mom & me

my father passes ayaw a month ago,I am ajay staying with my mom alone
i am just 18 + 7 my mom is father was father was an army
officer.he used to stay with his unit in jalandhar. he passes away
with a massive heart attack on duty.when his body came with acoffin my
mom & me broke down into teers.we have no relatives from our fathers
side . my mama mami came in our place to show condolences.the last
right of my father was over .mama left mami here for few more
days.once i hard mami was telling to my mom didi how could u survive
alone, mother was tellenig she will mange with me any how. fathers
pension ,gratuity & insurence gave us a healthy amount,we know we
could survive with that easily. mami told to mom but what about her
jawani,whether she planned for anything or not. she told i lost my
hubby just what kind of question my mami was asking for. she burst
into anger.mami told sorry. last week when mama came here to take mami
back. my mama also told same thing to my mom didi if u dont mind u
marry once again. mama also convinced me to pursue my mom to do so.
some after their dispersal one day after my college in the evening i
sat in front of my mom & try to pursue my mom to marry again. she told
why every body is telling so. then told my mom look i am 18 after my
study i may get a job out side then who will look after u.i may marry
a girl she might not look after u. after all u r so nice & charming
any body can marry u. u does not look like 43 u look like 30+.and mom
asked and what i told u r sexy too. mother smiles at me & told who
told u i am sexy. i told all my frnds told u sexy.then mother told me
is not possible that i may take a local job & stay local to look after
her, i told ok. then i told then my wife doesn’t like u then what will
happen. the she told me dont marry then. i smile & told u dont want to
marry thats why u want i should not marry also. she told u r 18 now if
u marry at the age of 25 still it is 7 yrs long in our hand.i perused
her again & again to marry. then she offered me a word, i got
astonished by it. then she told me u marry me both of our problem will
be solved.i asked mom r u serious or joking with your own son.she told
she is not joking she is serious about it. i told how a son can marry
his own mom. then she told before civilization it was the trend son
used to marry their widow mother. she dont u love me, i told of course
i love u. then she told am i not sexy, i told u r hot & frnds
r jellious about me for u. then she told me u marry me to day itself.i
told her late me think for some times.she told ok . i was sitting in
the balcony thinking all about between my mom get inside wore
a see through short dress with no bra & panty, she came to balcony sat
beside me i could see her evry thing through that dress. she smiled at
me ,i told her what is this. she told me she was trying whether she
get fit beside me or not. i could not control my self i hugged her
made her to sat on my lap & kissed her. she shows no resistance, she
also stated lip kissing. i hold her boob in my hand & told mom is this
mine she told no mom, call me reena(my moms name).i asked reena is it
mine reena told i my self is yours.then i put one of hand to her hairy
pussy, it was the balocy i undress her look to her care fully &
discovered she is my real love reena.litarally she fucked me first
time.after we came inside.she told me to get ready to go out side. i
asked for what she told me for marriage in the mandir, by evening
8.30we went to sidhheswari mandir i officialy get married. after
dinner at resturant we came home she undress fully get nacked & bring
sindoor & tol me put the sindoor in her head ,i do so. now we husband
& wife . reena & ajay r no more son & mom. that night we enjoy sex
several times.i asked whether she want to be my childs mom. she told
of course . i was very happy . as she, after few days my mama came &
see reena with sidoor in her head. she asked how, reena told her
brother that she marries her own she can not stay with out
me.mama was angry he shouted on her & went back .2 days latter mama &
mami came again & the gave us lot of gifts, mami told reena that reena
was right to chose me as there will be no problem of sas & bahu. as
she herself is sas as well as bahu. mami asked reena what she will
call my mom didi aur bahu & me as bhanja aur jamai babu. reena solved
the problem now she is ajay s wife so call me reena your bhanjas
wife.mama & mai agreed both of them started calling by name. me &
reena took their blessings after touching their feet. mami told reena
get pregnant soon. i promised them to fulfill their wish soon.
now we r happily mairried couple.

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