My awesome experience in family-4

They took their shower in a corner of the house with a bucket of water and a cup it was sad to see my member of my family like that ,after the kids took their shower i was laying on the bed looking at the wood roof thinking what to do when Jigyasa came took me she say she is going to was herself if that doesn’t bother me i look at her thinking to take her home make her mine so i sat grab her hand pull her to the bed ,i open her blouse she didn’t have a bra then i slide my hand under her skirt no panty i ask why not wearing underwear she say can’t afford , i took out my dick she look at it she say no i ask why she say she is not a whore i told her i know she say she haven’t done it for a long time since my bro passed away then get up she say by the way the kids is around and i have to wash myself .She took her towel tell the kids to go play inside the are too noisy then turn around when to the corner undress fuck she was beautiful she sat down facing me open her legs showing her licking wet pussy

i was hard i took my dick in my hand stroking it she look at it lick her lips she say that i remind her of my brother i ask if she need help to do her back she get up wrap herself with a towel she open the door told the kids to go play with neighbor kids when diner is ready she will call them then she walk to wash her body ,she poor water on her pussy use soap then walk to me she take my dick in her mouth and she was the first to take it all in then she get on top she ride me i ask about her ass ,she spit on her palm rub it on her asshole get off me suck me then put in in her asshole and sit it just goes in easily we fuck till we cum .

I ask why so loose bro died few yrs ago she say been raped lots of time by lots of people she has to do it to save her kids and she love sex so she let it happen ,after then kids slept i fuck her twice .Next day i call Shubhi we made a video call i explain to what happen hear but never mention sex ,both told me if i can bring her and the kids here i say i will try mom reply son it’s your duty to take care of them and she is still young looking at Shubhi she say Shubhi will get a sister that can help her in different .

Shubhi start to cry saying that i will leave her as my bro did i told her no never i love her too much to do that then she say that she will have to share me with her mom say yes my daughter we will never let you down you will always be my first daughter in law and my daughter they both hug each other rhen they ask if i fuck her i say not without both of your blessing ,they both look at each other think for a moment then they say go for it .

Jigyasa didn’t have to work i was buying everything so we just fuck all day and night ,it was time for me to leave she was sad i told her i will do my best to get her ti India if she want to be my second wife she get on her knees she beg me to do so because she worried about the kids and yes she will be everything i want she she start to feel love for me .

After a month and a half they couldn’t believe that they were in India with her late hubby family she was so happy she hug mom and Shubhi while crying then she say hopefully they will accept her because she is born Muslim but my bro make her follow hindu tradition ,Shubhi put her hand on both her shoulder look her in her eyes she say you are my sister and my husbands second wife we both laugh she shut us up turn to Jigyasa she say from now you are Kokila my sister and we will share what ever we have me you and mom Jigyasa look at mom she say you to mom she say yeah do you have a problem she say not all i guess that it make a family more strong and she never judge anybody anyone has their own life we were happy with her answer but hey i was the one who has to suffer they look at me asking why ,with a smile i say now 3 women to take care of and we all laugh it was a day of happiness and can hear my bro voice saying thank you i smile .

2 yrs later we were all sad losing Shubhi in and accident and mom also died few months later she love Shubhi so much as a daughter and died with a heart attack losing my dad my bro and now Shubhi she couldn’t take it .Now it me ,Kokila and the kids well life goes on shit happen we all have to go one day but always have to stay happy .The kids is older now and my niece share our bed next to her mom she took me in both her hole and they both agree for her to get pregnant and her future husband accept her as she is gonna get married soon me and her mom is happy for her but we never told the guy who is the real father she just say it was her ex BF .

Growing old it was only me and Kokila and we lots of grandchildren ,I’m writing this story with tear thinking about the good life in the past with my loving mom and wife and how they left me, i miss them till now in my death bed after losing Kokila few weeks ago she died in her sleep ,i guess they are waiting for me to start a new new in the afterlife and i can’t wait to see them again to be with them hopefully it happen .

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