My daughters wedding

I saw my daughter cunt lips and they were wet with her juice and they were quite long and puffy…

The day had arrived my daughter’s wedding was here the weather was good for January the sun was shining I was having my shower ready for putting on my suit to walk my Daughter down the isle, I was to meet her at the venue as the wedding and the party afterwards was all in the same place so no need for a bridal car as she had her own bridal room where she would get ready, my Daughter had been dating Simon for 5 years they had just brought a home and I was helping them get it ready for after the honey moon.

I arrived and met Simon and he showed me around the hall and told me where Kirsty’s room was so I shook his hand and wished him well and that I would see him later, I went off to find my daughter, knocking on the door and my wife opened it Wow I said to her looking good and looking sexy Dad I heard my daughter say from the bedroom Ok I am going down to the church my wife said will see you down there and we kissed as she walked past me.

I shut the door behind me and as I did my daughter walked into the room my god you could have knocked me over with a feather she was beautiful she was gorgeous she was out of this world, I know this was my 24 year old daughter but my cock started to get hard I had never seen her looking so sexy her long blond hair up over her head, her bright sparkling green eyes shining bright and that smile wow that smile, she had a figure that a lot of women would kill for nice sized tits, slim waist, and curvy hips Simon was a lucky man, The Bridesmaid was in the room and Kirsty turned to her and said can I have a few minutes with Dad please Laura sure she said and left us alone, My god my dear I said you look fantastic, yea she said with a strange smile I can see that, WHAT !! the front of your trousers Dad that big bulge shows you like what you see even if I am your Daughter, OH my god I am sorry I said it’s just you look so bloody sexy and gorgeous I am sorry I said again,

Don’t worry Dad it’s OK and she walked over to me and said as she looked me in the eyes I think we had better get rid of that don’t you we don’t want that poking out as we walk down the isle do we, how are we going to do that I asked her , just like this and she dropped to her knees and undone my zip and pulled out my cock Wow Dad she said what a big cock and the first one I have ever held, yea right I said with a smile, No Dad it is Simon and I have never had sex or seen each other undressed and with that she bent forward and put the tip of my cock into her mouth I had to close my eyes and take a real deep breath as my Daughter sucked my cock into her mouth she now had the whole head in and was running her tongue round and over the head, Kirsty pulled from my cock and looked up at me and said I am doing it right dad Oh fuck yes I breathed out very very well my dear but you should not be doing this you are my Daughter and not only that we only have 10 minutes before we have to go well she said 10 minutes will have to be enough then and took my cock back into her mouth and she wanked my cock as she sucked the head.

It was not long before she was taking 6 inches out of the 10 inches I had to offer and she was moving her head faster now up and down my cock and rubbing what was left with her hand, Oh Oh yes I whispered Oh god yes I am cumming my dear I breath out heavy Oh Oh Christ yesss and I pushed forward and my cock spat out it’s load into her mouth she sucked and swallowed as hard and fast as she could not wanting any down her white wedding dress she sucked until I was dry and it had started to go down and she tucked it back into my trousers and done the zip back up, stand up she licked her lips and just then there was a knock on the door and Laura said time to go Kirsty OK she said coming and we walked out arm in arm and Laura picked up the train behind her dress and I walked my sexy Daughter down the isle.

I left her there and when and sat down knowing that a few minutes ago she was on her knees in front of my sucking and then drinking my cum, she stood there and then said I do and turned to Simon and he lifted her veil and lent in and they kissed and I sat there knowing that she must have still had the taste of my cum in her mouth as she had not had time to wash her teeth or use mouth wash thinking that started to get me hard again so I tried to think of other things to make it go down and lucky for me it worked.

We sat down for our meal at the top table and I had my wife on one side of my and my now married daughter on the other, as we ate I felt Kirsty’s hand touching my leg and it ran up the inside and got higher and higher until it touched now now harding cock and she started to rub it my cock swelling getting hard as it extended down my trouser leg, Kirsty did not take her hand from it just running her hand up and down it’s length giving my a sexy smile from time to time, I was in a day dream when I was brought back to reality as I heard the best man say now a few words from the brides father .

My god what the hell was I going to do now my cock bulged down the side of my leg and I knew it would be pushing against the side of my trousers, I took a gulp of air and stood I was lucky that the table covered most of the bulge and the wedding cake that was on the table was covering the view for most so I delivered my speech and sat down just bloody glad that was over, as soon as I sat down my daughters hand was back on my cock rubbing it again nice and slow under the table.

The tables were moved from the centre of the room and the lights dimmed and my Daughter and son-in-law took to the floor for the first dance and then it was time for us to have a drink from the bar and dance, later my Daughter came over to me and said come on dad it’s time we had a dance so off we went, as we danced close she whispered in my ear I can not get over how big your cock gets dad and I loved the taste of your cum dose it all taste the same, not that I know of I replied to her well I hope Simon’s taste like yours did yours was very nice I did not know what it was going to be like or if I would like it but I loved yours dad she said looking at me with a big smile.

About a hour later Kirsty came over to me and said can I have a word dad and she told Simon we were going outside or if it’s raining to there bridle room to have a talk OK he said will see you in a while, she put her arm though mine and lead the way out as we got outside it was raining so she pulled me across the hall and we entered the room as soon as the door was shut she turned to me pushed me back against the door and planted her moist lips against mine and then pushed her tongue between mine, my mind spun here I was being tongued by my own daughter on her wedding day once more I felt her hand reach down and she started to rub my cock once more and it did not take long for it to swell and get rock hard.

