My incest relation with my mother-2

Once she was done with my feet she told me that i should wash the private parts as well, in panic i told her, thats ok ill do it some other time and then thanked her for helping me.
She said “non sense, might as well get you fully clean since we are here” and as she was saying that she pulled my underwear down.
Once down she started rubbing soap on my butt cheeks and then splashed water on them to rinse it off.
I once again said thank you mom, i got it from here.
She again said “stop being such a baby” and turned me around.

Now im not huge by any means, but I have an almost 8 inch dick and its pretty thick, right now it was in full boner, as she turned me arround it was pointed up and twtching.

my mom gasped as she saw my monsterous cock swinging around and uttered “oh my gawwww” before stopping herself.
It was too late to cover up or do anything to “fix” the situation and in panic i just stood there with my cock twitching every 2 seconds at my mom.

For what seemed like a super long time my mom didnt move or say anything, she just stared at my cock with her mouth slightly open and her biting her lip. Watching her reaction was turning me on more and more, she was stunned as if she seen the best cock ever.
I was able to look at her breast through her tshirt and enjoy her reaction to my cock. I was actually loving every second and even thought the pain was hitting me a little i decided to not make any movement to make this moment last as long as i can.

After what seemed like 15 minutes, was probably only like 30 seconds my mom got up, turned around and left the bathroom, she came back only a few seconds later with a towel and started drying my body being very careful of not going anywhere near my cock. She was flushedand i could tell something was up, but didnt want to say anything and get in trouble so again i let it go.

Now, call it luck or whatever but after that night the Ambien that i was on started having really fucked up effects on me and i was having intense nightmares and couldnt stay in my room anymore.

Dad told me to just sleep in their room with them until we get different medicine.

I would sleep on the side, my dad in the middle and then mom on the other side. This went on for 2 nights before my dad accidentaly put pressure on my wound and caused me excruitiating pain, i cryed that night, almost all night.
The next night my dad stated he would sleep on the side and my mom in the middle so when he gets up to pee he doesnt hurt me.

since i was spending so much time in their room i had no way of relieving myself so my horniness took over me. So while i was pretending to be asleep i would move my hand around randmoly to feel my moms body, sometime i would get her leg, sometime her back, until i finally got my hand on her ass. She was awake and after a few seconds she shifted to have my hand move away just a bit. For several days i kept touching her butt in my sleep, to the point where she stopped trying to move away.

My dad left for a business trip for 2 days which was my lucky weekend. My dad was sleeping on the left side of the bed since its closer to the bathroom, so when he wasnt there i slept on that side. At night when i reached for my moms butt she moved in to it rather than away. I thought she was sleeping, so i “woke” up and checked and she was asleep.
I took advantage of the situation and hugged her, pretty much spooning with my mom at this point. It was an amazing feeling, she was soft and warm and i could feel her body against mine and i could feel her butt pushing against my cock. I started getting super hard because of this and I guess that must have woke her up, she turned to me as i pretending to be asleep still. She moved away from me and moved my arm from her body.

I was super horny, i waited for her to go back to sleep and spooned her again, she wasnt sleeping, instead reached over and turned on the night lamp. She said my name a few times and then shook me to “wake” me up. to which i acted surprised and asked her whats wrong. She told me i kept moving in my sleep. I apologized and closed my eyes again and turned to the other side.

She still had the light on, i could see it, she leaned over me said my name another time, i didnt respond and continued pretending i was asleep, she then did soemthing i was not expecting, she raised my blanket from my legs all the way up to my stomach and looked directly at my crotch, luckily my cock when it gets hard points up and usually goes under the elastic of the my underwear so she couldnt have been able to see that im fully erect. She looked at it for a few seconds, then muttured something under her breath, turned the lamp off and laid back down.

Once i knew she was asleep i went back to being closer to her and eventually went back to spooning her, i could not sleep since i was so horny, I wanted to cotinue feeling my moms ass on my cock, in fact i wanted more but this was fuel to my fire for now. She woke up again, pushed me to my side, said my name a few times and then went back to sleep.

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