My Sex Goddess

Hello everyone I’m a regular reader of iss, this is my first story on
iss hope you like it. my name is Ajay and I’m I’m from jaipur now
let’s come to the story It’s months I moved to this place and I
already laid my eyes on
the neighbour aunty. Every time she walks to store, her swaying ass
mesmerises me. She noticed or not but I never missed her evening sexy
walk to the store. I would be there standing in the corridor sipping
my coffee and then she comes with polite smile and sparkly eyes. I
would greet here and move towards her as she passes me I would walk
where I stood only to see her ass cheeks jumping to right and left.
She is bit on plump side, you could expect that since most Indian
women won’t take care of themselves after they get married and they
completely forget once they reach 40 ages. Trust me if they take care
of themselves they would be really a fights on the street and police
would be working day and night to stop those affairs.
Anyways to narrate beauty I can’t start with her curves, to me it
was her smile which caught my attention when I first saw her. That
polite smile and then her soft baby voice made me fall for her when I
first talked to her. Over the months I just find an excuse to talk to
her and hear her smile. Never knew I would be bedding her in my room
on that cold day when it rained very heavy. She is with her husband
and he seems very old. That is what happens usually here, men will be
40 and they will marry woman of 20ish. She had son and daughter, son
was married with a child and daughter was still single. I am more
attracted to Aunty then her daughter she didn’t inherit her smile
her beautiful plump ass.
So days went on and I kept thinking of her daily before sleeping and
caress my hard cock against the bed and sleep, only to wake up in the
morning with wet underwear. At times it would make frustrating that I
can’t get to fuck her and I don’t want to masturbate every night
thinking of her. I wanted to have a night with her soon. The
society made our women to stay inside the walls and bury their
desires. I suppose she did it too. Only I came to know about it
So that day, it was raining and I came to my flat early. I was all
fresh up and watching the drizzle standing at the corridor. After few
minutes it started to rain heavy. I was lucky that I came home early,
the way to my home was filled with a foot of water and I am sure it
would take 2 or three more hours to get clean road. Suddenly I heard
aunty talking on the phone and she seemed worried. I went to her and
asked, what is the problem?
She: Its nothing my hubby went to bring my grandchild my school but
now he is stuck at school due to this rain and same with my children.
I am scared.
I assured her this will be over soon and don’t worry as I am there.
She was bit relived but she didn’t trust me fully. She went inside
and I stood there in dilemma, thinking is this chance I waited for or
I am just dreaming. If I force she might break and submit herself to
me but I wanted to do it with her consent. My thoughts were going in
circle and then I heard baby voice.
“Here, take this coffee”
“Oh thanks, I needed it” I was blushing for no reason.
“You do drink coffee lot, its not good for health”
“Well, I cant stop it but thank you, I would try to reduce it in
future. And thanks for the coffee, its better than what I make it”
“You are just being kind”
“Not at all, a beautiful woman as you would make only awesome
things, so this coffee is awesome”
My compliment of saying beautiful made her blush and she was happy.
After that we stood there watching the rain. Suddenly a lightning
struck and the loud sound startled her and she grabbed me in reflex.
was astonished to see and when she knew it was me, she pulled back
said sorry.
“I am not sorry”
“I felt good when you hugged me.I feel warm now and uhm you have a
good bossom”
“You are very naughty”
“I cant help it aunty. Your beauty bewitched me long ago”
“You are making up all that. Stop it and sorry for doing that”
I went behind her and hugged her tight. And then asked “Sorry”
She was blushing and her eyes said something else, something like she
liked what I just did. She stuttered while saying “ its…
I thought this could be my moment and I hugged her from behind again
and this time bit tightly and started caressing my cheeks on her
She wasn’t resisting and that made me move forward. My hands slowly
moved up and to my surprise she was already unhooked her blouse. I
then started caressing her breast; they were saggy but felt good in
the cold weather. I made sure no one watching us doing in the
corridor. I was hesitant to go further so I just felt her boobs while
I dry humped her. I moved my waist slowly feeling her soft buttocks
my dick and thrusting it repeatedly. I felt good and her soft moans
were making me crazy already. I somehow controlled my urge to lift
saree and fuck her right there.
“aghhhh…. I missed this….mmmmm …yesssssss” she was moaning
everytime my dick hit her soft butt cheelks
“mmm yes aunty, you are so beautiful and you have a great ass to
fuck. Mmmm” I moaned in her ear and kept dry humping and my mouth
exploring her back of the neck. I was fondling her boobs which are
in open and her erect nipples were made me sure she is aroused very
much. She was vulnerable now but I was afraid that anyone would come
as the rain was stopped and the water was receding slowly.
I humped her fast and fast, feeling everything, after about 30 mins I
cummed in underwear and shaking I hold her tight. The orgasm I had
the best and it took me good ten minutes to come into senses. I
her around and when she was about to say something I kisses her
passionately. The kiss was sexy and she allowed me to suck her tongue
and we did that for few minutes after only to break to take breath.
Her soft smile indicated she liked it. I kisses her again and later
went to clean myself.
When I came out she was already gone inside and I thought its only
beginning. My cock was already stiff and I was waiting for next time
to fuck her.
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