My mind for a few minutes did not know what was going on the I snapped back to reality and took her by the shoulders and pushed her away ,looking at her in her big green eyes I said stop stop this is your wedding day my darling OH Dad she said I want you to have me before another man dose I want you to be the first PLEASE DAD make love to me take my virginity PLEASE I want it to be you, she had tears welling up in her eyes as she looked back at me and I pulled her to me and hugged her close running my hand up and down her back.

Without really thinking what I was doing I took hold of her zip and lowered it down her back and over her wonderful round firm butt cheeks and I stood back and pulled the dress forward and it fell down her arms and onto the floor leaving her it what was meant for Simon a bra with holes so her dark nipples could poke through and frilly panties with stocking and suspenders my god she looked like a angel and without a word I picked her up and carried her over to the bed that her and Simon would be sharing later.

She she lay there in her very sexy underwear I said this should be Simon not me you know, OH Dad shut up and Fuck me I want you dad and I stripped off and she looked up and down my body and licked her lips, as I lay beside her, her fingers wrapped round my thick hard shaft and she looked at it as she started to wank it and as the foreskin peeled back over the per cum covered head she whispered wow dad and she moved and was soon licking it again, I said to her come darling lay back as we don’t have all night and as she did I moved myself down between her legs and pushed them wider and I could see wisps of blond pubic hair poking from the sides of her small panties and I lent forward and I could smell the the aroma of her cunt juice and I placed my mouth over her panties and ran my tongue up the length of her slit making her moan softly OH DAD OH DAD YES as I move my tongue back down it, she soon placed her hands on my head and pushed my face hard into her cunt OH DAD OH DAD I want you she kept saying over and over.

I could taste her juice through the fabric and I knew I was the first ever man to taste it and my cock grew harder knowing this and I peeled the fabric of her panties to one side and I saw my daughter cunt lips and they were wet with her juice and they were quite long and puffy and as I touched them she moaned out load OH OH CHRIST this is better than I ever dreamed it would be Oh Christ yes yes I eased my tongue into her finding her swollen clit and sucked it into my mouth and flicking it as she squirmed under me, I lick and sucked her pussy her virgin juice running down my throat, then I remembered where we were and that time was crucial as they would be wondering where the hell we were so I started to kiss up my Daughters body and I sucked her nipples as they poked out of the holes in her bra, aren’t you going to take my panties off dad she said I am sorry my love but I would love to spend hours just kissing you touching you and making you orgasm again and again before even putting my cock inside you but if you really want me to be your first then we have to do this fast and then get back, Ok Ok she said her breathing so heavy now as she knew this was the moment she would have her cherry taken away forever looking at me she said will it hurt daddy Only for a few seconds I said and moved up over her and my cock head touched her swollen puffy cunt lips and as I pushed forward they opened up to allow my cock to rest between them I could feel her sex juice running over the head making it wet and smooth and I knew it would enter her without to much pain even though it was bigger than most.

Looking down at her as I held myself above her with out stretched arm are you sure I said to her OH OH DAD YES YES I WANT YOU SO BAD and as she said that I pushed forward and at first there was a small amount of resistance but then my cock popped into her and I saw her flinch with the pain as my cock opened her inner cunt lips for the very first time, OH FUCK ME FUCM ME DADDY she cried out OH DADDY I WANT IT IN ME PLEASE FUCK ME NOW and I pushed forward and as I did Kirsty took a massive breath of air and as I entered her fully she breathed out slowly saying OH CHRIST YES YES and I just left me cock deep inside her for a few seconds before pulling out and pushing back into her again and again she moaned out as I started to fuck my daughter she raised her hands onto my back and she started to dig her fingers into my skin and I started to ride her faster and faster, OH DADDY OH DADDY she cried I am getting some very strange feelings inside me OH CHRIST DADDY she said as I felt her cunt starting to tighten round my cock and I knew that any moment now she was going to climax for the very first time with my cock buried deep inside her.

On and on o moved in and out of her very wet cunt and she was moaning more and more and louder and louder as she got close to her orgasm OH OH I FEEL FUNNY SHE CRIED OUT is every thing OK Daddy she asked as I pounded down into her, yes yes my love it’s just your orgasm cumming and I started to pound into her hard thrusting deep inside her my body smashing against her swollen clit and I felt her cunt tighten a bit more and then her whole body went as ridged as I board her eyes popped open wide and then she screamed at the top of her voice OH DADDY YES YES as I continued to ram into her as her cunt rippled against my cock as it pushed it’s way back and forth against her tightening cunt OH DADDY OH DADDY it wonderful Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy she screamed out then her body went limp for a second or two and then she said Cum Dad Cum inside me I want to feel your Cum the very first ever cum inside me Please dad please, and after a few more thrusts into her wriggling body I pushed her into her held my cock as deep as I could get it and my cock head exploded she screamed again as she felt my cock expand and contract as it pumped out it’s load of warm cum OH OH DAD yes yes I can feel your cock pumping and it feel so warm inside me and she flung her arms around my neck pulling me down to her and kissed me hard and then said thank you dad thank you for that wonderful experience oh my god it was wonderful.

I pulled my cock from within her wet cunt and she jumped up and we got dressed and made sure we were looking as we had done when we entered the room and we went back down to join the others, not one person said a thing about where we had been, I sat down next to my wife and after a while she lent over and whispered into my ear, so my love did you fuck your daughter and break her in for Simon, Kirsty told me what she was going to ask you to do and I had said that it was fine with me, I was shocked at what she had just said and took a big gulp of beer before saying yes I did, as we were about Kirsty and Simon were about to leave Kirsty kissed me on the cheek and said Thanks Dad, Simon shook my hand and he said Thanks for doing that for Kirsty Dad and he left me with my mouth open.

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