Mumbai sex goddess

Again life started like machine. I visited their place but couldn’t make a night. After six months after my probation period I was transfered to the head office in Mumbai. Mumbaiiiii dream city……New place new friends all was magical. latenight parties easy girls 3 years passed like anything. And now I was not a virgin anymore thanks to that friend of mine.

who was my sex goddess.By the time I was planning to quite that job and star my own business.So I came back home, and started my own business.My mom told me that she wants to visit her native place so I aggenged every thing and she went for a month. When she came back she tld me she has visithe most of our relatives out there, and mami was asking about me.

Hearing that, again the spark lit in my mind. I made a work plane and make a schedule to visit kol for some purchase and went after 2 month. After staying in a hotel finishing my work.I left hotel and went to their house.Now I was no more a boy, a fully grown up man.BY that time she was 35 and I was stunned to see her, same full of life and wel maintained.

but for the 1st time she complemented me on my looks.i handed over the bunch of orchid which I like the most. We went in side chitchatted for some time about everything. came to know bhai is studding in hostel. Same at 8:30 mama returned and surprise to see me. We had a good time I was carring a bottle of wine for him. this time I was free to smoke and drink with him.

He himself offered me fags.I was surprised but mami winked at me so I agreed. after he freshened we started chatting on many topic, he offered me whiskey I was happy he was very balanced just two extra large pegs, I took my limit of 4 and mami 3.we had our dinner and headed to our bedrooms. the weather was awesome this time coz it was the month of august and raining like anything.

At around 3am suddenly I wake up coz new palce wont give u the proper sleep and the lightning sound was also a reason I went to bathroom coz 4 glass of water was there in my belly. while comming back I saw a dim light comming from there room and the door was slightly open so I just lookied in but cant make out any thing I stood there for min to adjust my eyes in dark.

but hardly see coz the light was too dim to figure out but at that very moment a hugh lightning was there and I saw that both of them wer fast asleep and that nighty of my mami was up to her thighs. but I move off coz the sound was preety high and thay might get up.i don;t wanna make any mess and went off.

At arround 7:30 mama called me up and said he is leaving and I must saty that day and he will try to come early.I said ok and slept it was still raining like anything. maybe after an hour I felt a cold feeling on my shoulder I was just sleeping with my boxer. I slightly open my eyes and found mami is sitting next to me and trying to wake me up,

I did the same thing and put my head on her lap and wrap around her waist. and felt that she has already freshen up. When I started rubbing my face on her thigh she stood up and went off, I was sad thinking that may be I had grown up so she went off. I jump out of bed to make her understand but to my surprise I saw that she is pulling the collapsible gate and locked it.

and turn around and saw me standing I was scratching my head.i could read her face that she was not happy that I was out off bed but can’t go back. I was brushing and she was in the kitchen makin tea for me. I came out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa. by the time the maid was there. and she was preparing my breakfast.

I was looking at her and talking, the light from the window was giving me the curves of her body, she was not wearing bra and I can make out her full body and instantly I had a hardon in my pant. she came with the bf and I had it. coz the maid was there in the kitchen with her washing and not much place for three to stand and I dnt want to.

I went to my room and sat there she still there in the kitchen,after some time the maid has gone she told me to lock the door. I didnt get the reason but thought may be she stay alone to its habit to lock the main door. So I locked it came back and stand on the kitchen door talking to her, she was busy wit her work and facing back to me and I was admiring her body with the help of the window light.

Suddenly I felt some courage went back to her and kept my jaw on her left shoulder. coz I am 6 ft and she is 5 so I had to bend a bit and our body was not touching each other, so I hughed her from behind. She told me the window is open, so I left her, and asked her to apply some oil in my hair.

I sat on the floor and She on the sofa widen her legs, I sat on the opposite direction for the nighty it was not comfortable, so she pulled her nighty upto her knees and started applying me oil, my hand can feel her smooth legs and I can see it in the glass of the showcase in front of me. Instantly I had a hardon and it could be seen so I tried my best to hide it but I know she saw it.

Suddenly the phone rang she told me to pick it up and went to wash her hands, it was her sis but when I stood up I was unable to hide my hard on I was aware and she took a glimpse of it, while she was talkin I went in my rom and closed the door to wear my undies came out and sat on the sofa, she was talkin about some pain,

I closed my eyes and relaxed she was talkin I just open my eyes to say her some thing and found she was looking at me, when I looked at her she just turn her eyes off and kept the phone. I asked her about the pain on that she told me she is havin some spin prob, when her sis came to visit her she was suffering so her sis was asking how the pain is.

I casually ask her want a massage and she instantly agreed. NOw we wer in opposite position she was on the floor I was on the edge of sofa and massaging her shoulder and back, i was havin prob to massage her shoulder due to her small neck nighty so she just open her two hooks and pulled her nighty back now I can massage her bare shoulder na see her cleavage too.

she just lean back and felt my hard on but didnt react and stay same asked me why iwent in the room and closed the door? I said I went to put my undis on she laugh and said u dnt use to close the door earlier, I said that time I was kid and now may be some one some one could get afraid of it.

she said really and gave a naughty smile.i was massaging her from shoulder to her waist and some time I am touching her boobs sightly above her clothes from side.the bell rang and the vegi walla was there she hurriedly stand up I and ai can see the full view of her boobs hanging I told her to hook it up and she said opps closed it.

she tok some vegis and I was in my room she took some vegi and cam in the room pilling them off. isaid I wanna take shower and pulled my towel but she didnt move this time I didnt hesited and pulled off my boxer and stand in my undies and warp my towel and pulled my undies off she laugh and said wat was the us of itowel I saw ur bare arce and again started laughing.

