My cute daughter Priya-2

Coming in through the front door the house seemed quiet. On a typical Saturday I would expect my father to be in his recliner in front of the television or my daughter making noise cleaning or just listening to music in her room or the office. It was quiet. Well, mostly quiet.

There was a rocking sound that I couldn’t quite place. It was coming from upstairs. I decided to investigate.

As I climbed the stairs, I heard what sounded like my father grunting and I almost panicked, thinking he was hurt. He’s not very agile and with his gut, he rarely can see where his feet are going.

Just before deciding to sprint up the rest of the stairs, I heard a whimper that was much smaller and feminine. The first thing that rushed through my head was the discovery I made about my father about his affairs. The dog was back in the game. But, at his age? Was that even possible? And who in the world was he dating?

My curiosity got the better of me and as my eyes crested the top of the stairs, I saw across the landing to my father’s room and through his open door. I had to see what was happening. I had to know who this woman was that had my 92 year old father sexually active.

As the foot of his bed came into view I saw blonde hair in a tight ponytail bouncing all over the place. Another step and I saw the lean back of young woman shimmering with sweat. Another step and I saw a tight and round ass tensing and releasing over and over expertly on my fathers very aging sick.

I was completely enamored. This woman was very young and incredibly in shape. The slight jiggle of her ass seemed almost like baby fat. Her skin was flawless. God, she had to be a teenager! My ancient father was being ridden like a wild horse by a nubile teen with the most amazing body I had ever seen.

For a very sick reason that I can’t quite discover, I was not only enthralled with the sight of a perfect body trying to free the wrinkled and chubby body of my father of its seminal fluids but I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life. I couldn’t take my eyes away from this woman. I couldn’t help but feel instant and overwhelming jealous of my father’s position. I didn’t realize how much I wanted to be ravaged so passionately by a virile and fertile adolescent.

It was then that she turned her head just enough for me to make out her face as she released a moan that could easily have been mistaken for a lioness in heat and I had the answer to one more important question I hadn’t yet asked myself – where is Priya?

Just as I realized that this body that I was coveting so completely was my daughter, I saw her lean forward so far that I saw her completely hairless pussy swallowing the dick that made me decades ago. With a fever of a religious zealot I watched it swallow him over and over. Each time she bottomed out I saw the most glorious ass God ever made reverberate with incestuos shock waves that could sink the world in a blanket of lust.

Just when I thought I was going to lose my faculties completely, she sat straight up and began to squeeze and grind, a woman possessed. She slowed somewhat and the sound of her climax was quickly drowned out by the guttural sounds of some undiscovered primate as I saw my father’s scrotum convulse while his teenage granddaughter constricted his serpent with two milky and perfect orbs as if her life depended on it.

Their shared orgasm will forever be one of the most shocking and amazing things I may ever witness. After a few moments and shudders, I heard her say “That was probably our best one yet grandpa!” Still standing on the stairs, I saw her lift one leg to dismount the aged stud and a stream of semen dribbled from her porcelain vagina that I was seeing move in slow motion over her grandfather’s mountainous stomach. I wanted to savor this view of her forever. She was the epitome of beauty. Her body, like this, ready to bring about the next generation of men. Anyone would be so lucky to witness this mythical beauty that has been seeded by a man nearly 3 generations her senior, by her own desire.

I looked on as her petite body and b cup breasts came further into view. She snuggled up next to her grandfather and place one leg lovingly over his while her arm rested on his chest.

As I slowly started to make my escape back down the stairs to avoid detection, I overheard Priya ask my father, “After almost 2 years, do you think it worked this time?”

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