Nice and naughty

Hey friends
This is a fantastic forum to express all our pleasures and sins on
sexuality, it also gives an opportunity to push further to dig deep in
this ocean of thoughts and come out with new innovative ways to keep
you all engaged and entertained. Writing a crisp ride hope you ride
with it and enjoy it. Life has thrown lots of surprises and this was
one of them.
If sexuality is one dimension of our ability to live happily in the
world then by cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall
power to feel, know and value it deeply. People lie, cheat, rape,
swindle, kill and destroy. Bad thing. People also pop into bed
together and cosy up and fuck each other. Good thing. If we think
fucking is a sign of moral decay then we’re a little bit
stupid-stupid, aren’t we?
Sex is not just about going in or letting in, it is really about
welcoming your dearly beloved into the deepest regions of your psyche
which are inaccessible to anybody else. That’s real sex is, real
passion: where you abandon all your boringly sensible thoughts, and
all that tediously responsible side of yourself, as you give yourself
to what you know really matters more, deep in the core of you: frantic
Vinod here from Chennai, 35 years age. Life had come to a standstill
with nothing much happening around it was the same routine of office
to home and weekend time with family. My Co- brother who leaves in
Ooty had built a new house and the house warming ceremony was around
the corner and we had booked our tickets to travel to Ooty . We
reached ooty and our staying arrangements were made in a nearby hotel.
He had booked 10 rooms to accommodate all his close relatives.
We settled and were enjoying our time when in the afternoon he called
and requested that one of his cousin sisters had come unexpectedly and
if we could accommodate her for some time in our room it would be
helpful as all other rooms were full.
We agreed and in 15 minutes he come along with her to our room,
Shalini was her name, She was in a Salwar – kameez and was an good
looking lady may be around 30 years of age, we all got introduced to
each other and in few minutes after making her comfortable with us my
Co-brother left. She was tired and I ordered coffee for all of us and
we were chatting, after some time she revealed that she was divorced 1
year back and was living with her parents. Her husband was involved
with another woman after marriage and that was the reason for divorce,
her marriage had lasted only for 1.5 years.
After some time we had to go for lunch so we started to get ready
bathing and changing, I first completed the task and left the room for
my wife and Shalini to get ready, I was waiting in the lobby and my
wife called me , I picked the phone but It was Shalini she said Vinod
you can come up we are almost ready.
I entered the room and was pleasantly surprised she looked completely
different, bewitching & beautiful, she was in a green saree, thick
bold lips coated with marron lipstick, deep eyes with black eyeliner
and pink shadow, good firm boobs pushed up to the brim of her blouse
from her push up bra her boobs were juggling almost about to pop out
any moment. Her short blouse had pushed her boobs up and was revealing
a lot of skin down from her boobs up to her waist. Nice firm
bootylicious ass and a beautiful fair waist and a deep pretty navel,
her complete looks were enticing me towards her, She had noticed me
staring at her body.
And then, of course, there was the sari itself that was doing its
magic . What a garment, There isn’t another outfit in the world that
balances better the twin feminine urges to conceal and reveal. It
outlines the woman’s shape but under a sari, unflattering legs are
invisible. But it reveals the midriff,. I was mesmerized, by the mere
fact of being able to see her belly button when she walked, the single
fold of flesh above the knot of her sari, the curve of her waist
toward her hips. That swell of flesh just above a woman’s hipbone,
is the sexiest part of the female anatomy to me. And I didn’t even
have to undress her to see it. I was completely smitten.” Shalu
stole my breath and common sense with just a smile. I awkwardly
withdrew my horny looks leaving enough indications and doubts in her
mind Her breasts shape were clearly visible from the side they were
just mouth-watering ready and firm to be gobbled.
