Loving father

Hi all readers.This is Zuni.Today I want to share my experience which I had only due to coutesy of my maternal cousin otherwise I would have not been able to come thru such a nice golden night. My cousin whose name is Mashal went to Zurich with her family when her father was

posted for a deputation for a period of 5 years.Last month my uncle came back along with his family after completion of his deputation and styaed with us as the home was not alloted to him. Evrey body was happy after meeting them after a long time.

Mashal looked after her health and figure very catiuosly as when she went to Zurich she was not as smart as when she came back. She was having beautifuly round boobs (36C), with 24 waist and a pair of good round globe of buttocks.

When I saw her the airport wearing a tight jeans in which her globes of buttocks were prominently displayed I start thinking how can I get her involved in fun which I was having with Zubi & Mom.

While we were coming from airport to home my aunty, Mashal & me were sitting in back seat of our car close to each other. I made my self sat in such a way that my body was in contact with hers and I was feeling her warmth inside me.

Few times I moved myself in such manner that I can brush her boobs feling the softness of her flash. During the drive I placed my hand on her thigh and when she did not remove it I started to move my hand slowly upward to her crotch but she did not move my hand

which gave me a little courage. I just slightly rubbed her crotch and then moved my had off her. When we reached home and luggage of my uncle & aunt was kept in my parents bedroom nad my parents were shifted to the room besides mine and Mashals’ luggage was kept in my room

asshe has to sleep in my room with me.There was a common door in between my & my parents bedroom in which they shifted temporarily. I and Mashal were sitting close to each other at dining table having lunch with all our family members when I thougth to check Mashall for my

need. I just placed my hand on her thigh and posed that it is there accindently but to my pleasant surprize I felt her hand rubbing my hand softly and she held my hand and placed right over her cunt rubbed it over her jeans. This signal was enough for me.

I took her hand and placed it on my inner thigh nad with in no time she started stroking my thigh gently. I opened my legs so she can reach at proper place. My jucices were flowing slowly whch she came to know when her hand reached at the “Valley of Pleasure”.

I finished my tea and told my Mom that I am going to my room for sleep as I am feeling tired now.I came to my bed room and lied down on the bed. After few minutes I saw Mashal entering the room I closed my eyes pretending that I am at sleep.

I saw Mashal bolted the room from inside and called me Hey Zuni are you sleeping? I moved my face toward her and said yes I am trying to take a nap you also come and take some rest so we will be fresh in the evening and again closed my eyes

but kept them slightly opened so I can see what Mashal is doing. I saw she unbottoned her shirt and took it off then she opened the button of her jeans and pulled it down.Now she was only with charcoal grey bra and pent on her.

She moved towrads me and lied down beside me on the bed with her back toward me(which I thought she was teasing me) I moved a little forwrad toward her in such a manner that my body was touching her and I started rubbing her bare back.

I moved my hand up and unhokked her bra which she removed without wasiting any time.Then I pushed my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her fine globes of her buttock>she lifted her leg up in air so I can reach her cunt easily.

I palced my hand over her cunt and started rubbing it gently and I placed my finger in her cunt.This was irresistable for her and she turned herself towards me and planted her lips on my lips.I opend my mouth and allowed her tounge to enter in my mouth.

She took it in her mouth and sucked it vigrously. I was sucking her lower lip.Our french kiss lasted for 3 minutes in which we sucked each others tounge and tasted each other saliva. Now we were totally aroused.I pulled her panty down,

lowerd my head on her belly button and instred the tip of my tounge in it.She held my buttock cheeks from behind and digged her nails in them.She got hold the elastic of my shalwar and pulled it down upto my knees I lifted myself up so she can remove it.

I stood up,took my shirt off,unhokked my bra and pulled my panty down.Seeing me naked Mashall stood up from bed and came toward me.She bent down and started kissing my feet and slowly moving up licking me allover.

As she kissed and licked my inner thigh a wave of curent ran inside me and I held her head and dug it into my cunt OH Mashall dont stop I have never been licked like this till today. Please shove your tounge inside my cunt and I opened my thighs so she can give me proper suck

which I was needing badly. She licked my cunt up and down, took my cunt lips between her lips nibbled them and then took my clitoris between her lips.Oh Mashal please suck it harder I am dying with pleasure please dont stop AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—-UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF—-

HAY MA MARI——–Please dont stop you bitch suck it harder and I started shivering as I was nearing my orgasm.I held her head tight and my fingers were plying with her silky hairs in pleasure.I uloaded my cum into her mouth and she never let any dropt out of her mouth.

