Incest fun with Hina

Hello readers, I hope you are doing great. Enjoy a fantastic desi incest story. The first semester of my second year of college flew by quickly. I finished my last final, packed up my car, locked up my dorm room, and headed home for winter break on December 17. My dad was in Mumbai on a business trip, and my mom took a week’s vacation to join him there, so I would be at home with only my sister, who was freshman at a different college. She was pretty cool for a sister, I guess, and I hadn’t seen her for quite awhile since we were never at home on the same weekends.


When I got home I learned she wouldn’t be home until she took her last final on December 19, so I had the house to my self for a few days. I’m a pretty dedicated runner, and continued to run even though the weather was really cold I’d still run. Usually I’d wear a pair of running tights and a light jacket because I’d get my body heat up by running. I did my routine runs in the morning on the 18th, but on the 19th I woke up to about four inches of snow. I decided I’d just scoop the driveway and sidewalk instead of running that day. I put on my warmest running tights and jeans over them and a sweatshirt plus my heaviest coat and headed out to shove snow. “Why did my parents have to have such a big driveway?” I asked myself.


After about an hour and a half, I completed the project and headed back in. I took my coat and jeans off and sat down on the couch. I didn’t realize I worked up such a sweat. I watched some TV to cool down before going to take a shower. Just as I got up to head for the bathroom, I heard my sister pull into the drive. I went out to help her bring her stuff in.


“Hi Krunal!” She yelled.


“Hey Hina!” I replied.


“Are you going for a run?” She asked.


“Oh now I just finished scooping the drive and was going to take a shower.” I explained my attire; “can I help you carry stuff in?”


“Sure. Would you grab my laundry basket?” She asked, “I can get everything else.”


“Ok.” I said as I picked up the basket. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bright red thong on thong of the pile of clothes.


I carried her laundry into the laundry room and dropped it off. She was in her bedroom so I walked down the hall and asked how her finals were.


“They weren’t too bad. I think I did well on all but the History one.” She said. I was a little surprised because I thought she liked history. Everyone else in the family did anyway.


“Well that’s good about the rest of them” I said. She put her stuff down and was walking out of the room so I walked on down the hall to my room to grab some clothes or after my shower. Hina followed me down the hall to my room telling me about her roommate getting into a fight with the girl across the hall and asking me about my school. She stood in m doorway as I grabbed a clean pair of boxers from my drawer and turned around to go take my shower.


I thought the conversation was over when I said “Well, I’m going to hop in the shower for a couple minutes.”


Except she had other ideas. Hina followed me back down the hall to the bathroom and even came inside. She was still talking to me as I adjusted the water. I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt a little uncomfortable. Here was my sister standing in the doorway talking to me as I prepared to undress. I noticed for the first time how nicely her breast had filled out. They must have been 34Cs at least. “She’s not leaving. She can see the outline of my junk thru my tights. What the hell?” I thought.


I pulled off my shirt. I figured she’d either get the message and leave or I know she was determined to finish her story. I pulled my tights down and stepped out of them. Now I was standing in front of her in only my black briefs. I turned around and checked the water one more time. I turned and faced her one more time. She was still telling me about how mad her roommate was at the girl across the hall and the little war they were having, so I slipped my briefs to the floor then looked at her face. Her eyes were locked on my cock as she finished her story about her roommate pouring salt all over her enemy’s food in the cafeteria.


“You can keep talking, but I’m going to get in the shower.” I said and stepped in.


“Oh yeah.” She said, “did you have fun this semester? Do you have any good stories?”


I told her about the time when we had the best student seats in the football stadium and about my statistics final thru the shower curtain.


“I’m going to go unpack.” She said after I told her about my final.


“Alright.” I said as I heard her leave the room.


I got out of the shower about five minutes later. I toweled off and stepped out. Hina had left the door open, so I figured what the hell; I just walk to my room and get dressed there. I walked down the hall past her open room door naked.


A couple minutes later, Hina appeared in my doorway. “Hey Krunal. Looks like you showered with warm water.” She said.


“Huh?” I grunted.


“No shrinkage. You’ve got a pretty big cock. I mean, I couldn’t help but notice. Looks like you can please the ladies with that thing.”


I couldn’t believe my sister just complimented my penis. “Uh, well, I guess it’s all right.” I said.


“How big is it?” She asked me, “I know all guys measure.”


“Well I haven’t measured since high school and it was seven and a half then. I t might be a little longer now.” I replied.


“Don’t get dressed yet. I’ll be right back!” She said and sprinted down the hall. Hina returned minutes later with a ruler.


“Alright, let’s find out.” She said and flipped the ruler to me.


“I don’t think I want to measure my penis in front of my sister.”


“Oh come on. You’ve been parading it around in front of me all day. First those tights then you let me see you in the bathroom. It’s ok. It’s not like I haven’t seen several since I’ve been in college.” Hina explained.


“What?” I asked.


“Well, I had a boyfriend for about a month down at school and we’d get it on a little. We never had sex, but I jacked him and gave him head.”


My jaw dropped.


“I played some strip poker with some guys down the hall too. I didn’t take my thong off, but I got them out of their whitey tighties.”


I couldn’t believe what innocent little Hina was telling me. I felt my cock starting to harden.


“Oh and some of the girls on our floor talked the black dude who lived down the hall to spank his meat for us. He must be like a foot longer or something. It was huge! Hey I see yours is coming to life too.”


I looked down and saw my cock was rock hard and pointed straight at her.


“Get to measuring BIG brother!” She said pointing to the ruler in my hand.


I complied and showed her the results.


“Holy crap. I’ve got a 9-inch brother! Wait til Ann hears about this!” She laughed.


“You can’t tell anyone.” I said.


“It’s cool. You should be proud of that cock. How about you stroke it for my I want to see how much cum a nine incher can spray.” She said.


“I don’t think so.” I said.


“Then bring it over here.” She said and walked toward me.


She reached out and grabbed my throbbing cock with her right hand.


“Oh. It’s an extra firm cock.” She said as she spit on her left hand.


She replaced her right hand with her left and started wanking me. She alternated hands like a hand job pro.


“Didn’t know your little sis was a cock hound did ya?” She laughed as I moaned in pleasure. I looked over at the mirror behind her and could see the triangle of her pink thong peaking out of the top of her jeans.


“Uh, OOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I cooed. I couldn’t resist anymore.


“Wait just a minute Krunal.” She said as she unbuttoned her top exposing her large tits confined in her miracle bra.


“I’m going to cum, Hina.” I moaned.


“Yeah let’s see that spunk, Krunal. Let’s see it. Come on my chest. Right on my tits. You‘ve got such a big, hard cock!” Hina encouraged.


When she said cock, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt my balls release. It was so sexy that she was stroking me and telling me how big I am. I love when women compliment my size. I unloaded on her cleavage giving her a pearl necklace.


“I’m glad Mom and Dad are gone for another few days. I’m going to have to have some more fun with you and this big fuck stick.” She said as she gave me one last squeeze.


The next few days were pretty fun…

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