My incest relation with my mother-4

Mom started grinding her ass a little bit again.
mom “So this boner IS for me?”
Me “of course”

I was loving the new tone in her voice it was turning me on even more. I slowly moved my hand down from her breast, slid across her belly and down to her pubic area, she never stopped me, instead gasped.
I started rubbing her pussy area but with all the clothes, i couldnt feel anything. I pulled her shorts down along with her under wear.
Mom ” Ohh Jatin…..”

I reach in and felt how wet she was, my finger was drenched as soon as i made contact, it felt awesome. I only rubbed her pussy for a few moments when she had her orgasm, her whole body quivvering and she panted and moaned.
Once her orgasm subsided, i turned her to face me and kissed her on the lips, she stared kissing me back and her hands went every where.
I took off all of her clothes, it was dark so wasnt able to see much but enjoyed the feeling of her naked body. I undressed myself after and held her tight.

we kept kissing until she finally broke off the kiss and immediately went to my cock and started sucking it hard. I couldnt believe it, it felt great, my own mom sucking my cock like a hungry cum slut. I heard all kinds of slurping and gasping and it was all amazing to hear and feel.

After a few minutes, i pulled her up and laid her down, i spread her legs and she says “Jatin, we can not have intercourse….sorry baby”
me” we will see about that…”

As i said that, i went down on her and started sucking on her pussy, she tasted amazing and there was a lot of juice down there, she was squirming like crazy, and then i went back up and quickly penetrated her pussy with my cock, she gasped and said we cant do that.

me” and yet i have my cock in your tight pussy”
mom “Jatin, omg it feels great but im not on the pill honey..”
me “no worries, ill pull out way before”
mom “that doesnt always work honey…. your sister was the result of that”
me “we can get the plan b tomorrow just in case”
mom “omg Jatin, fuck me”

her legs locked behind me, im about to cum and i start to move out, and she goes ” Jatin, just fill me up, we will get the pill tommorw, so lets just enjoy tonight”
me” and tomorrow night”
mom “omg Jatin, im cumming”

I timed my orgasm with her and we both came.
I laid on top of her until we were both done cumming.

We kissed a lot more while stil locked.
I told her i want the light on to see her finally.
lights on, she is gorgeous, perfect body, stretch marks and a rouch pussy patch. her pussy was drizzling with both of our cum and dripping down to her asshole and butt.

I was still very horny and my cock started to get hard again just watching her.
mom “if there is another round in that, i want in, but this time, with the lights on so i can see in my sons eyes as he fucks my tight pussy and fill my belly up with his cum, come fuck me Jatin, fuck me like your whore, fuck your slut of a mother and fill her pussy wiht your jizz again”

Me”omg you are amazing, i cant wait to fill your pussy more”

We made love 3 times that night before finally we both fell asleep.

When we woke up, mom’s butt, stomach and her inner thighs were covered in sticky jizz. She kissed me passionately and said “glad im off today” then winked at me before heading to the shower.

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