We started walking towards the new house it was just 4 or 5 minutes
walkable distance from the hotel, my co-brothers 2 sisters also joined
us in the walk and we were walking in 2 groups, my wife and the 2
sisters ahead of us and I and shalini were behind. While crossing the
road 1 bike zip passed us and I held her hand to stop her from
crossing, she did not mind it, When I actually touched her, it was
even worse I wanted her now, As we were approaching the house she said
nice perfume Vinod , I said thanks !!!!!!, Well was it a hint I was
thinking .
We had lunch together and were chatting and while cracking some jokes
or while pulling somebody’s legs we were exchanging high – fives
and Shalini mingled and started to gel freely with us . All the while
I tried to be as close to her as possible. She did not mind and
accompanied us where ever we were going this were enough signs & hint
for a man to get bolder and try harder irrespective of the final
After some time my wife and few relatives decided to check out the
local market Shalini was also invited but she refused as she had to
meet few of her relatives who were around, and in the meantime a
separate room was arranged for Shalini . We decided that I and shalini
would go back to the hotel she would collect her belongings and shift
to her room and I would again go back to the new house to spend time
with my Co- Brother.
We started walking back towards the hotel chatting and I was walking
pretty close to her pretending and accidentally touching her hands and
feeling her soft shoulders, it all went unnoticed and ignored by
Shalini , I asked her why don’t you get married again , she replied
she is happy being alone enjoying her life, I said but then also you
have to get settled sooner or later. She said she is not interested at
all, we continued our discussion and reached the hotel and picked up
the key of her room. She wanted to have a look of the room before
shifting and when we saw the new room it was still dirty and
housekeeping work was pending. We called the reception and he informed
that it would take another 1 or 2 hours to make up the room.
She looked towards me and, I said you stay back in our room itself, we
will order an extra bed in the night I will sleep on the floor she
said ok that’s fine any way being alone I will also get bored. But
she decided that she will retain the key of the room allotted for her.
I asked her that would she be interested to join my wife i will drop
her , she said no I am tired , I handed over the key to her and said
ok then you relax I will go to the new house, she said you also relax
why do you want to get tired there is no work there.
I said ok and we went to the room and sat on the bed, after some brief
conversation i was uncomfortable in the jeans so I changed to shorts
and t shirt by draping a towel around and I saw her trying to peek
while I was changing, I asked if she would like to change then I would
go out she said she was comfortable and we kept chatting. She was
sitting relaxed her saree had loosened up her hands were folded
pushing her boobs up and pushing them out of the blouse giving a view
her cleavage I was occasionally enjoying the view.
Arousal begins within the mind, then seeps out where fantasy propels
physicality, she was sitting so close to me and her sexuality was
inviting and arousing me at the same time, I had a monster hard on
finding it difficult to hide and she clearly noticed it , she now knew
that more than me my erection was talking to her. In my minds thoughts
about what I would like to do her body. Thoughts of How I would like
to have my delightfully wicked way with her, undress her, smother your
naked skin with hungry urgent kisses, and thrust my hard and moist
cock deep inside the pouting red lips of her mouth… and her Vagina
were breezing and flowing making me stutter and stammer in my
conversation with her ,
In some time we hit the topic which I was looking forward to SEX and
in no time she opened her mind that it was only that part of life
which she is missing.
Sensing the opportunity I told her that she can tell me if I can be of
any help, she looked at me in surprise and asked me if I was serious,
I said yes. There was an uneasy calm for 2 minutes, she was in deep
thought my heart was pounding thinking what if she says no and
complaint about me , I was nervous and was also anxious finally she
broke the silence and she looked towards me and said tonight in my
A response—it had been a positive response. Oh fuck i had to kiss
her. My whole body was screaming for her now, Time seemed to stop; the
world around me stilled. There was only her. My thumb caressed at her
lips, the lips i wanted to kiss. The thrill and Joy of Sex with a
stranger or relatively unknown makes you feel decadent, a risk taker,
young again. Sex with a stranger is life on the edge. Everything else
is life wrapped in cotton wool.
