My mother Diksha

I had just returned home from being overseas for 8 years, I had won a scholarship to a famous university and had got a honor degree in my chosen subject. I stayed an extra 2 years in post graduate studies. I got home late last year and went straight home to see my mother Diksha 43.

Diksha had me when she was 18 and raised me with the help of her parents. They have both passed on 10 years ago, my father left when he found out Diksha was pregnant. She is fairly well off thanks to my grandparents, I was going to visit with her and then look for work. On my arrival Diksha suggested we go on a road trip to see the country, also she was selling the house and other property she had.

So she could join me in the city, as there is no jobs in my chosen career in my old home town. She had already sold a lot of things and had the house done up for the sale. We rented an RV and headed off seeing the sites, no hurry or timetable to follow. Just enjoy ourselves, a week after we left. Diksha received a call from the real estate saying the house was under contract. We continued on our trip, not being big drinkers.

We got caught up in a small towns wedding, everybody in the town was invited and we were invited also by the mother of the bride. She ran the van park we were staying at the time, we did have a great time at the wedding. But someone had spiked the punch with the local moonshine, they called Rocket Fuel. I don’t know how we got back to the RV, we had both crashed on the same bed. In the morning we awoke around the same time and it took most of the morning before our heads stopped spinning.

We left the next day and continued our trip, that next night while sitting looking up at the stars. I gave Diksha a hug, she hugged me back. Later on I was in my shorts for bed and asked me to sleep with her in her bed. We both went to bed and soon asleep, I got up early to go to the toilet for a pee, on getting back into bed. I couldn’t help giving Diksha a cuddle and stayed cuddled to her as I went back to sleep.

In the morning Diksha awoke first and she turned to face me. I had a hard on and it was poking out of my shorts. She saw it and started to feel it up and was soon stroking it. I awoke to my mother playing with my cock, I decided I would join in the fun and started to caress her and soon had my hand inside her panties. I took the lead and was soon fucking her and later we showered together. She said It was wrong for us to have had sex.

I said No harm done and we had both enjoyed the sex, later in the day after a hike in the forest. Diksha said She was going to have shower before we had dinner, as we were going out for dinner. I asked Could I join her and she hesitated and then said Okay. While showering I started to feel her up again and we ended up fucking again. That night after returning from dinner, I sat next to her and started to feel her up again and we ended up fucking on the floor of the RV.

This went on for the next 3 weeks and the finish of our trip. I got a good job and started work 4 weeks later, Diksha purchased a house in the city 3 miles from my work. The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, our first night in the new house I joined Diksha in her bed and have been there ever since. But she told me she wants grandchildren and if I don’t find a wife or partner to give her them. She will stop having sex with me, I started to date. But knowing if I didn’t get luck on my date, I would get sex on my return home.

Last march I met Komal 23 and she works as a receptionist at the same place as me. We had a couple of dates and I got her into bed and she moved in with us last month. I had to go away last weekend for work, I got back on Monday night a day earlier than expected. I found Diksha and Komal in bed together, Diksha had seduced Komal and so I joined them. I fucked them both and now we sleep together.

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