Impressing my 24 years old son-2

As much as I was when joking myself I wanted more. Alot more. I stood up smiled big at Tarun turned sauntering off loosing my close as I went and giving my ass a nice enticing wiggle.
I didn’t have to turn around. I knee he was right behind me.

Tarun held my large tits and squeezed my hard nipples as he gently and kissed my neck.

I was enjoying the way he was exploring my body.
But, I wanted his large cock that was so ever present pushing into my lower back in me.

Turning I smiled a come get me smile climbed up on the bed and rolled to my back spreading my welcoming legs wide.

Tarun didn’t let me down either.
I think after that blowjob I gave him he wanted my pussy as bad as I wanted his cock in me.

I was like an excited prom date as Tarun entered me and lost my nut almost immediately.
But, that was just took the edge off.

I was clinging to Tarun’s hard body as he pushed his thick prick deep into me stretching me out to my full limits when my second orgasm ripped through me.

“Fuckkkkk meeeeee!” I whimpered almost crying in pleasure.

In truth it wasn’t only the sex. But, the manner of the sex.
There was no doubt it was all about me.
It radiated off his body from the way he kissed me to the way he was fucking me.

After I came the second time in such a short time. I figured we better do a little change up.

Pushing Tarun off me. I was gonna mount him and ride his sexy cock.
But, he had another plan just as good.

“Yesssss, fuckkkkkk, Oh God!” I grunted, groaned and whimpered as I held on to the head board squatting down on Tarun’s face as he ate me out.

I don’t know where he learned to eat a woman’s pussy. But, who ever taught him needs a medal.
Tarun knew just when, where and how to touch me with his magnificent tongue of his.
By the time he was ready to fuck me some more, I was was shaking and quivering in orgasmic bliss.

I was on my hands and knees getting the drilling of life when Tarun slid a finger into my puckered asshole.

Sure his father had done it a few times over the years.
But, this was different.
I clamped my little bung hole shut around his finger and started fucking him back.

I knew once I felt his knuckles press against my ass cheeks I was gonna let him fuck me in the ass at some point.

But, first I was gonna get a load of cream in my greedy cunt.

I laid on my belly with both my hands wrapped around his cock looking him directly in his sexy brown eyes as I sucked him back to life.

I wasn’t sure how much jizz he had left in him. But, I wanted to find out.

“You know there’s another hole down there that wants some attention.” I smiled as I laid on my back enjoying the feeling of Tarun’s hard prick Waller my pussy out.
“Is that so.” He grinned back at me.
“Yes.” I said lustfully pulling my legs up high into my chest giving him free access to my asshole.

It took him a good five minutes to get enough of his cock into my asshole that he could start pumping me.
After that it was just a little bit at a time until his balls where smack against my ass.

I hooked my into his and wrapped my legs around him tight as he banged me in my asshole.
“YES, YES, YES! DRILL MY SLUTTY ASSHOLE! DRILL ME DEEP IN ASSHOLE DEEP WITH YOUR BIG COCK!” I grunted out loud between clinched teeth enjoying the way he felt saw away at me.
I lost all control when Tarun wrapped his large hands around my throat and started choking me.

It wasn’t a hard choking. It was just the right amount to drive me over edge.
I held his wrist and hiked my legs higher letting him know to drill me harder.
He didn’t let me down either.
He started long stroking me. Pulling out almost his entire length, before shoving hard back into my overly stretched asshole balls deep.

I blew him one more time that night in the shower before we collapsed in my bed with me snuggled tight to his young tone body.

Fear started to over take me when I awoke and found no Tarun next to me in bed. All sorts of thoughts ran through my head.
I thought I was gonna be sick between the pounding head and fear he was gone.

But, when I entered the kitchen to find him cooking breakfast relief ran through and sorry muff was instantly wet.

“Morning.” I cooed wrapping my arms around Tarun’s waist kissing him on the back.
Hoping he wasn’t having second thoughts about last night.
“Morning.” He grinned over his shoulder at me.
Making me feel all warm inside.

That was the beginning of a very powerful sexual relationship between us.

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