I looked at Aneeta in a sexual way

Hi everyone, how are you doing? My aunt Aneeta taught all about women and how to please them. I came to stay with her after my father Amit 34 died when I was 14 and my mother Komal couldn’t manage me and she wanted to marry Donald. I was her only child and she wanted a new start with Donald, so I was sent to Aneeta my father’s sister and only sibling. Amit was sick for 3 years before he died and Komal had started with Donald 2 years before Amit died.

I wasn’t a problem child, I was just in the way. Aneeta Amit’s younger sister wasn’t married and gladly took me in and raised me. Aneeta was a late child and Amit was 15 when she was born. She was only 19 almost twenty when Amit died and her parents had both also passed on by then. But she had money and the family home, I had a large trust fund setup by my father and Komal couldn’t touch it and she wasn’t happy about that.

She had the house and money, but she still complained that she should manage my trust fund. But it wasn’t allowed for in the will. Aneeta was the trustee and so I was packed off to Aneeta, Aneeta didn’t excel at school and wasn’t going to university and like simple things like painting, cooking and sewing. I was welcomed with open arms and felt wanted for the first time in years. I went to school and done well in all my subjects, sport and chess.

I went to the local university and stayed with Aneeta, she wasn’t into the dating scene and never went on dates. I was good at, but not great at most things. Except with women I didn’t seem to connect with women except Aneeta. I put it down to Komal as any woman who I could dated reminded me of her and I was turned off.

I wouldn’t asks any out on dates, but I got on well with them. But had mental barrier that was stopping me from dating them. I only felt comfortable around Aneeta when out on the town, dining or go to the movies. When I was 24 and Aneeta was 29, people saw us dining or at the movies and thought we were dating.

We went away after I finished university and had a holiday together and that when I first started to look at Aneeta in a sexual way and I made a pass at her and she rejected it. But later in that week I tried again and she let me kiss her. I told I loved her and wanted her and she said She loved me, but we were related and it wouldn’t work between us. I kept trying and out of pity I think she finally gave in and we had sex for the first time. I started to sleep with her every night and most nights I could only cuddle her.
She wasn’t on any protection and she got pregnant and after checks the baby was healthy, so she had a girl we called Shubhi after Aneeta’s mother my gran. Shubhi was followed by Amit and than Alexander we lived as man and wife. When I was 33, I heard Komal was divorcing Donald. She didn’t try to contact me and I wasn’t interested in seeing her. Aneeta had an car accident and was left with using walking sticks and unable to have anymore children. We hired a live in housekeeper to help her are still living as man and wife and are very happy together.

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