I help my sister marry my father

Hi, my name is Sona . I have a twin sister named Sena. We both openly
talk about everything. Our father’s name is Paul. He is still hot. Our
mom died when we were young.
When this happened my father was 42 and we were 18. We both were so
hot. Many boys used to look at us. Many boys proposed us. I lost my
virginity when I was 16 to my boyfriend. Sena lost virginity when she
was 17. One day i was bathing . I forgot to lock the door.Father
accidently came in. He saw me fully nude. He got erect. He tried to
cover it and he walked away from the bathroom. I masturbated thinking
about that. I told this to my sister and masturbated together.
Our father started looking for husbands for me and my sister. My
sister asked father “why don’t you marry someone?”. He said “i don’t
want another woman in our life. Just our family. Me , 2 of you , your
husbands”. I told him “every man likes to marry a girl with father and
mother. I don’t have a mother”. Days passed . My sister seemed
disturbed. I asked her “who is he?”. She asked me”what are you talking
about?”. I said “don’t lie to me. I know you are in love. I am your
sister. You can tell me anything”. She said “but you might get angry”.
I asked “does the boy know about your love?”. She said “no”. I said
“if you tell me i will help you to marry him”. She said “I want to
marry dad”. She looked at my face with fear. I smiled at her. She
asked “aren’t you angry?”. I said “no. Don’t worry I’ll help you get
your man”. Later that night we were eating. I told father that i have
got a girl for him. He said “not again”. I said “please”. He asked
“who is it?”. I asked him “but first you have to promise us you will
marry any girl we tell”. He said “but i just want to be part of this
family” . At last he promised us . I said ” Dad I want you to marry
Sena “. He said “she is my daughter”. I said “i know you want her. And
i too want a step-mom”. His cock was erect. Sena was silently sitting
next to me. Dad asked her “do you want to marry me?”. She said “yes”.
Dad kissed her in the lips.
We moved to a faraway place. We bought a big house. They register
marriaged each other. I made arrangements for their first night. I
told them that i am going to sleep. But i stood by an open window in
their bedroom to see what happens. My dad and step-mom(sister) entered
there. She was wearing silk saree . My father wearing pant and shirt.
Dad removed her dress . Sena removed his dress . They started kissing.
She took his cock in her mouth. He was really enjoying. I removed my
dress and started masturbating. He cum in her mouth. She drank all of
it. It was about 12 am . He started licking her pussy. She was moaning
. He then said “husbands make love to wives”. She said “yeah fuck me
honey” .He put his huge cock in her vagina and started fucking her. He
fucked her 3 times. She was moaning loudly. I cummed 2 times by then.
It was 3 am in the morning. Both of them were tired and fell asleep.
They were covered with cum. I took my clothes and went to my room. I
cleaned up and slept. Next morning i woke up at 9 am. Sena was in
kitchen. Her husband (dad) was taking a bath. I asked her “mom how was
your first night?”. She smiled. The three of us – me,my sister/mom and
dad/brother in law – were having breakfast. Sena asked me “who are you
marrying?”. I said “i just want to live with a man”. I laughed. Sena
said “sex all night. huh”. She laughed father became aroused. I asked
her “can i have sex with your husband?”. She said “If I can have sex
with dad, you too can”. All of us laughed. Sena asked “. You guys
enjoy yourself. I am tired. I going to sleep.” Sena went to sleep. My
new boyfriend took of to bedroom. We both got naked. He started
sucking my boobs. He fingerfucked my pussy. He made me kneel. He put
his cock in my mouth. He stroked it into my mouth. I gave him nice
blowjob. He cummed in my mouth and boobs. He made me lick the cum off
his cock. Then he spread my legs and put his cock in my hot pussy. He
slowly started stroking. I began to mourn in pleasure. He increased
his speed. Then he cummed in my vagina. He then pulled it out. It was
about 12 pm noon. I thought he was done. But he fucked me once again.
Now we were really tired. We were nude . I was above him. It was about
12:30 pm.
Next day both Sena and I vomited certain times. We took pregnancy
test infront of our dad. Result was positive. We group hugged. I said
to dad “congragulations”. I said “I am getting a kid, niece/nephew and

5 years passed. My dad now have threesome with us. He is now 47,
still hot. Me and sena are 23 now. We both have 2 kids each. All
girls. Now I am pregnant. Hope it is a boy!

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