My sexy mother Shaba

Hi everyone! how are you doing? My mother Shaba 43 5’5″ average build quiet woman married to Rizwan 48 loud mouth know all and unfaithful. I’m Anwar 26 6’1″ single average build carpenter, early 2017 I bought a cottage that joined onto my parents back fence. It was in poor condition and I lived with my parents as I did the cottage up. I first fenced in the cottage with a connecting gate to my parents home.

Shortly after I got my cottage Rizwan got a promotion and would away more often. He had affairs and both me and my mother about them, I found out that he was having an affair with a woman named Carol 46 and would go to her place and stay telling Shaba he was on business.

Shaba had been raised to think that divorce wasn’t right and Rizwan would never agreed, as well the company he work for didn’t keep divorced people on staff. So Shaba just ignored it as usual, on a Friday after work I was working on my cottage. When Shaba came down to my cottage to tell me Dinner was ready. I was in a playful mood and grabbed her for a quick dance to the music on the radio.

I spun her around and we fell onto insulation I laying on the floor. I started laughing and kissed her on her lips, she kissed me back before pulling away. I turned everything off and we walked back to her house for dinner. After dinner I asked her Would she like to go to a movie with me. As usual she was unsure and I just answered for her, as I had learned that from Rizwan and as usual she just went along with it.

Rizwan had rang saying he wouldn’t be back before Sunday, I knew he was with Carol and as usual Shaba didn’t say anything about it. Rizwan had to be back for a meeting on Monday and was making sure it wouldn’t be a long stay. Shaba and me had good time and went to a club before the movie was to start and had dance or two. Then to the movie and back home after, I was still in good spirits and putting on some music and grabbed Shaba for another dance.

Shaba like to dance and we dance again and again. I was getting aroused dancing with Shaba and ended up kissing her again and she kissed back this time she didn’t pull away. We ended up on the lounge kissing and I started to feel her up and put my hand up her dress. She didn’t try to stop me and I soon was fucking her on the lounge and after took her to her bed and we spent the night together. Next morning she was ashamed at what we had done, I wasn’t and told her that it was right that she enjoyed herself.

Later I went to my cottage to do some work, Shaba came down to tell me lunch was ready. On seeing her I took her into my arms and kissed her and she again kissed back. I laid her on the insulation and we had sex again. From then on I was able fuck my mother anytime I wanted, she had surrendered totally to me. On Sunday while Rizwan watched the football on TV I was in the cottage fucking Shaba on insulation again. He had started to sleep in the spare room anyway and I woke up at 5am and went to Shaba’s room and joined her in bed for a fuck before breakfast and going to work.

When Rizwan was out of town I would sleep in Shaba’s bed at night, this went on for about four months. By then I was nearly finished my cottage and then Rizwan told Shaba that he had got another job and was going leave her. He said She could have the house and savings, but would have to find a job to keep herself to support herself.

He was shocked when Shaba told him That okay, you piss off and we’ll divorce. With that he left and with my cottage ready I moved in and Shaba joined me. The house is being rented by Shaba now the divorce is final and it is in her name. She has job at the local supermarket and is letting me fuck her whenever I want. But I have to find a wife as Shaba wants grandchildren. I’ve started to date Soha 23 who works at the supermarket with Shaba and Shaba likes her a lot. I took both of them camping during the holidays and got both into together for a threesome. Soha is pregnant and we are to marry in June. Soha’s father left them when she was 7 and her mother Roseanne 46 is still single and Soha wants me to bed her. Shaba and Soha are working on Roseanne and are convinced it won’t be long now. Roseanne is willing to move in after Soha and me are married.

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