My awesome experience in family-1

Hi everyone, this story is about a sex party that I had. I’m Amit 20 yrs old live with my mom and sister in law Ishita same age as me married my 25 yrs old brother Ankit now in the Indian army we haven’t seen in a year as its all messed up in Laddakh so he been posted there for along time .Mom was 41 yrs old look 10 yrs younger chubby look very sexy and Ishita was slim and short very sexy too she look like a 15 yrs old we get a long very well the three of us my dad passed away 2 yrs ago he was an army officer i too wanted to join but mom never let me so i open a clothing store me mom and Ishita take care of it .

Every Saturday night i go clubbing and Sunday we have an uncle who run the store so i sleep till late and always naked in bed ,every morning mom came to wake me up so sometime she see my hard fat long dick with time it became normal for us she always tease me saying my future wife will be a lucky lady .One evening mom and Shubhi was in the living room talking i went outside to smoke a join i could hear them by the window mom ask Shubhi if she was ok because she look sad and she know she miss her husband at her age she has needs ,Shubhi say yes she miss Ankit mom knew about Shubhi situation she say Shubhi i was in the same situation that i was having an affair with our dad friend i was shocked then she say he was big down there and handsome so she been doing him for almost a year even Shubhi was shocked then mom say i though he was big until i saw Amit thing he is huge ,

Shubhi laugh say mom you are bad and reply not only bad but horny also just like you .Shubhi ask her if she would do me if she get the chance mom say maybe as long it remain a secret and they both laugh , then mom say if you really need a relief don’t go looking outside so people can talk bad they both laugh again then mom say from now you are going to wake her up in the morning so you can have an idea what i’m talking about,

they both change topic when i came in .At diner mom told me to take Shubhi out she is getting bored alone i say ok sure i will in the morning i was already awake i stroke my dick make it hard when who ever come will get a good view as i heard the door open i remove my blanket pretend sleeping with my eyes a bit open Shubhi came in with shock her mouth open eyes big she stare at my erection and knew she was horny she came sit on bed stare at my dick she touch it then come closer smell it and moan ,

i open my eyes ask if she saw something interesting getting up she run away .I was in the shower when the door open mom was there she ask if Shubhi saw it i ask what she point at my dick saying this beauty i look at her say yes she smile lick her lips looking at my dick she say if you take her out i bet you will get laid she need it i ask about my bro she say if you do that when he come home he will still have a wife that has 2 husband but he don’t have to know i say ok but i think i have to take care of you first ,

she look at my dick lick her lips again then walk away .At breakfast mom told me to take few days off and take Shubhi out i ask Shubhi where she want to go mom reply take her to some romantic place and please don’t make me a grandma its your bro job Shubhi was smiling looking in my eyes .

I look at mom i say one condition mom ask what i told her to spend an hour with me in my room she say are you sure i’m and old woman i get up get my hard dick out which surprise both of them get up i walk to my room after 5 mins mom was in the room seeing me naked she undress get on bed lay on her back legs spread she say to hurry up i get between her legs lick her pussy then penetrate her fuck she was so tight i push in hard fuck she was so wet my dick slide in easily make her scream loud i go in and out fast make her moan we fuck for 20 mins she cum 3 times and i shot deep in her .5 mins later she take my cock in her mouth suck it till it was hard she get on top guide my dick on her entrance then she push i go in it was so good as she rode me as a whore in heat i didn’t last long she ask if i ready to cum i say yes she get off me suck my cock and swallow my cum .

Next day on the way home mom say son you make me feel so good i guess you should take Shubhi out this evening maybe go to our farm house have some fun i say mom you are coming i need you to she say ok ,in the evening we were on the way to the farm Shubhi was on the passenger sit next to me and mom at the back i put my hand on Shubhi thigh she let it there i stop to a store ask if i will need condom mom say no she can’t get pregnant i say i don’t like using them but just asking mom ask Shubhi, she say she don’t like it looking at me with a smile she say it just has to be out in the right time fuck i was hard while driving i told them i can’t take it anymore Shubhi ask what i point at my dick they both laugh then mom gave me a towel telling me to let it free and cover it the towel i say i’m driving i need both hand or someone has to help mom say she is closer.

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