooo good is this ur first time she nodded meaning No I was shocked
and surprised who could it be and how innocent she is telling truth I
forced her face to my tool and she continued to gv me pleasure for
about 10 mnts then I asked her to get up she stood I was excited and
anxious to see her chuth very super black colour chaddi and fair body
8 was in a hurry I pulled her chaddi and oooooo wat a scene it was
little hairy soft fair/ pinky chuth I bend down and started kissing
licking it she was excited not expecting this now it was her turn she
pushed my face to her chuth I was giving her mast pleasure she was
making sounds.i was pressing her gand mast all made both of us excited
and now we were ready for the next step I withdrew my face and stood
up and once again we went in to deep smooching this time exchanging
each other’s saliva aaaa we both were different it’s not that mini who
I saw daily nor fir her I was the same.i asked her to lie down in bed
and once again started to lick her ass and then thighs and her cunt
then I got up and asked can I .do u hv condom she said not needed as
she is in safe periods and that y she called me today but I was
hesitant.wat if she becomes pregnant she said not to worry really she
is safe period.then I kissed her and started entering her beautiful
Chuth… slowly she was making sounds she was smiling I told her that
as this is her first time it may pain etc she said it’s not her first
time and her maternal uncle has given her pleasure since last 2-3
years but he his not here so it was her need that’s yshe started a
conversation with me when I heard this my speed started increasing and
in few minutes I loaded my full sperm onside her she was happy I slept
like that for some time and both went to bathroom and had wash t hen
after wearing drss we kissed each other and parted.
Next will tell you how I fucked nimis mom who was a bomb shel.

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