My dad tasted my nipples

I have been trying for years to find my ultimate sexual experience. I am 25 and think about sex all the time.
I was kicked out of my parent’s house for bringing people home for sex, both men and women.
I did have sex with my dad when my mum had gone to bingo, I was 18. I thought it would be fun to tease him by wearing a short skirt and a cropped top that showed off my nipples.
I sat on the chair opposite him and painted my toenails bright red, making sure that he had a good view of my pussy. Even then I made sure I trimmed my pubes. I wax now.

Shaba, please put some pants on dad said. Why, you don’t like the look of fresh virgin pussy then I replied? You made it so you can have the first go; it’s not been used yet so it will be nice and tight. Just think about your cock sliding in and out of my pussy.
I started to pinch my clit between my thumb and forefinger and rub my pussy crack with the other hand, occasionally sucking my sticky fingers. Daddy do you want to taste my little pussy?
Shaba go to your room and put some pants on now he shouted. I lay down on the sofa and spread my legs and started rubbing myself to a climax.

Dad got up off his chair and came to me. Stop that now do you hear me he said and grabbed my hand I was using to play with my pussy. I grabbed his arm and held it there just a faction of an inch away from my pussy. He didn’t try to pull away so I took my hand from his grip and pushed his onto my pussy mound.
I bent one of his fat fingers and pushed it into my wet pussy hole. Yes I gasped, make me cum daddy please.
I let go of his arm and he continued to slide his finger in and out of my dripping pussy. I reached over and pulled his tracksuit bottoms down. His huge cock sprung up, it was huge, uncut and dripping pre cum.

I tried to get it close to my mouth but dad pulled away from me. Shaba this is wrong doing this, a father and daughter should not get so inanimate with each other. So you would have me lose my virginity to some stranger or even a dirty old man in the park then I said? No, I expect you to fine love and a nice guy to settle down with he replied. Dad I want to be a free spirit and do my own thing. I removed my top and skirt and said I am yours, take it because once I lose my virginity that’s is it and I am offering you the chance to make your little daughter a woman.

He looked funny stood there with his bottoms around his ankles and his cock dripping pre cum. I made a decision and dropped to my knees and grabbed his cock. I had never done anything like this before; I’d seen it done in sex videos, beautiful women with full lips sucking cocks. They made it look easy.
I rolled the foreskin back and my nostrils were filled with the smell of stale piss. My stomach turned but I wasn’t stopping now. I noticed there was quite a bit of white stuff like you get when you fry bacon so liked some. It was bitter but not too nasty.

I slipped my dad’s cock between my lips and he groan out saying yes.
Moving his cock in and out going deeper each time I was getting into it when I went too far and gagged. Fuck I said as I took my mouth off him and fought to get my breath back. I had saliva dripping onto my tits and y eyes were watering. I was also coughing and choking.
Not easy sex is it Shaba dad gloated. Piss off I said, I’m going into town to get fucked by the first guy I see and went to my room.
I got out my lace blouse and the smallest tightest pair of red shorts I have. They are two sizes too small but stretch so my ass and pussy outline can be seen. Red heels and an ankle chain to finish. I put on just a little make up but chose red lips gloss.
I dressed and walked back into the lounge and asked dad for money.
You’re not going out dressed like that he said. Why, jealous that some guy is going to take my cherry? You had you’re fucking chance I said.

He stood up and ripped the front of my blouse open and then slapped me across the face. You dirty whore he shouted. I will go out topless then I replied and took the ripped blouse off. I should get more money dressed like this I laughed.

All right he shouted I’ll do it his eyes had filled with tears, whether from rage or sadness I don’t know. I hugged him and said thank you daddy, it means so much to me.
I stepped back and removed my shorts and sat down on the sofa. He removed his T shirt and bottoms, his cock looked even bigger than before.
Would daddy like to be the last person to taste my virgin pussy?
He dropped to his knees and started feasting on his daughter’s pussy.
I was dying and had gone to heaven until he pushed my legs against my chest and let is tongue flick my butt hole.
Fuck me I screamed as he rimmed my tight hole. Yes daddy harder, push your tongue in my arse hole. I had now plunged down into the depths of hell and I wanted more. Three holes to satisfy I thought.
He stopped and moved up my body and kissed me. I could smell and taste both my pussy and my butt on his lips. I moaned with pleasure. Pussy and arse hole, yes.

He lifted me off the sofa and onto the floor. This was not gentle love making. My legs were still against my chest when he lined his huge cock up with my virgin hole and then thrust it all the way in.
Fuck, the air shot from my lungs and arse hole, then pain was fucking excruciating. I was sure he had ripped my pussy wide open and that I would bleed to death. Sex is not supposed to hurt or it wouldn’t happen I thought.

I started to take short breathes and tried to relax. Tears were streaming down my face. Dad just kept on ploughing, his cock into my ruined body his big hairy balls hitting my arse cheeks. I reached down and pulled them apart so they would hit my puckered hole. God that was better, my arse getting some action.
After about ten minutes he went stiff and emptied his fluids in my ravaged cunt. It was hot and there was a lot.
He collapsed on top of me, allowing me to put my legs down. Dad is not fat but still weighs 18st and he was crushing me. Dad I can’t breath I said. He looked at me and said sorry babe and rolled off me. Taking in huge gulps of air I tried to sit up but couldn’t. So I rolled over and slid on top of him.

I kissed him and said thank you daddy, I love you. I love you too babe he said and kissed, you have made an old man very happy he went on. Me and your mum hardly ever have sex any more. Well I am ready any time you want daddy just take me, I will never say no to you.

Suddenly we heard a car drive into the carport. Shit your mother dad said and pushed me off. I struggled to stand and picked up my clothes and went to my bedroom, my pussy leaking daddies cum down my thighs. Fuck I was sore but my pussy wasn’t ripped open thank god.
I was in bed when mum came in. Hi Shaba as mum called me, been OK with your dad tonight she asked? Yeah fine, I finished my home work and watched some TV that sort of thing. What did you watch she said? I don’t know, some silly thing I wasn’t taking much notice I replied.

Why are you lying to me Shaba? I’m not I said, wondering where is was going.
She grabbed the sheets and pulled them off me, that’s why I know you are lying she screamed pointing to the red marks on my inner thighs. You get that when a guy with stubble gets his head between your legs and eats your pussy. And the smell is not a woman smell but the smell of male seed, you two have had sex haven’t you she screamed?
Yes I screamed back and he was fucking wonderful. You don’t let him fuck you any more and dad is human too. I wanted to be made into a woman and dad was better than letting a stranger take my cherry. I will let him fuck me when ever he wants it and you can’t stop us.
She slapped me across the face and went to argue with dad. I went after her and stood between them, I wanted it not dad I said. Well tomorrow young lady you are out of this house for ever mum said.

I was allowed to stay until she caught me having sex in the lounge with two guys; it was two days after my 17th birthday.

My journey into sexual depravity had began.

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