I did not want to miss the opportunity and moved closer to her feeling
her lips and said now we are free only, she looked at me and said, if
somebody comes , I said at least for the next 2 hours nobody will
She again asked are you sure, I asked do you have any problem she said
no, and there she was in my kitty. I placed my hands on her hands and
pulled her towards me, she moved towards me and I took her lips in my
mouth and started to kiss each other passionately, the lack of sex and
sudden opportunity made her little wild and she was biting my lips
with all passion and force, after some deep kissing we got down from
the bed and I started to undress her she asked me if I could have sex
with her in the night also, I said sure in your room !!!!!!
I opened her blouse slowly, unhooking her buttons and then her silky
bra, running my fingers along her breasts feeling the softness of
them. When her bra finally fell opened , I sucked Juicy boobs, then
caressed her breasts putting her on, I licked her nipples, then moved
my lips slowly down I went down and with one hand i held her waist,
and with the other i pulled down the inner skirt, giving me enough
view and space to have a glance of her panties .
These are pretty panties i said, I saw her bare legs and thin panties
with her pubic triangle showing through. The lingerie enhanced the
charm of her femininity, I leaned forward and kissed her again and she
kissed me back with more fervor her hands running slowly up my curly
hair and down over my thick shoulders and along my strong arms and I
was holding her gorgeous female body against mine.
She started feeling my naked muscular chest, her eyes wanting and
inviting me – my hot cock was ready to spear her. Her nipples were
aroused, feeling as hard and long as coat hooks. They prodded fiercely
at me, like little calling signs of how horny and ready for sex she
was. The best advertisement of all: firm, hard, pink erect nipples!
Ready to be sucked. She was a Super -hyper hot lady.
Erotic attraction often serves as the catalyst for an intimate
connection between two people, but it is not a sign of love. Exciting,
pleasurable sex can take place between two people who do not even know
each other and the same was happening here. The air felt thick with
the feeling between us, like it was filling the room: a room full of
our carnal heat.
Fuck me Vinod pls,” she whispered, giving me permission, taking me
into her flesh, a soft invitation to madness, as I started to caress
and feel her body gently, She bit her bottom lip as she rested her
eyes on the proud, thick hot shaft of mine, she moved her hand slowly
down and was feeling the size and length of my shaft. Her mouth went
dry, and wasting no time she dragged her gaze up my muscled torso and
bent down taking my dick in her mouth gently licking it softly and
She pushed me on the bed and started to suck my cock with much vigour
and energy, after some soft and hard sucking she released my dick and
started to play with my meat balls gently licking them and gobbling
them, just the feeling of having a man for whom she was starving, made
her feel excited and she felt I was in her possession. She dipped her
head and took my cock all in her mouth and down her throat, sighing at
the salty sweet taste. It was not like she’d Never done this before.
She smiled looking at me a and I could feel her heart and desires soar
and she leaned back so she could see my face as my Dick sprung free
when she took it out.
Her angelic eyes widened curiously and her lips parted. a deep colour
swept into her cheeks. She had intended to arouse me. She had more
than succeeded. She was too naïve and young to know that in the
effort to rouse a man, women frequently kindle fires that they can
only control and douse.
She slid her hand up my thigh and placed it around my cock feeling its
warmth, her hand felt as soft as velvet to the touch. Closing my eyes
I felt her lick the top of my dicks head before taking me all the way
in again. I placed my hands on her head as it bopped up and down while
she sucked me, making her hair fall on my legs, It felt like silk as I
brushed it aside so I could watch her full lips wrap around my dick as
she sucked and licked it. I squeezed her breasts hard, flattening them
against her chest, as I softly kissed the nape of her neck.
