I and my sister Pratibha-1

Hi friends, how are you doing? I’m Atul 28, I had never been a good student and left school as soon as I could. It wasn’t a big deal as I went to work for our extended family company. Nothing flash, warehouse work then truck driving. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but all I could do till I turned 21 and my trust fund came of age and I now had access to it. I wasn’t in a great hurry and pondered my options, I wanted to be in the country and on my own land. I took my time and found the right land to suit my requirements, once I did I started to build my vision on the land. This included damming the creek, this caused a problem with the downstream neighbor.

But on meeting with him, we came to an agreement and I got the permissions I required to build the dam. I was in luck as a dry spell made construction quicker and once completed it rained. As per my agreement with my neighbor the water was shared and the dam, the pond was almost half filled. That was 3 years ago and the dam had filled completely since and my neighbor has put in a water pipe to the dam as per the agreement, it is only used when there isn’t any flow of water in the creek. The dam when full has water running downstream as before it was built, the water stored is for the dry times and to make my vision of home a reality.

I built my home and other building and got some animals, I don’t need to work to make a living. My trust fund is enough for that, I do what I want and try to live a quiet life. Then last year my sister Pratibha 25 came for a visit, she had just completed her studies. Pratibha wanted a break from the city and decided a stay at my ranch as she calls it would be perfect. Pratibha is the smartest of the 2 of us school wise and will probably succeed in whatever she chooses. I’m happy on my land, I’ve 7 horses on my land for riding and for making my view perfect.

Pratibha has always loved horses and riding and after she arrived would go riding all morning and then have some lunch. Then get another horse and go riding again. If not riding she would swim and then sunbake on the edge of the pond, I sometimes joined her riding and swimming. But I potted around my place the doing little things I wanted, then there was a fete or such as in the nearby town and Pratibha wanted to go and dragged me along with her. I wasn’t all that interested in going but went along with her. We did have a good time and got home very late and while having coffee in the kitchen. Pratibha asked me Did I have a girlfriend, I answered No.

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