My incest relation with my mother-1

Hi friends, I hope you are doing well. We are a super close family, my older sister, mom, dad and I are very close, some of my friends think we are weird since we wont eat dinner unless we are together at the dining table.

Anyways, When I was growing up, I used to be scared of the dark, no matter what and where. It got so bad that at the age of 13 I was used to sleeping with the overhead lights on, the one shining directly into my eyes. I found remedies to help me get over this and I was able to sleep in a dark room by the age of 15 with help from a phsyiciatrist.

Fast forward to my 18th birthday I was suffering through some medical problems, and had to go through a major surgery, I was bed rested for about 3 months. During this time i was on heavy pain medication and because of the pain was unable to sleep, knowing my previous condition the DR was hesitent in giving me any sleep aid. Finally after seeing my declining health due to lack of sleep they gave me Ambien to help me fall and stay asleep.

The thing that sucked so horribly was that the DR was right and it did have a bad impact on me as my fear of the dark was back and in full force. I could not even stay in my room at night time for more than 10 minutes without having a panic attack.

Lucky for me my family, especially my parents were very understanding and supportive, my sister would help out but with her college and job she had her hands full.

I was on disability from the state and was getting paid enough to help my parents with the bills but I was always home and it was not very fun.

Porn was my best friend. I had membership to 5 different premium sites at one time.

One day my mom was off from work so it was just us 2 in the house. I woke up and walked to the kitchen and saw my mom standing at the sink doing dishes. Until this point I had never sexualized my mother, not that she wasnt an attractive woman, i just would fantasize about porn stars and celebrities, since it was easier to find nudes, porn of them.

Anyways, when i got to the kitchen door i saw my mom doing dishes, her back was to me, she didnt know i was there yet. She was wearing a semi tight dress, the type you would lounge around the house in. The dress was loose enough to be comfortable but was astill able to outline my moms ass. Very firm but due to her movement was rocking side to side. I stood in the door for probably 6-7 minutes just mesmorized by the movement for her body, especially her ass. As she was getting closer to being done with the dishes, i realized that i had a huge hard on. I walked away quietly to try and calm my boner down so I can eat breakfast and take my medicine.
After about 2 minutes i was flaccid enough to be not so obviously horny.

I walked back in to the kitchen and said good morning, mom said good morning back and we had small talk. She was now wiping the dishes and putting them in the cabinet. I walked to the cabinet to grab a plate for my breakfast and with some confusion between me and her. I thought she would move to the right so I could grab a plate, but she thought opposite.
She had her back to me still and moved to the right and I also moved to the right to grab a plate from above her.
We bumped in to each other. My semi flaccid cock was pushing on to her butt as we both lost our balance. For me it wasnt easy to regain due to my surgery and for her she wanted to make sure I wouldnt fall and hurt myself.

With my right arm above her shoulder as I was reaching for the cabinet, my mom reacted quickly, grabbed a hold of it and pushed herself back to support my weight, I did the same, with my left i hugged her tight so that I wouldnt fall.
In doing so her butt was pushing against my cock, hard. and in panic when i hugged her i grabbed her boob.
With a couple of my rocking back and forth, we were both stable and in balance. I was panting from almost falling and didnt even realize i was holding her tits. Or that my cock was nestled between her ass crack.

Mom pealed off my hand from her boobs after a minute and asked if I was ok. i responded yes and stepped back.
My mom turned around to look at me and saw that I was panting pretty hard and walked me to the dinner table, as she was sitting me down I saw her eyes gaze at my buldge in my pants, after she sat me down i could feel that she continued looking at my cock. When i looked up at her she looked away. I was embaressed that she saw me rock hard.

The next morning I walked in to the kitchen and luckily she was doing the dishes again, but my dad was also at the table, i stopped at the door again to admire my moms ass again, until dad asked if i was ok.
Mom turned arround and saw me standing there and asked my dad’s whats up. To which my dad told her that Ive been standing there for a minute and he wanted to make sure I was ok.
My mom looked at me and i knew she knew at that moment that I did that yesterday as well, and she probably remembered how hard i was too.

I was embaressed again and said that I stop at the door a lot to regain balance and energy.

My mom went back to drying the dishes, as I walked towards her she turned around and looked at me, glanced at my dad who was texting someone and then glanced at my crotch so see that i was hard again, then stepped aside to let me grab the plate.

It was very awkward but I couldnt say or do anything without admitting guilt so I just let it go. I couldnt masturbate anymore, i was too embaressed with the situation and couldnt enjoy masterbation.

After a week I was getting extremely horny in the morning, so i decided ill get some breakfast and then come back to my room and relieve myself.

I got to the kitchen door and saw my mom doing the dishes again, she had pants on so it wasnt as sexy as the first time, but still had me going. I stood there admiring her ass for a few minutes and didnt even pay attention to what she was doing anymore. When i came out of my daze i realized that my mom was looking back at me, she made eye contact then looked down at my crotch so see my hard on again then looked back at me.
This time knowing full well i that i enjoyed watching her and that it turned me on immensly. I had no cover up, i simply stated that I wasnt feeling too well and came for some breakfast.
My mom is super nice and disregard what she saw and knows and told me to sit down at the table and she will make me breakfast.

We did small talk and she asked me how I was feeling, i told her i have trouble standing up for too long so showering is uncomfortable and i dont feel clean. Which was true, im not supposed to bath until the wound was fully healed so showering was the only option but standing for more than a couple minutes was very painful as well.
My mom told me she will help me with the shower. I told her no, thats ok. I didnt want to be embaresed in there. She told me i could leave my underwear on tha way at least i can be clean.
She insisted so i agreed.

Mom was wearing a white Tshirt and some pants when she came to my room. I was in my underwear, actually looking forward to a nice warm shower, for once i wasnt thinking about this sexually, at least not yet.

At first i sat on the side of the bath tub as my mom washed by back and chest, i couldnt see her, she was behind me, i was simply enjoying the warm water and feeling somewhat clean.

When i got up and turned around i saw mom standing there with soap all over her hands and arms and her Tshirt was soaked. Her breasts were clinging to the material, it was a very erotic site, i couldnt help but stare as she was washing legs and feet. Once again i was so mesmorized by her sexuality I lost control and forgot that im almost naked, i had a full hard on again, but mom was washing the calves and feet so she hasnt seen it yet.
After quick thinking I turned arround so she wouldnt see it.

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