Thrusting my hips with the rhythm of her movement, I felt every
seductive flicker along my Firm Burning rod, up and down the sides and
when she cupped my heavy sacks and started stroking it, she made me
groan “Oooarrrgh”. Lightly, she scraped her teeth along the length
of my shaft as she swirled her tongue around its head as she came up
again. Pulling her up, she smiled at me, taking her hand and squeezing
my dick as she stroked it while still raking her long nails around my
Lifting up my testicles with her other hand, she started licking
around each balls, going under and around driving me wild. As she
picked up her speed on my dick, she left my balls, sucked on my cock
in tune with her hand and raked her nails on my testicles. Watching
her flirt me with the sensation of her nails, hand and mouth going at
once, I felt myself losing control and when she moaned causing
vibration on my dick, I was so close to coming in her mouth. Not
wanting to blow my load yet as I still have her tight wet cunt to
sample, I said in a raspy voice “Enough” pulling her head up with
my hands.
In my mind I relaxed and allowed her to do it by her choice; the
balance shifted. She enjoyed every way she could touch me, feeling the
heat from my body, the atoms of my breath.
She was looking ravishing and had turned red , She pulled my head back
further, and i could hear her ragged breathing as her mouth came close
to my ear, sounding so desperate for me. I was feeling her boobs were
all over my body as she moved feeling and licking all over me but I
was yet to get her soft melons in my hands to suck, cuddle and lick
them., I was patiently holding myself back allowing her the space of
enjoy . After few minutes I could not resist and I pushed her down and
her panties were still on but it didn’t let that stop me, tearing
them off and nosing them out of my way and tonguing her pussy, making
low, growling noises from throat like a big cat purring with pleasure
while it devoured its prey.”
Before she could speak, I lay her down on the couch and started
kissing her, long and passionately. Her body ached as I ravished her
mouth and our tongues played with each other. She began to enjoy and
feel the heat of our passion spread all over her body causing her clit
to throb as my tongue played inside her mouth, triggering a wild wave
of sensation across her body.
Loving the feel of her full soft lips against mine, I moaned as she
pulled me closer rubbing her hard pebble nipples against my chest.
Wanting to taste her tits, I started stroking her face with my hand,
working my way down her neck, I felt her shiver as I stroked her
gorgeous mounds which were straining to have my hands on them. Her
tits were of good size not huge but ample and perky and when I cupped
them, they fitted in my hands nicely to squeeze them.
I placed both hands on her breasts, caressing them, massaging her tits
then taking one nipple at a time pulling and rolling them between my
fingers. This made her tingle at the heat of my touch making her moan
in pleasure. “Aha Vinod , this is so nice , don’t stop , pls aha,
pls suck, hard , suck vinod pls , suck them pls, aha , aha , aha she
moaned as I tantalised them
I could see I was driving her crazy that she wanted to push me down,
straddle my cock and ride me wildly And when I took her nipples and
sucked them making her tits most sensitive, she wanted my big cock
inside her. She broke our kiss and said “Please fuck me, Pleeasse
Noooow!!” she whined.
I looked down in anticipation, Wanting to desperately shove my dick in
her waiting cunt and fucking her hard, I knew I had to control myself
and prepare her first. In a raw voice I said “Not yet. I want to
savour you slowly”. I got onto my knees, I ran my hands up from her
ankles, up her wet inner legs opening her legs with my hands and
plunged my finger into her moist pussy. I said “Shalu Your already
dripping for me.” I said as my finger went in and out over and over
again slowly.
She laid her head back on the couch, rubbing and pulling her nipples.
When she felt the tension building, she held my hand still and said
“Vinod, Pls don’t do this, I am ready now, Pls come inside pls”
I laughed at her eagerness as I tried to contain myself my finger
still inside her. “Not now, pls wait ” I replied, “You’re not
ready yet”. Trying to push away the feeling of her tight wet cunt
around my finger and wanting to replace with it dick instead, I opened
her pussy lips and covered her swollen nub with my mouth.
She almost yelled at the sensation created by my mouth, sucking her
pussy and my tongue licking her clit. Feeling my chin beard scraped
against her inner thigh and prickling her swollen lips, she trembled.
