Loving father 2

Hi readers. In my last story I shared my experience of witnessing the fucking session in which my loving dad fucked my cousin and I went back to my room thinking that when I will be able to have this fun with him.

I went to my room with heavy heart and tried to sleep but sleep was far away from me. I was lying on the bed thinking of what I watched and slowly rubbing my inner thigh.I stood up from my bed went to my dressing rom unzipped my shirt and took it off.

I unhooked my bra and my boobs sprang out of it.I pulled down my shalwar and looked my naked figure in the full length mirror of my dressing table. I placed my right hand under my boob lifted it up bringin it my mouth and put out my tounge to lick my nipple.

While licking my nipple and making it wet with my slavia I lifetd my leg and placed on dressing table to make my cunt wide open.I put my two fingers inside my cunt and located the spot which was hit by Zubi when he fucked me.

I squeeze it with my fingers OHHHHh what a pleasure it was.I was rubbing that tiny ball with my fingers and my jucies started flowing.I took my fingers out spitted heavily on them and again inserted them in my hot chut.

Now I was miving them in and out faster and faster and after few moments I started shivering with pleasure and shot my cum on my hands feelin easy now I went to the bath room and cleaned myself and fell on bed.

It was about 10 in the morning when Mashall woke me up and told me get ready as all of them are going to RAWAL DAM.I brushed my theeth and came out for a cup of tea when I came to know that Dad is not going out as he is not feeling well so Mom

also want to stay hom eso she can look after him. I looked into the eyes of Mom and gave her a wink and said that Mom its better if you go I will take good care of my Pop.She looked at me and similing said OK my honey.

I went to my room thinking of me and dad alone to get my dream come true. At about 12 noon all of them gone.I took shower and wore my jeans and front open shirt keeping first two buttons open puposely.(I did not wore ant undergarment)

and came to Dads room asking him if he want to have something to eat.He says Yes honey I want to have some soup only and I told him that I will make it within 20 n=minutes and bring for him.I noticed that while he was talking to me his eyes were glued to my boobs and their half

rounds peeping out from the open top buttons of my shirt. I came to the kitchen made soup for him and came to his room.While placing it in the table I leaned forward so much that my boobs are half way out of my shirt and he can have a close look at them.

Then I sat in front of him on easy chair.He was talking to me about my studies and other activities. During our conversation he was constantly watching my boobs and I noticed the bulge was getting bigger and bigger under his payjama of his sleeping suit.

When he fished with his soup I asked him if anything else I can do for him,he yes sweety I am feeling headache so can I rub some balm on his forehead.He took out bottle of Tiger Balm from his drarwer and gave it to me.

I sat beside him took some balm in my fingers and started rubbing it on his fore head. While rubbing I was very close to him and my boobs were brushing his face with my every movement and I felt that he was unable to resist my warmth

as his bulge was quite visible now though he was weraing a light blanket. I kissed on his cheek and at such an angle that my nipple was on his lips.I asked him that can I go now but he siad honey please give me message to my legs as I am feeling pain in my legs.

I smiled and said OK.I put my hands under the blanket and satrted messaging his legs and slowly moving my hand to his crotch.When I neared his crotch I placed my hand on his bulge and pressed it but he said notihg to me.

I slowly opened the buttons of his fly and pulled his cock out of his payjama.He stared at me with surprize but kept quiet.I removed the blanket from him and now his cock was fully exposed. He sat up and held me from mt arm and pulled toward him.

I fell in his lap like a ripe fruit my face was towards him he slowly brought his face down and kissed me on my lips.I held him tightly and said OH DAD please let me kiss you and I moveed my head up and palced my lips on his and start suking them.

I opened my mouth allowing his tounge to enter and now we were sucking tounges. He slowly opened the buttons of my shirt and pulled it away from me and took my nipple between his fingers and rubbing them in between them.

OH pop rub it take all heat out of me and give me pleasure like you gave it to Mashall. Listeneing these words from me he was stunned and I told him that I have seen every thing but I have not told to any one. He smiled and ask me to move away from him.

