My experience with cousin Pratibha

Dear readers, how are you? I’m not great when it comes to relationships with women, I don’t do well at all. I live in a small town and everybody knows everybody. I’ve tried to date every available woman in town and failed miserably. Then last April I was home alone as usual and feeling horny, so I started to take care of it as usual and was caught by my aunt Pooja 47 married 4 children.

She had come over to borrow a carpet cleaner I owned when I was setting up my own house and buying appliances the salesman asked did I have carpet. I said yes and he said I would need a carpet cleaner, so I got one. After my mother Karen told me, I didn’t need it really, but it would go to waste. Anytime any the family wants to do their carpets they borrow it. Pooja walked and caught me masturbating and I was totally shocked. She just gave a laugh and asked to borrow the carpet cleaner and then left.

Three days later a Sunday she dropped it back, I was still a bit shy about being caught masturbating. Pooja told I should look for a girlfriend and I said I’m been trying without any success. Try harder she said you’re 22 and you should be enjoying life. Then she asked had I ever been with a woman, not sexual I replied and she said she would change that and grabbed my hand and took me into my bedroom.

Told me to get naked and she undressed and we got onto the bed and she told what she wanted me to do and I did it. She was my first fuck and she started to come over at least once a week and give lessons. Uncle Gerald was away at the time working and I think she was horny and knew I wouldn’t say anything about our sexual relationship. When Gerald returned home the sex stopped, but at least I wasn’t a virgin anymore.

That was the middle of May, I tried asking women out and as usual for me no success. Then at the end of May my cousin Pratibha 26 came to town from interstate for a visit and a holiday. She was also looking for work as her previous job had finished and she thought she might find work here and if not it’s a cheap holiday. I asked her if she wanted to go to the city with me, as I had to pick up somethings for the family business. She accepted and we left early on a Wednesday morning, arriving in the city I got the stuff and then we had a look around the city.

Then we returned to the town, I had dinner at my parent’s house that night with them and Pratibha. My parent’s told Pratibha that they had a vacancy if she was interested, it wasn’t a big paying job but there was advancement available in the business. She wasn’t sure if she could afford to rent a place for herself and didn’t want to intrude of them for a long time. Then my mother said Amit has his own place its 3 bedrooms 2 baths and you won’t be in his way.

I just said your most welcome to stay if you want. Pratibha said she would think about it, Friday morning Pratibha came into the office of the family business and accepted the job. She moved in with me on Saturday and for the next 2 weeks nothing much happened. She kept to herself and me myself, aunt Pooja came by to see Pratibha and I went out to my workshop/garage to let them talk.

Pratibha is the daughter of Robert, my mothers, and Pooja brother. Robert left town to make a career in the army, Pratibha is the oldest of 3. Anyway, after a while, I returned to the house and Pooja had gone. Pratibha asked if I would like to go out for dinner and maybe a movie, I said Okay. We went out had a meal and saw a movie and then ended up at a bar for a couple of drinks after. Returning home, Pratibha kissed me goodnight on my cheek and went into her room.

I say down on the lounge having a coffee, Pratibha came out in her nighty and asked me if I would like to join her in her bed. I just looked at her thinking I must have been dreaming, but then she came over and asked me again. Then taking my arm led me into her room. We had sex and I stayed the night with her and we had sex again the morning.

Pratibha and I sleep together all the time now, Pooja had asked her to help me relax more with women and not be so uptight with them. Pooja later told that Robert had been her first lover and also my mothers first. Pratibha and I have started a relationship and the family doesn’t mind, I’m very happy with our current arrangements and I’m not looking for anyone else. Pratibha isn’t looking also and Pooja says I’ve come out of my shell.

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