I said thanks to her and she stood up gazing me with lustful eyes asking me that this is my turn now. I asked her to lie down on bed.She lied down on bed and I took her round firm nipple in my mouth and start sucking it and rubbing her cunt with palm of my hand.

Her cunt was wet with her juice she opned her legs and made easier for me to enter my finger in her cunt.I entered one fnger first and slowly moved it in and out, her cunt became more wet I placed tow fingers in her cunt.then she asked me not to move my fingers but shove them deep

inside her cunt.She started rotating her hips in a clockwise motion slowly first and then faster.She asked me to move my fingers inside in anti clockwise rotation which I did.The rythm was so sexy that I started getting wet and placed my two fingers inside my cunt and statretd

mastrubating.Mashall started screaming in joy OH Zuni I love you pleas emake me cum faster OH remove your fingers and suck me.I burried my face in her cunt and sallowed her cum. We were exhausted and lied down beside each other.

She asked me if I had been fucked by any man. I said yes and when she came to know that I have been fucked Zubi she was took by surprize and asked how come my youner brother fucked me.I told her the whole story that I seduced him and that Mom is also in our triangle.

She asked me that is it possible if I can arrange some fun with Zubi for her I said OK I will make it and then we pulled a bed sheet on us and tried to sleep. When I woke up I saw Mashall was not in the room.I thought she might have have gone out of the room.

I put on my clothes and stood up from bed.I saw the clothes of Mashall were lying on the floor and the door was bolted from inside which made me curious that where is Mashall.I slowly walked towards dressing room without making any noise and opened the door quietly

but it was empty.I opened the door of bathroom and looked into it but she wasnot there. With farction of seconds my mind thought another thing and I slowly came to the common door my room which opened in my parents room. I slightly opened the door and to my surprizse

I saw Mashall was lying on the bed.Her legs were wide opened my Dads face was burried in her cunt and hands were busy in folding her nipples. I stood there and waited for actual action to start. My Dad removed his face from Mashalls, cunt and asked her to be more parctical with him.

I saw my Dads’ cock was full erected OH what a LUND it was.The head of it was pinkish and tail was brown.What a combination it was.I got wet only by seeing it and thinking when Iwill be able to get burried in my CHUT.

Mashall took his cock in her hand and said Uncle Jan its too big it may tear apart my cunt so please let me only suck you and you cum in my mouth I wlii suck you dry its a promise.Dad said to her that she shoud not get afraid of it and he will fuck her very slowly.

She took her tounge out and started encirciling the head of cock and started taking it slowly in her mouth and then her movemnets become faster and faster.OH my neice you are a perfect sucker keep scking me dont stop OHHHHHHHHHHh

my jan your aunt has never given me such a pleasure I want to cum in your mouth.suck me harder AHHHHHHHHHHH———OHHHHHHHHHHHHH-Iam cumming dont stop but before he came she took it out and placed it in between her boobs and opened her mouth and Dad shot

his load right inside her opened mouth.The sight of his discharge waso good that I put my hand in my shalwar and started rubbing my PHUDDI faster but there was something else in my mind. Now Dad lied down Mashall opend her legs wide upart and gave a long kiss on her cunt.

Then he sat between her legs on his knees placed her legs on her shoulder and then subbed his cock on her cunt till he get an erection and Mashall got wet. Oh Jan now I cannot wait get this hard rocked monster in me. Dad slowly sliding his cock in.

With every thrust it was going inside and with every thrust Mashall was saying UFFJJALDI KARO UNCLE JAN and atlast the whole cock was in.Dad remained in this position and asked her to rotate her hips so his cock can become more wet with her juice

and then he lifted her up and both of them came in a sitting position and now he started moving slowly to and fro and then his motion become fast.MAshall was holding him tightly from waist and responding to his each storke screaming with joy

AHHHHHHHHH——UHIIIII———UFFFFFFFFFFF fuck me you bastrad,fuck my cunt harder. She held her tight and didnt allowed him to move and glued her lips to his and gave him a long kiss and then again he satrted moving faster and faster and after sometime he said to her my little

cunt I am cumming so hlod me tight but Mashall said please dont come inside me and take itout coz you are not waering any condom and I have just finished with my periods and it may get both of us in trouble.Dad took out his Lund from her cunt and shot his cum all over her

boobs.She took his cock in her mouth and drank the remaing cum and gave himn a big kiss and said thanks uncle for such a pleasent gift on my arrival from Zurich and promised that she will soon give him another gift.

With every motion of theirs I was moving my fingers in and out imagining that my fingers are are my Dads LUND which is coming in and ouit of my PHUDDI and I discharged my cum in my hands and went to the bedroom quiely thinking of a time when I will have this LUND in my CHUT.

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