My awesome experience in family-3

I told her i will think about it which make her sad i can see tear flowing i ask what happen she say i don’t love her maybe me too will let her down i push her away left the house .Few hours later i was home Shubhi and mom was watch TV i ask what is for lunch no answer i walk to them ask what happen mom ask if i have a girlfriend i look at both of them trying to kiss Shubhi she turn her face other side telling me to go to my girlfriend that i don’t need her anymore i get up walk to the kitchen i put and envelope on the table then walk out of the house going to the store ,in the after i was home early mom ask why those card did i found a girl to married i say yes and she is a married woman Shubhi start crying run away she went to our bedroom with laying next to our babies i went to the room remove her dress they both don’t wear panty i lick her then penetrate her she don’t say nothing just close her eyes enjoy my dick after we cum she get up wipe her pussy turn to me she say she is going back to her parent place so i can get married without her in my way i say nothing just watch her get dress and walk away .

A month later mom came to me she say that Shubhi was pregnant again i went to get her took her to the living room asking her in front of mom if she was cheating on me she start to cry i ask for answer she look me in the eyes crying she say she love me so much that she will never be with any other men she will never give herself to anyone else i took her in my arm i kiss her get on my knees i kiss her belly and say do i have to wait after you come so i can marry your mom i already prepare for it when i look at both of them they were surprise i mom ask what you mean i told her what i was planning and her parent was helping me they were both happy with the good news that they fuck me till i couldn’t get it up .After few years i expand my business i got into spices with was doing good so i have to travel i took my family with me it was for a week i have to meet with a new client he was a handsome old man and was flirting with both mom and Shubhi ,

we invite him for diner while having few drink he say that if he can have some fun with both he can give me more contract and contact i told him i’m not into sharing but i will think about it .After he left mom say she would do it for our business but it will be a one time thing that will help our business to grown i look at Shubhi she look at the floor she say ok but only for once i say ok , i call him to let him know he say he will be there so i bring the lady shopping for so mini skirt and top with high heel to look slutty ,Fuck i was hard seeing both dress like that .After diner mom make a condition with the guy telling him that i will have to be in he say ok we went to the bedroom they both dance and strip they were like a whore with lots of make up ,

Shubhi was shy but mom was excited she undress the guy take his dick in her mouth which has an average dick and mom wasn’t enjoying it but she pretend to have fun while riding fake orgasm and me i was fucking Shubhi they told the guy to use condom after he cum we sat having a few drink while the women was dancing .He was hard again he get up went to Shubhi have a dance with her then she get on her knees suck his dick then look at him she say i want that in me right now she put a condom bend over on the couch the guy penetrate her ,he say fuck you ladies is so loose looking at me he say did you bring me some whore mom say i’m her lover and you are fucking his wife you prick have you see his horse dick he is a real man he fuck us night and day so you wont get a tight pussy then Shubhi told him to be honest we can’t feel your little dick you asshole and to never call them a whore both were mad i look at them they keep quiet then i told him he can try their ass he was happy ,he ask Shubhi if he can she she what ever .

The guy spit on her asshole remove his dick shove it up her ass which make Shubhi moan little prick was pounding her hard and fast ,he didn’t last long he sat on the couch mom get up walk to him turn around show him her asshole the guy bend till his mouth was on mom asshole he lick her ,mom get up told him he need to wash his dick he told mom to join her mom told us to join we all get in the shower suck him till he was hard then ride his dick while i was pounding Shubhi ass after we cum we dry ourselves and went to the bedroom where we DP mom first then Shubhi both was enjoyed it 2 cock same time but we take turn after we cum in mom we have a rest having few drink then we took Shubhi .Next morning before he leave he sigh a 3 yrs contract and gave me few contact number and we never saw him again and i never share my women again i feel guilty for what i did but in other way it was something new we try .I brought a dildo and we do DP it was only the three of us and nobody else .

7 yrs later we have 4 kids and we found out that my brother died in and attack i went to see his wife and kids they were so poor the kids look dirty with dirty on them , she invite me in a hut we chat a bit she get me a cup of milk say that is all she has i wanted to know if they have food so i say travel long way i’m hungry she look on the floor she say she don’t have much only flour she will make some flat bread [hindi we call it roti] i was sad i ask about the kids and their education she say she can afford to buy them school stuff and pay the fees and she work in the field not making enough money .She ask if i will stay i say yes for few days she say she has only that bed it was cow and goat hide i get up telling to prepare me some flat bread i will be back later .

After few hours i was back with a few bags i gave it to her telling to prepare what i bring it was chicken and some vegetable another 2 bags clothes for her and the kids then i gave her money she she no to money i told her to keep it it from us me mom and Shubhi as a big family now it my duty to take care of her and kids who was my nephews and niece she start to cry then she come to me hug me fuck she is cute and sexy little frame like Shubhi .

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