My awesome experience in family-2

I turn to Shubhi ask if she can help mom say it’s ok you can do it we are family and it will be our secret Shubhi bite her lips look at mom she say is it ok with you mom say i took it in my pussy twice i guess it will ok ,Priys say mom i could hear you both you were loud mom laugh then she say it will be your turn soon i bet you will cry with pleasure .

Without wasting time Shubhi unzip my pant put her hand in hold it in her hand she turn to mom she say its huge mom say maybe you should see if it will fit in your mouth ,Shubhi bend her body take the tip in her mouth as much as she can fuck it was so good her head was going up down i hear mom moan i look at the back she was finger fucking her pussy while Shubhi suck on my dick fuck i was about to cum i warn her mom tell her not to stop taste his cum don’t waste any swallow it all and that what Shubhi did. After cum she put the towel back on my dick look at mom ask she she want to come to the front seat to have yogurt mom laugh say not to drain me out keep some we have all night i told mom that we will have to be back before midnight work tomorrow ,she say we are here for the week end she already talk with uncle he is ok to work those few days then she gave me a some pills saying that it will help keeping me hard with lots of energy its not blue pills it was a herbal things .

Once we arrive to our destination i was shocked mom was already naked from the bottom no skirt and panty ,i was getting some bags inside when Shubhi came to me fuck they were both naked she get on her knees unzip my pant push it down with my boxer put my dick in her mouth it was heaven two other hand wrap around my waist turn my head i saw mom with a big smile few mins later Shubhi get on the couch spread her legs she say to be gentle with that monster i bend down lick her pussy once she was ready in one go i was inside her tight wet warm pussy ,she was screaming and moan loud while i pound i ask if she want me to stop she say to never stop fucking her she love the feeling i love her sloppy sound while i fuck her she was so wet and creamy i was about to cum i let her know she say she want my baby mom was next to us my 3 fingers was in her pussy she look at me she say to give it to her which i did by filling her pussy with my big load after we cum i stay in her for a while then mom push me on the couch take my dick in her mouth once i was hard she get on top riding me i told her to let me fuck her ass she say we need something for lube i say i bring coconut oil told Shubhi to bring it ,

it was in my bags she gave it to me kiss turn around show me her asshole saying hers is next i was so happy i remove my dick make mom get on her knees bend on the couch i lick her asshole the apply oil on her hole and my dick after trying few times to penetrate her my head was inside i put 2 fingers in her pussy and my thumb on her clit which make her feel better then i push hard till i was all the way in which make her scream i stay still so she can adjust after she move her hips i start to move i knew she was in pain i move slowly till we got into it she say to move a bit fast i couldn’t believe i was in mom ass and i was her first .She was cumming again and again til she lay there as a dead body while i pound her shit hole i could feel her ass get tight squeezing my dick i shot my load deep inside after 15 mins in her ass i was tired we went for a shower after that have something to eat .

Mom ask Shubhi if she want to try anal she say as long as it will make me happy ,we went to bed i fuck them both first mom then Shubhi on the third round mom apply oil on my dick and Shubhi asshole then i insert my dick after few try i was inside fucking Shubhi for 30 mins .

We have a great weekend both has funny walk after 3 month Shubhi get up in the morning run to the bathroom in my room mom and me was already awake we could hear Shubhi thrown up went she was back with both her holes leaking of my cum she was ribbing her belly we knew what that mean mom was a bit worried then she say fuck it what eber has to happen will happen Shubhi came to bed take my cock in her mouth once i was hard she sat on my dick saying to fuck your baby mama got it was heaven once she cum she get down look at mom she say your turn mom ride me after she cum she get off me ant they both suck my dick and balls till i cum they share my cum they even kiss each other sharing what they got in their mouth .

It has been 2 yrs now we just got mail from my bro but he never came back our baby was a yr old and Shubhi was pregnant again ,so mom send my bro a mail telling him that his wife was waiting for him but we never get any in return a month before Shubhi give birth to our second baby i decide i have to go see my brother ,I was shocked when i met with Ankit he was with a nice little lady with 3 kids i ask why he didn’t come home he show m the lady and kids saying this is my family and home i ask what about Shubhi he say that he wasn’t in love with her and please to tell mom to find another guy for her i was shocked to hear this form him but happy in a way because i me and Shubhi was in love .Few days later i say good bye take few pics with him and his family once home i told them everything i though Shubhi would be sad but she came on my lap kiss me she say i’m only yours know so what is next.

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