He stood up with with his 7 inch dick out of his payjama and pulled it down,removed his shirt and bent on me.He took my nipple in his mouth and nibbled it with his theeth.I was jumping under him. He opened the button of my jeans and pulled it down to my waist.

I helped him to remove it by lifting mu GAND up and he removed it. He lied down on bed on his back.I spread my legs across him putting my HOT JUCICE FLOWING CHUT on his face and my mouth on his hard 7″ LUND. I took the TOPPI of his LUND in my mouth and sucked it and

then slowly I took its full length.He opened my cunt and nibbled my cilit with his theet. I was moaning OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PAPAJAN MERI CHUT KO ACHI TERAY SAY CAHTO(Oh dad suck my cunt)and he started such=king it harder and my motion also become fast.

We came in each other mouth and never let a single drop wasted. I came of on top of him and start kissing him on lips.My cunt was rubbing against his cock making it ready for action again. He aske to lie on my back and pulled a condom form his drarwer and rolled out on his cock and

asked me if I am virgin or otherwise.I was shy to reply and he thought that I am virgin.He told me that I will feel some pain at first but when he will break my hymen the pain will go off and I will enjoy. Then he spread my legs apart sat in between them and rubbed my THIGHLAND

with his palm.It was flowing with prelubriaction fluid.He put the head of his cock on it and slowly moved it in.when the head was full in he realised that the matter is fishy.He asked me,Zuni to whom I lost my cherry, I smiling answered,to your son Dad.

Zubi was the one who fucked me first and he was an inch smaller than U. I sitll rember that but I also want to make this CHODDAI a memorable event. He slipped his cock inch by inch and then it was full IN.He strated stroking gently and then faster.

I was screaming and moaning with pleasure OH DAD FUCK ME FASTER AHHHHHH its so nice having you in move fast my loving Pop fuck me harder and start moving up and down.His rythm was becoming faster and faster.

HI JAN CHODDO MERI PHUDDI KO BHOAT MAZA AA RAHA HAY. (Fuck me darling, my cunt is enjoying) nad his move become fast. Then I aske him to stop and take out his cock from my cunt as I want to ride on it. He qucikly lied down on his back and I put his cock in my cunt and

start riding it fast up and dowm up and down screming AHH——–UFFFFFFFFFF—–papa I am coming I want this cock so badly today I am happy that I ahve this LUND in my PHUDDI I want this LUND in my GAND will you give me.and I started to cum and I reached orgasm of my life.

He also dischrged his load and we lied beside each other. I thanked to him and asked that can I have his cock in my arse as I want to get him feeling of a tight hole as my cunt was not that much tight as he thought of it.He smiled at me and rolled my on other side.

I was lyinf on my belly he opened my buttocks anf put his tounge in my arse hole. He spitted on his cock head making it wet and asked me to kneel down and then he placed his cock on my hole and tried to shove it in. I cried with pain and said OH dad it is paining,

get it wet by some oil.He took the bottle of oil from the table applied it on his cock and meaasged my arse oil with the remianing oil. I oppend ceeks of my buttock to make the entrance easy. He slowly shoved the head of cock in upto the circle grabbed me from my hips

and pulled me toward him.His full length was in my arse with one jerk and I screamed OH MA MAY MARI HEY PAPA ISA NIKALO but he did not listened to me and started storking his LUND in my GAND with full force and by the passage of time I started enjoying this fucking.

My GAND was tight and he was also enjoying it. PAPA AUR TEZ BARA MAZA AA RAHA HAY (Dad faster I am enjoying it)and he said TUM BICUL APNI MAA KI TERHAH GAND MARWA RAHI HO USAY BE GAND MARANEY MA MAZA ATTA HEY.

(your gjsut enjoying your mother she also enjoying when I fuck her arse) and then he held me tightly from my hips and shot his cum in my arse.I asked him to lick me and make me cum which he did very beautifully and then we lied beside each other totally exahusted.

I told him that I will not forget this but he should not told Mom anything about it. I also told him the fun which we na dmom had earlier and asked him if he can arrange some night with mom & me and then went to my room similingly.

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