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Mom and dad died in a car accident since i was 10 and grandma my mom mother took care of me when i turn 18 one day grandma call me in her room throw my porn magazine on the bed ask me what was that i was scared looking at the floor without an answer ,

she came to me hug me then ask if i want to see the real thing it not as young one on the magazine i still i can have an idea how it look like .I say yes she undress get on the bed spread her legs show me her clit and what i do and how to play with it then she show me her pussy i was hard she tell me to let it free and say that dick goes in that hole she tell me again to let my cock out so i remove my short my 8 inch dick point at her hmmmm she say i got on bed between her legs ask if i can penetrate her she say yes that was my first time and it was wonderful .

We been fucking once a while for 2 yrs when my aunt Nilima came home one evening cry telling us my uncle had an heart attack so we went to the hospital it was too late he was already gone ,i was 18 and rich i got lots of money from the insurance when my parent died ,my grandma own a farm on a big land and aunt Nilima husband was a businessman.

After the death of my uncle aunty move with us ,she was always sad and miserable so grandma told me to take her out maybe for dinner and go watch a movie i say ok .My aunt was 13 yrs older than me and she look like like 25 yrs old short slim with long hair nice little boobs and sweet little ass her ass chick was so tiny i could have it in my palm her pussy hmmmmm large lips like butterfly very tight for my nine and half inch fat as a can of beer .

On a Friday night i told Nilima to get ready early we will go out i don’t call her aunty i told her she is to young to be my aunty then grandma will say yes if anybody ask tell them you are husband and wife then she gave me 2 golden wedding band and told us to put it in each other finger with hesitation Nilima slide it in my finger as i do the same then grandma got up walk to us she say as from now with her blessing we are husband and wife ,

i pull Nilima to me kiss her on her lips and suck each others tongue Nilima push me run to her room .At 6 pm she came down in the living room with a black night dress hair well comb with some make up fuck she is cute and look yummy walk to us she sat next to me on the couch i lift her dress i saw her panty , i told her to remove it she say not now asshole we will see later diner was ok but i did not enjoy the movie was to horny ,i slide my hand under her dress goes up to her panty slide under fuck she was wet i insert a finger in her she look around then get up i follow her we went outside i ask what happen she say she want it and we have to go home i told her to follow me ,

we went to a park in the dark only with moonlight lay her on the bench remove her panty lick her pussy then i penetrate her she told me to go gentle with that big thing so i took my time once inside i stop as she move her hips i start to move it was so tight and wet it was making sloppy sound i go in and out faster fuck she was loud and she was cumming like crazy i guess she been cumming 4 time i explode in her fill her cunt with my cum ,once we were home grandma ask what happen you look like a whore then laughing she ask if we have a good evening Nilima say yes and ask where her husband will sleep grandma told her with his wife the Nilima took my hand walk to her room we fuck 2 more times on the last round i fuck her virgin ass .Few months later she came to me saying that she has good news i ask what is it she kiss me telling me that i’m going to be a father i was so happy ,i ask why she never have kid with her first husband she say he has sperm problem .

A yr later our baby boy was born so we left Mumbai move to grandma farm 5 hours away of driving we settle there i start farming and have goats , sheep ,cow for milk ,we were doing good as the time passed i was fucking Nilima 3 time a day and at night if horny maybe 2 times Nilima love my dick that gave her 4 kids after yrs. We went to town for few days while grandma took care of the kids ,we would enjoy life a bit we try double penetration one time with a stranger live in the same hotel we took him in our room with his wife and we swap then we dp both women that was ok with me but Nilima told me she enjoy dp but it was a onetime thing and she would never share her body with any other men .We been togther since faithful with each other having a happy life

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