I said u had a good show and went in the bath room again I found her inners smelt it but didnt jerk off. I came out having bath and find that mami is in the kitchen,looked for my boxer but it was not there I went to the kitchen and asked her, she told she put it for wash. so I took uot the fresh one and wear it she came in the room that time I was just in my undies

looking for the boxer she asked me why I wear undies at home? I said I dont but some time its needed in home also. she laugh at me a went off. BY this time I got all the signal but still scared to take a step ahead. I put of my undies and wear only boxer and went in the kitchen for a cup of tea sitting on the kitchen slave talkin to her and lookin at her cleavage, she saw me but didnt react.

so I pulled some courage nad went back to her and hugh her from behind and said mamiieeeeeeeee in a very adoring voice. she just left her body on me and lean back leaving her whole body and left a sigh—–and said watttttttttttt. the window is open in a very low voice. I felt her breating has became heavy. I instantly switch off the gas nobe and pulled her out of the kitchen.

she didnt resist and came along with me, again I hold her from back and put my lips on her neck and started biting her ear lobes and kissing her neck, my hand went up to her boobs she hold my hand but didnt stop me. she turned her head and our lips locked we kissed each other fra a min or so now she wanna sit,

I let her she sat on the sofa lean her head back her eyes were closed I found an drop of tears in the corner of her eyes glistering. I said sorry and ask watz the matter? she said nothin and hugged me. I sat on the floor and put my head on her lap she was fliping my hair with her finger.

I was rubbing my nose in her inner thighs, after a moment she left a moan now I started intering my hand in her nighty and reached her bucket thay wer soft like butter, my finger found the illastic of her panty and tried to pull it she helped me by lifting her arce. And in no time it was in y hand she once looked at me and closed her eyes.

I made her lye on the sofa and pulled her nighty up she floded her legs and widen up now for the 1st time my eyes wer viewing my dream love hole which I had sucked many time in my dream. I immediately put my lipson her milky thighs the aroma was making me mad I started licking her inner thighs and her moan is becoming louder, she was wet by now,

the moment I flick my tongue over her pussy lips she jump out with pleasure, I parted her pussy lips and started licking her clit, her pussy lips was a little flipy so I started chewing them and sucking her hard. she was in seventh heaven and cant take it more clutching my hairs and pushing me deep in her arching her body and pressing my head between her thighs,

at one point I felt I will die due to pressure but next moment she collapsed. I get up and started sucking her boobs, she regain her self looked at me. her eyes was a mixture of pleasure,joy, emotion,love, care,lust dont know I cnt explain.She get of the sofa neel down between my legs pulled out my boxer and took my tool straight in her mouth and the way she started sucking it deep and striking it,

I felt one thing ( experience matters) she suck my ball till my arce hole. I felt like I was in the flight of fire wer I feel, I melt, I die. I t was like my whole blood will come out through my cock. my legs r becomeing weak and I was about to cum, I told her and tried to pull out my cock, she resist and just put a finger on my liips and pushed me back on the sofa, and burst out in her mouth,

she was unable to take it all my semens was flowing from her mouth and she was still sucking it. And for the first time I felt how it feel when u come and some one suck u dry. we got up hug each other went to the bath room and took shower while I suck her bobs armpits and pussy under the shower drink her juice with water that was flowing till her mound.

But there was a untold fact between two of us tht none of us want to fuck each other, may be the moral o being human.That afternoon we played 69 and again cum in each others mouth by this time my lower abdomen was paining coz I had never cum so much in a day. we never done any thing in their bedroom. when mama reached home my heart was pounding like any thing.

mami read that on my face and called me on the roof to pick up the dried clothes, and told me ru feeling guilty. she told me to be normal. but mama didnt noticed coz wat ur mind dont know ur eyes cant see. The next morning was different. she came give me a morning kiss and wake me up.

after the bai left we gave each other a whole body massage I suck her anus finger fuck her and make her cum twice while sucking her pussy. she told me they had sex last night and it was awesome when we wer taking bath I told her about a fantasy of mine watching a lady pissing. 1stly she denied bur latter on my pleading she gave me a mind blowing show of a mature lady pissing,

she put her one leg on the tap widen her pussy lips and strated pissing while I sit in front of her and massage her clit. to my surprise she cum at that moment.she gave me that show once more in the afternoonbut this time sitting, that afternoon v masturbate in front of each other. she was lying on the bed playing with her pussy and finger fucking her I jerk off watching her now

I was on the bed and she came right on me and sit on my face grinding and rubbing her on my face and playing with my limp cock. I n the evening I was about to move, we hugged each other,grab her acre, and while leaving I asked something for memory, she asked me what? I hike her nighty pull down her panty kissed on her mound she pressed my head against her,

I got up smell her panty plent a kiss on the crotch and licked it. she was astonished and looking at my act, and said u dirty boy. I smiled and told her about the bathroom fact that happen last time. she was surprised to know that I love her from the age of 12.

I smile put the panty in my pocket she kissed me on my chicks and told this is for the boy who loved me and squeeze my cock and this is for last time wat u didnt get.. and I went off. thanks for reading me if u liked my story pls say I will right my another experience in mumbai.

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