My younger sister Seema

Hi readers, how are you doing? I’m Tarun 32 single, early last year broke up with my girlfriend and started going sex parties. I friend at work asked me if I would be interested as they had 1 more female than males. I went just for fun and at my first party, I put my keys into the bowl and my keys were picked up by Shipra. Shipra is overweight and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy myself, but I had sex with her and really enjoyed myself with her and even took her out a few time.

But after a month or so she met someone who wanted a relationship and we stopped seeing each other. Then my mother Diksha 60 called me, asking to stay with me for a few days. She was coming to the city with my youngest sister Seema 25 overweight, Seema had a job interview and Diksha was coming to give her support.

I said no worries, I had a 2 bedroom apartment they could share the spare bedroom. Seema got into the second round interviews and then into the final round. Diksha had to return home Friday and the final round was the following Tuesday. I said I would look after Seema and make sure everything was okay. On Friday afternoon I got home from work, DIksha had already gone home.

Seema was lying on the sofa reading, I stood at the end of the sofa and asked how she was doing. She said okay, I could see her white panties as she lay there. I went and had a shower and while showering I started to think of Shipra and got a hard-on. Seema has a similar body shape to Shipra and seeing Seema’s panties had reminded me of the great sex Shipra and me had had. I took care of my hard-on and dressed and I went and asked Seema would she to go to a movie or something.

Seema at first said I didn’t have to change my usual plans for her, I said I had no plans and would like to go to a movie and just wanted to know if she would like to join me. Seema said okay if you really want me to join me I will. I told her to get ready and I will see what’s on, she went to shower. I picked out a couple of movies I knew we both would like when she came out of the bathroom.
I asked her which one, it was my choice as well. It was also on early and late, so I suggested we see it at the later time and have dinner first at a little place I know near the cinema. She agreed and we walked the 10 blocks to the Restaurant and had a nice meal together and a couple of drinks after. Then we went to the movie and went it was finished we caught a cab home as it was raining. Seema thanked me for the good time we had and went to change for bed.

After she came out of her bedroom and thanked me again. This time I gave her a cuddle and kissed her on her lips, she looked at me after and so I grabbed her again kissed her again. Also giving her a feel up, as we kissed she started to kiss me back. I then asked her to sleep with me, she was unsure and I said we don’t have to fuck, just about everything else. Then taking her by her hand I led her to my bedroom and she didn’t refuse to go with me.

I undressed and then undressed her and we got into bed together and I started to kiss her and then worked my way down her body, I got her to cum twice. She then started to suck my cock and I blew my load into her mouth and asked her to swallow it. Which she did and after a bit more cuddling and kissed, I asked her if I could fuck her. She was a bit worried as she wasn’t on contraception and also she was a virgin.

I told her would gentle and would pull out before cumming in her, she agreed and we had sex then and again in the morning. Seema got the job on Tuesday and I asked to live with me. She agreed, I went with her on Saturday to get all her things and Diksha noticed that we were very close. Closer than we had ever been before, so she started asking me questions and she found out I was fucking Seema.
She wasn’t happy about it, but as Seema was a lot happier, Diksha said I should take care of Seema and not hurt her in any way. I said I would look after her and won’t hurt her, then DIksha spoke to Seema and told her to start using contraception. Nobody else needed to know she said, I was a bit shocked by Diksha’s reaction to my fucking Seema. But she said It made Seema happy and that is what counts. So I’m still fucking Seema and when Diksha visits us we still sleep together.

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