My first desi incest experience

My mother Priya 38 was left devastated by my father Vinay 53 divorcing her. Priya wasn’t aware of Vinay’s affairs and was totally blindsided by Vinay. But she got the house and half of everything else, mainly because Vinay wanted a quick divorce and didn’t want it dragged out in court by my aunt Lalita mom’s older sister and a lawyer. A very good lawyer and Vinay didn’t want to fight it out in court with and made the offer of the house and half of everything else. Priya was in shock the whole time and done what Lalita told her to do. Vinay didn’t want me hanging around him and told me to look after Priya and Rs 5,0000 cash. The divorce was final in October 2018 and I’ve haven’t seen or heard from Vinay since then.

Priya was a mess and just sat and look at the walls with a vacant look on her face most of the time. I’m Gagan 19 and the only child of Priya and Vinay, I’ve left school and started learning the trade of carpentry. I live with Priya and I go out on dates and have got lucky a few times. But I was not in a relationship at the time and so I try to encourage Priya to go out and enjoy herself. But she wouldn’t go and then during the Diwali break and I tried to get her out, but she wasn’t interested in going out. Then on Diwali eve 2018, I had returned home around 11 pm and had gone to bed. I was awoken by Priya getting into my bed and she started to feel me up.

I asked her what was wrong she didn’t answer at first but finally said she wanted sex and had decided to keep it in the family. I said I’m your son and she said I know and you’re the lover I want. I thought she must be drunk, but couldn’t smell any alcohol on her breath and she got my cock out of my shorts and had started to suck me off.

I decided to let her continue and laid back enjoying her sucking my cock, I told her I was about to cum and she took it all in her mouth and swallowed it. She kept playing with my cock and kept it hard and then she mounted me.

I let my second load go inside her and then she laid beside me and fell asleep. I stayed awake thinking of what had happened and thought she must have been on drugs. The next morning I woke up first got out of bed, she awoke then and said good morning Glen thanks for the fuck last night. She then asked me to join her in the shower and I did and fucking her again in her bed after the shower.

After which we laid together and talked and she told me that she only wanted Vinay’s sperm inside her and as I was half Vinay’s DNA and half hers and so I’m the only man she wants fucking her. I thought she must have lost it, but I decided to play along and see how she continued. First thing I noticed she was back to her old self and not being a hermit at home. Lalita told me it was great to her living her new life and not closed away anymore, I didn’t tell Lalita I was fucking my mother.

After 2 weeks I decided that it was her way of coping with the divorce from Vinay and settled into a routine of sex with her once a week and extra sex on her or my birthdays. Priya had told Lalita that she had a new man in her life and hadn’t said anymore. Lalita asked me who the new man was and said I hadn’t met him or seen him. Lalita said he’s got the mother back to her old self and I glad about that. Then Priya got pregnant by her own choice and she hadn’t consulted with me about it.

After having every test available and nothing bad was found, she had a talk to Lalita about her new man and that it was me and she had started the sexual relationship and had also decided to have another baby without telling me first. Lalita was a little shocked at confirmation of her suspicions about our closer relationship. Lalita decided to sell her apartment and move with me and Priya. I thought she was going to split us up or try and stop our sexual relationship. Instead, she wanted the same as Priya was getting from me.

Lalita hadn’t married or had any children and had devoted her life to her career. She wasn’t good at relationships and decided to have sex with me would a lot easier than finding a man and starting a relationship herself. So I’m still living with Priya and our daughter Jane after my grandmother on my mother’s side and fucking Lalita at least twice a month. I also have a girlfriend Komal 18 and I’m sleeping with her, she doesn’t know about my sexual relationship with my mother and aunt. She has stayed the night with me at Priya’s home and gets on great with both Priya and Lalita.

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