My great Aditi bhabhi

I am Rajkumar (all names changed) from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I am average build, smart and having sexy eyes. I am going to tell you about an incidence that happened with me in 2007. When I was in the college pursuing my final year of graduation, I was engaged in an internship with an MNC. I had been provided Travera for my field visits to meet and interact with people in different parts of Maharashtra. The driver was from Mumbai itself and he was married.

One day I told him that instead of going to the field visits, we will go to Maatheran. When he heard this, he told that he would like to accompany with his wife and children. Since I was alone, I signaled him to come with his family. His wife was fair in complexion very young, attractive, gorgeous and damn sexy. She was 32-28-32 in size and around 32 years old. When I saw her first time, I fantasized about fucking her though I had no any intention to do so. When we were coming back from picnic, I sat at the back seat beside her. She sent her children to the front seat beside his husband. I called her Bhabhi.

As I was feeling sleepy, I asked permission that can I keep my head in her lap and sleep. Initially she hesitated but agreed. By that time we have gelled with each other and were very much comfortable as well. After some time, I started feeling something soft on my face and when I opened my eyes, I was amazed to see that she has bent down so that I can feel her boobs. It was so pleasurable that I can not find any word to describe. When she realized that I have woken up, she became straight. I also woke up and started chit-chatting. Meanwhile she invited me to her house as she was strongly mentioning that her children are fond of me and it would be nice time to be with children for some time at her house.

After a month, I went to her house and she came to pick me up from the stand as I was totally unknown to the place and her address. When I reached her house, I found none than her. Her children had gone for the tuition and husband had not yet returned from the job. She gave me sweets and snacks to eat. I could see the lust and desire for sex in her eyes clearly. While coming with a glass of water in hand, she fell onto me and I had to hold her waist with one hand and head with other so that she could not fell. While holding her I saw her cleavage and juicy boobs. She came more closer and anyhow I managed to touch her boobs.

When I slowly pressed her boobs, I saw that she has closed her eyes. I got the confidence and started fondling her boobs. She suddenly jerked and stood up saying some one may come. I understood that she is not getting satisfaction with her husband and she needs a hard fuck from me. She closed the door for a while so that we can kiss each other. I kissed her and fondled her boobs. She requested me to stay in the night and we can have a good fuck in the morning when the children are sleeping and husband goes away in the early morning for his job.

In the morning, I acted as sleeping and heard her husband saying that when I wake up, provide me breakfast and then let me go. She humbly obeyed her husband. When her husband left, it was around 6 o’ clock in the morning, she jumped on me and came inside my shawl that I had spread over my body. She was wearing nightie with bra and panty inside. I slowly put off her nightie and started kissing her body. i kissed her lips and we got tongue locked for 5 minutes. I kissed her neck, shoulder then breast. I removed her bra and kissed her boobs. The nipples were erect. I put them one by one in mouth and suck them hard.

She had closed her eyes and was moaning slowly. I cupped her boobs in my both hands and pressed. Slowly, I started coming down and kissed her navel. I was amazed to see this beauty first time in my life and had pity on her that she can not enjoy fully because of her husband’s minimal interest in sex. I had my tool of 7.5 inch length that had come to its shape fully. I removed her panty and started locating the whole with my finger. Her pussy was wet and unshaved. It was tight and rarely fucked. I was unable to control myself of fucking her and there was also fear that her children would wake up soon. So I came over her and slowly put my tool on her pussy. Slowly I pushed my tool inside her and she moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I put my lips over her lips so that she could not moan loudly.

I started fucking her slowly and slowly while I kept on pressing her boobs gently. She was a sexy bitch. She started maoning ahhh..ohhhhh fuck me hard ohhh god…fuck me harder .i am totally urs today, eat my pussy. I haven’t being fucked since 5 months, fuck me harder and harder ahhhhhhhhh. I kept on fucking her. I increased the speed. It was first time fuck to any girl and I lost my virginity to this sexy bhabhi. Her pussy was tight and gulped my whole tool inside her. I could feel the warmth of her hot pussy and whole body as I was lying upon her for fucking.

After around ten minutes, she hugged me tightly and said to fuck hard and increase the speed. I understood that she is going to cum so I increased the speed and started biting her nipple with my teeth. I fucked her harder with full force. Her whole body was in a rhythm of fucking. When she cummed, she locked me from her both legs and pushed my tool more inside her. I kept on fucking and after few minutes, I also cummed inside her. She said that she is using copper-T so there would be no chance of getting pregnant. After some time, I took out my tool from her pussy and put it in her hand. She said wow !!!! you have such kind of tool that any girl would love to take it inside.

When she started rubbing it, my tool started getting erection again. I said that I want to fuck her more and I also confessed that I had fucked none before you and I lost virginity to you. She was very much happy to know this. I said to lie down keeping your boobs down and I want to get inside you from behind. I inserted my tool from her behind. I fucked her for 5 minutes and filled up her pussy with my hot and thick milk. Her ass was so sexy and attractive that I got desire to fuck her ass but she pleaded not to do so. This was the first encounter with any women in my life.

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