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Hi friends, how are you? My name is Deepak. My mom met my dad in prison. My dad was 28 he was the guard. He met this female prisoner she was 40. She was arrested for driving drunk gave her 2 year and 2 year of parole. My dad tell me they be funking in the laundry room. He told me how she enjoy mom huge tits. When my dad toll me she got pregnant in prison and 9 month have my sister Priya. Finally they got marry. They where trying have another baby but mom couldn’t have another baby. When my sister was 10 my mom got pregnant again. My sister got mad because is a boy my dad was happy. In 9 month my mom have me im Deepak. But my mom died when she have me. My sister got more upset because mom died because of me. My sister did everything in the house.
She cook, clean tbe house every mom did. When my sister was 18 i was 5 she use to hit me, push me even lock me in tbe basements. She did hate me.

One day my dad came home drunk i was screaming to let me out from the basement my dad ask me why im in the basement. I told that my sister lock me there all day. My dad got mad he told me come with me we going teach her a lesson. He when to her room she was wearing tight short pants and shirt no bra. She was doing her homework. My dad grab her and push her to her bed. He told me im going teach you how to fuck a bitch. He slap her like 4 time. Screaming at her shut up slut. He put his tongue inside her mouth. Then rip her shirt she got nice orange size tits. Small but nice.

My dad start sucking her tits biting her nipple. He told me come here son taste this tits is better like mom. My sister was little over weight like 200 pound. My dad alway have me in safety food for me not be over weight. I started sucking my sister tits. My dad start saying yes son suck that tits. Than my dad start eating my sister vaginal like a animal. My sister start crying and moaning at the sametime. My dad toll me that let teach you how to eat this hoe pussy i start sucking and eating her vagina. I said nice vagina. My dad said it call a pussy.

My hand was small my dad said close your hand and make a fits and fuck your slutty sister pussy with that. My dad push it real hard inside that pussy it fit my sister start a huge moaning and my dad took his huge penis and put inside her mouth. Take it slut and screaming at my sister take my cock hoe. My sister cum all over my face and have. My dad said nice job hoe. Than my dad cums inside my sister mouth and force her to swallow. Im not finish yet hoe. Im going make you a woman. She start dad please put condom. My dad scream condom is for pussy. Here son im going show you how to fuck this hoe. My dad put his 11 inch inside her start fucking her harder and harder.

She scream dad is too big it hurt take it out. But he keep fucking her in and out. Harder abd harder. My dad said you want fuck you harder slut. My sister screaming fuck me fuck me. Oh slut daddy going put babies inside you. My dad make a huge scream and cum inside her. Than my dad that how we made babies.My sister become pregnant and have a baby boy at 16 same date on her birthday. After a week after she got the baby i hear a noise on my dad bedroom it was my dad fucking my sister again but this time they both like it. All i hear is fuck me daddy fuck me daddy and she got pregnated again. She got another boy at 17. My dad married my sister he was 49 and she was 18 and become pregnant this time twin girl and boy.

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