When I start moving more fingers around deep inside, almost fisting
her – she did yell. Loud and clear. – Ah Vinod very nice , slowly
pls , oh god, ah , ah , ah , slowly pls oh god, Vinod yes, don’t
stop, deeper vinod , pls aha , oh god, god “, her pleasure screams
increasing with every swift stroke of mine.
Wonder what else she would do if I went deeper, I pushed a little
harder my hand almost disappearing inside her. Both her hands were
clenched firmly on the bedspread, bunching it tightly, as i continued
to swipe my fingers in and out of her pussy walls. Her inner muscles
clenched around my hand, she grabbed my head with her hands firmly.
Panting and grunting loudly, she held me there, as my hand withdrew,
not wanting me to move she pressed her cunt hard onto my mouth,
rubbing and grinding against it. I ate her pussy, licking it up and
down in small movements just under her clit as I finger fucked her
faster and faster. I could feel her inner walls squeezing my fingers
and knew she was about to come soon. I stoped what I was doing and I
could hear her whimper in protest.” No pls do it , don’t stop, ah
vinod , pls come on , come vinod, pls , pls , ah , aha , I cant vinod
, pls come in , pls “ and she widened her legs .
I Leaned over and start kissing her on her mouth, trailing my kisses
down from the hollow of her neck, and down to her tits, licking and
pulling her nipples. She hissed as l left her breasts, missing the
attention I was giving them.
I went down to her love triangle again, stuck two fingers back in and
ate out her pussy, sucking and licking as I again fucked her with my
fingers, faster and faster.
She held my head firmly, not wanting me to move away again, as she
pushed her hips up and down against my mouth, wanting me to do it much
harder. With my tongue inside of her pussy and as I moved my head from
side to side, up and down, I started picking up the tempo.
Screaming and shaking with full force, she came, her juices dripping
out of her wet hole and down my face and into my mouth. I removed my
mouth off her pussy, licking her cum off my lips and still playing
with her clit, urging on her climax, I stuck my cock into her clit
gently, caressing and softly stroking it from outside on her entrance
gate maddening and intensifying her release.
I palmed her breast, my thumb flicking over her nipple. she cried out,
and i buried myself in her with a mighty stroke. For a moment, I was
nothing, no one. Then we were fused, two hearts beating as one, and I
promised her it always would be that way whenever we would get a
opportunity as i pulled out a few inches, “ She screamed “ I Love
you Vinod pls do it fast , oh god I cant wait , pls , aa jao , mama ,
pressure , pls , pls fast , don’t stop ah , ah , ah uff don’t stop
pls “ the muscles of my back flexing beneath her hands, and then
slammed back into her. Again and again, she broke and broke against me
as i moved, as she murmured my name and told me she loved me and she
was starving for this for a long – long time.
“Am I hurting you?”“A little,” she replied, punctuated by a
gasp of breath. “Oh, it feels so fucking big!”. Its been long time
but I like it pls fuck me “she again started to move her ass in
upward motion .
I dropped the pace and fucked her slowly, trying to control the pace,
as I could feel her very tight and convulsing pussy. It was hard not
to ram in her and come inside but somehow I held back. Wanting to be
even farther inside her and knowing that her cunt was already getting
accustomed to me, I pulled out and told her to lean forward on the
“I don’t believe how tight you are!” she gasped and replied Its
been unused and barren for some time now but now I feel like I’ve
been split in two!”
Doing what I requested, she put her hands on the arm rest pulled
herself up and leaned over, arching her back and opening her legs
wide. Stroking my hard cock at the position, giving me a good view of
her ass, I wanted to fuck it badly but knew I couldn’t.
I made a grand entry again in a single hard painful push and Shalini
gasped at the feeling of my thrust, I started to plunge my dick deep
in and out of her fiery pussy, making the sensation build and as we
fucked my balls were hitting her legs. I ran one hand smoothly over
her boobs caressing them and ass while with the other I help the bed
firmly supporting me to push and penetrating deeper inside her.
