Mohali ki didi

Hi my name is gagan. i am from ludhiana, punjab. i am going to share my first time experience with all of you! let me describe myself first. at the time i was 20, unlike most boys at that age in india, i was really into girls. i look handsome, i have short black hair, black eyes, and fair skin. My dad was rich so we lived in a pretty rich community! we lived in model town. and we played cricket with the community kids! so one day we were playing at a kid’s house. i was 18 at the time and i was batting! this boy pitched the cricket ball at me and i just tapped it with the bat! a girl named lavleen was fielding near me she came to pick up the ball, i went to pick the ball at the same time! our hands touched and i felt something, kind of wut u feel if u suck on a lemon! she looked at me and gave me a sexy smile and i smiled back! After a while she said to everyone that she wanted to go home now.

Lavleen said to a older girl named karmjeet that she was scared to go alone to her house since her folks weren’t home. she asked for someone to come with her and she said “gagan tu mere nal aaja” meaning “gagan can u come wit me”. she gave me that smile again and i quickly said “yes”. We held each other’s hands and walked home. we reached lavleen’s house! we went inside the main gate into the baranda. i quickly grabbed her and planted a big kiss on her red lips. she ran into the house. and i followed her. she was standing with her hands on her face. i wrapped my hands around her waist and pushed my erected penis on her butt. she ran into the bathroom and closed the door Now let me describe her she was 5 “6” 3 years older than me, and had sexy bobbs, and a tight ass. i knocked on the door and said “lavleen come out i wont make you do anything that you dont want to do” after a minute she opened the door. I was shocked to see that her shirt was gone and so was her salwar.

she was in her bra and underwear! This made me really horny i said “teri fudi parne ko man karta hai” and she said “tere ko rok kaun raha hai” i picked her up and took her to her parent’s bedroom. i started kissing her on the cheeck, the lips, chin, neck! I slowly started kissing her on the forehead and moved down to her cheeks, then i twirrled my tounge on her lips like a snake! and she started kissing me with her tounge! our tounges were fighting like two swords. Then i removed her blouse, her breasts were size of two cricket balls. I gave them a hard squeze i was getting really violent with her i was talking dirty to her “teri aaj mene fudi maar maar lal kar deni hai, sali gashti tuje aaj mene gashti banana hai” this made her really horny she got up and took of my shirt, my pant, then moved her hands down my underwear, and took out my one eyed snake, she rubbed it against her tits. when my penis head touched her tit, it was about to cum right then and there but i removed it and after a while put it in her mouth she started moving her mouth back and forth her hands playing with my balls i was on my back and enjoying every second of it. and then i was about to cum.

i told her and she gave it two more strokes and i cummed right in her mouth she swallowed my cum happily! we went to the bathroom and she started cleaning herself up! I grabbed her from behind and put my penis head on her pussy. she turned around and said “aaja bed par” and i said “tu yeh hairy fudi ko shave kar le gi mein ise choosna chahta hun and she shaved it in front of me” then we went to the bedroom and i put one of my finger in her pussy. she just laid motionless i went back and forth with my finger. but she wasn’t enjoying this so i stopped. she said “tum ruke kyon” and i said “yeh karne ke liye” i licked her freshly shaved pussy” and she moaned “owwwwwiiiii” she like it so i did for a while i put my tounge as far as it could go in her pussy and she went crazy she started rocking and yelling “aaaaaah hmmmmmm mmmm aah aah shukria shukria aur karo aese” “aaah aah mera pani nikal raha hai” then she sprayed me with rain from the heavens. I happily swolled her juices. then i looked at her pussy, and then looked at her. she looked back smiling and said “kiski wait kar rahe ho phar do meri fudi ko aaj, yeh tumare gandase “lund” ki wait kar rahi hai” i was really horny house and i put two pillows under her and put my dick in her pussy. It went in half way and she grabbed the bed sheets and started screaming.

i didn’t care i was too horny to care and i inserted full of my 7 inch cock inside her. she screamed in pain i moved back and forth. i fucked her with all my might. she started screaming at the top of her lungs. this made me even more horny and grabbed her legs put them on my shoulders and got on top of her her pussy facing the cieling i ut all of my cock in her. she was yelling all kind of shit “aaah mar diya muje, gagan chod mere ko jor jor se, muje kutia ki tarehn chod. mein randi hun meri fudi mar” “aaaaaaaaah owwwwwwwwiiiiii” i bit her tit and put my middle finger in her ass. and i was fucking her with full force and we both were in heaven i picked her up and removed my cock and then fucked her doggy style. I liked removing my cock and inserting it in her pussy again. now she was fucking me back. at last i couldn’t take it anymore i was about to cum. we were in doggy style i grabbed her by the hairs and cummed inside her pussy. She moaned i kept my lund in there for an hour or so i slept on top of her and then i went home.

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