My wild brother Part 1

My name is Pallavi, a student of SYBCom. To me the relation between a brother and sister is supposed to be very pure and respectful. But my own brother broke my belief in this. He is the eldest among the three of us. His name is Raja and is 4 years older to me. And the second is my sister Priya, 3 years older to me. This incident took place when I was in my sweet sixteen. Today I am 20 and want to tell this story to everyone because I am angry about how my brother seduced me into having sexual intercourse with him. But also I am thankful to him because now I have more experience in sex than any other girl of my age.

Let me start by describing the physical appearance of the three of us and our relation with each other. My brother is 5’10” and with very highly energetic, athletic muscular body. Priya has a well-developed figure of 36-26-38 and very attractive. We both sisters have a very fair complexion. I at that time was not fully developed like a woman. You know what I mean? Like my breasts were just starting to sprout and I never knew that hair could grow in the pussy part. I had a very smooth clean pussy, as could be of a 16 year old girl. Raja, Priya, and I used to sleep in the same room on two mattresses put together on the floor.

So there was not much place for us to move while sleeping. We had always been sleeping like this since childhood, but now it felt different because we had all grown up in size as well as thinking. My brother was not the same sweet innocent brother he used to be some years back, nor was my sister whom I trusted so much. I got the first suspicion of my brother when he started putting his hand on me. In beginning he used to put his hand only on my head or on my back and slept quite peacefully. But to my shock later on his ways were changing far too much.

As he kept his hand on my back, he used to rub my whole back with great pressure. At that age I had just started to wear my new bras and he used to love feeling the bra under the small petticoat I wore. For sleeping I would wear only a petticoat (the kind you wear under a frock), the bra, and the panty. My sister wore nighties. And my brother slept only in his underwear.

We had always seen him like that since childhood, but recently there was something new happening with him and all of us. Sometimes my hand touched his underwear and I felt something very hard, although then I wasn’t able to imagine what could be so hard in a man’s underwear. Also like I said, he had starting using his hand over me very freely. At first it was only on the back. Then when I turned to the opposite side his hand was still on me, so it would land on my tits. I was still not too sure if he was doing it knowingly or unknowingly.

Later I realized that he was doing it knowingly when his hand moved to my ass. As it is, I was wearing only a short petticoat, so it was easy for him to put his hand on my panty and feel it nicely. At that age I didn’t know anything about sex, but my suspicion grew when I sometimes heard Raja & Priya laughing secretly in the night. One such time I opened my eyes to see what they were laughing at, and I was shocked to see Priya standing in the corner of the room fully naked with her nighty bra and panty lying on the floor and Raja was kissing her whole body from top to bottom. That’s when I learnt that they were not having a brother-sister relationship anymore.

In the next few days I also saw that when Priya was not at home, Raja used to secretly steal her bra or panty and smelt it and kissed it. I never understood why he did that. I had a feeling that he was trying to make love to Priya and me, which I found very weird for a brother to do with his own younger sisters. I used to sleep in the middle of Priya and Raja. One night as usual he put his hand over me and I thought he was again going to feel my back. Instead his hand went on Priya. Then again I heard her softly laughing. The next thing I see Raja getting up and going to Priya’s side of the bed.

I even heard her whispering to him in fear that I might wake up. I don’t know about his answer but they both laughed and he lay down beside her. I peeped through my half closed eyelids and saw him easily taking off her nighty. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Because I always had great regard for Priya as she was always a very sober girl. I also respected my brother but only because he was the eldest. Otherwise I knew he was a very hard stubborn and bullying person. After Raja had taken off Priya’s nighty she was sitting only in her bra and panty.

Then she raised her arms in the air and he started kissing her in the armpits and then her tits. She was
swinging madly and making a soft moaning sound. She turned her back to him and he unhooked her bra and slowly slipped it off her shoulders until it was fully off her body. For quite some time I saw his strong fingers kneading her breasts like roti ka atta. Watching and hearing their ecstatic expressions, I felt as if I was also enjoying the same sensations as Priya’s tits. Kissing the back of her neck his lips went all the way down her spine till he reached her panty and then it seemed like he was actually chewing on the panty or even her buttocks.

He made her lie down on her stomach and gently grabbing the elastic waist-band of her panty pulled it to reveal her full round ass looking like 2 big mountains. After he had completely taken off her panty he spread both her legs wide, really wide. I could see her lying fully naked on the bed with her face down and Raja kneeling like a dog over her. I was wondering what he is going to do next, and I was even more worried if Priya knew what was going to happen on her back. I couldn’t see anything in detail in the darkness of the night. I think I saw Raja also take off his underwear and then he lay down on her. After that I could only hear them both breathing very heavily and strangely groaning and moaning.

I guessed they were having sex, since I was still not too sure how sex is done. Probably I would know only when I have my first experience with any male, but definitely not with my very own brother Raja, I swore to myself.The next day in the morning both of them were unbelievably pretending in front of our parents as if nothing ever happened. The shocks were too many in a row for me to digest. The whole day passed by, and when nightfall was in, I eagerly waited for some more midnight amusement! I kept myself on full alert for even sensing the faintest breeze that moved in the room. I couldn’t stop wondering what the male organ looks like. Although, the previous night Raja had taken off his underwear I didn’t get to see anything because of the darkness. But I think after last night’s experience Priya was very tired, so she slept off pretty early. I could hear her snoring louder than ever.

Then I thought there would be no entertainment tonight. I heard and felt Raja trying to reach Priya to wake her up, but she was too fast asleep. His desperation almost made me laugh. I could see him feeling uneasy in bed, rolling from one side to another, restlessly. Finally he cuddled his pillow and mumbled something to himself. I knew there was no amusement from the two of them at least tonight. So I also prepared to go to sleep. After about half an hour I again felt Raja’s hand slightly touching me. I knew he was stubborn and can never rest until he has achieved what he wants. So I waited to see his tricks today with Priya who was so dead tired after last night’s exhaustive session.

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