Looking down, I saw her cunt wrapped around my dick tightly and seeing
her left over cum coating it.
Grabbing the couch, she yelled” Oh yes. Fuck me harder. Oh yes. I
love how your cock is deep inside me. Hmm, still deeper , pls fast
fast, don’t stop Vinod , yes , yes pls push it in pls , mama, mama
vinod fuck , fuck don’t stop yes , yes ” she said over and over
Flexing my ass and clenching my teeth together, I tried not to come. I
could see her feet held up high behind her as she bent her knees back
showing off her sexy legs. Trying to distract myself from coming
first, I reached down, opened her folds and started rubbing her clit
which was still sensitive. Yelling out she wiggled her hips and
pushing them hard against me..
“Just tear it hard , hard , don’t stop , yeah yes , yes she
screamed – ! Make it hurt! Fuck my pussy” I started pumping her like
a madman, driving my cock in and out of her beautiful, tight pussy as
And when that lightning once filled her veins, her head, she gasped
out my name,” Vinod yes, yes, ah aha, ah aha oh god , love you
vinod, I cant mama, yes, yes, oh god, god “her own release made its
way down, her body firmed up she gripped me through each shuddering
wave, savoring the weight of me, the feel of my skin as her support
and strength. Moments later, she screamed out “I’m gonna come,
I’m gonna come.” as I fucked and played with her and I increased
the speed. She came, squirting all over my dick and crying out as her
pussy walls broke open the flood gates, she wrapped her legs around me
and screamed “yeeess!!!, oh god, ah , ah, ah, uff , Vinod .

Feeling her orgasm subsiding and her pussy still squeezing me, I told
her to bend one leg on the couch so she can see it better When she
did, I stared down, stroking my hand up and down her calf, touching
her foot. Grunting at the sight, I held her hip and pushed even deeper
and harder, speeding up my dicks pace at a frantic pace even harder
and firmer.
Feeling my climax coming, I quickly pulled out. Shalini reached over
and started stroking my cock as I threw back my head and groaned in
orgasm, spilling my creamy cum all over her. She kept on rubbing me
back and forth, feeling this I kept on thrusting in her hand, milking
every last drop of my cum. With both of them panting from their
encounter, she back and laid down on the couch and I collapsed on top
of her.
Holding my sweaty body against hers, she looked up with face flushed
and smiled at me. “That was incredible” she sighed, “All I felt
was pure pleasure”.
I continued kneading her breasts and kissing her neck and shoulders
while she lay completely motionless beside me. She told the entry in
her pussy had been somewhat painful for her, but that was not
unexpected. The walls of her rectum were warm and smooth against my
cock. It was, without a doubt, one of the best fucks I had had in long
time, and with her reactions and request for a night session also I
would say Shalini did enjoy and felt the same way.
Shalini turned herself completely around until we were belly to belly,
chest to chest, She wrapped her arms around my back and held me tight
pressing her pussy close up against my limp cock, I gripped her ass
pulling her in closer and we could feel the wetness our pumped out
juices . That was fucking great,” she whispered sexilly. “I cant
wait for the night I want to do that again and we got up and dressed
up as it was time for other members to come back from shopping.
She said she relished that delicious feeling of freedom, the delirium
of being naked, and her flesh being born again. she loved that silence
a female get, when a man who you fancy and notices her body.

When I was free and thought how quickly it all happened I realised
that Physical attraction did its part to glue us together, but
something stronger than sexual attraction sealed the bond. The comfort
of being from the same circle and Shalini being starved for long for
sex did her in. When men and women grow apart, it is for the same
reason they are drawn together, Mysteries of attraction could not
always be explained through logic. Sometimes the fractures in two
separate souls became the very hinges that hold them together
Hope you enjoyed this, the encounter in the night was more raunchy and
eventful will write about the same in the next post, like-minded
people can mail me

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