Noor fucked by her father Jabbar

Noor was happy that her father, Jabbar is coming from gulf. He told her over phone he is bringing lot of gifts for her and wanted to know if she needed anything special. She said she just wanted her father to come. It is more than two years he did not visit them Now he is coming home since his wife is not well and needed to consult a doctor. She was well grown up with big round boobs and big asses well raised and round.

His wife was not well with severe cough and whenever he calls her over phone, she goes on coughing and they could communicate very little. Jabbar had two well run shops. He cannot afford to entrust them to any outsider and stay away for a long time. He was only 40 and worked very hard for earning money in the gulf.

He knew had to spend quite a lot of money to get her daughter married to an educated and decently employed boy. The sickness of his wife upset his plans. Though he is not aware of what she is ailing from, he thought his visit home was overdue and he just made up his mind to go. He purchased lot of girfts for his daughter and started for home.

There was nobody at the airport to receive him, he knew nobody will come. He took a cab and reached home. All his neighbours were wondering to see him. He got down from the taxi and carried his boxes home. He could believe his eyes when he saw Noor. She had grown into a beautiful damsel. His wife was also there more sick and frail. He sat to talk to his wife and noor.

He told her to take the boxes to her room as most of them contained articles for her. He asked his wife about her illness. She said she had been coughing since last six months and the medicine the doctor gives is of no use. Jabbar said, dont worry we will go to a better hospital to a better doctor. Noor was happy to have so many articles. She was jumping around in sheer joy.

Jabbar observed she is no more the small child she was when he last seen her. Very fair in colour with all grown up features larger that that of her age. Jabbar felt that she needs to be got married quickly. To take care of her will be a big task for her mother. Noor was behaving with him as she used to when she was a child. She hugged him and showed more physical closeness.

She sat on his lap to show more love to him. Jabbar was embarrassed. He went out to fix appointment with the doctor in the medical college hospital for examining his wife. In the evening many friends came to meet him and they talked for a long time. By night his wife had prepared chicken curry and chicken fry. she was good cook and her masterpiece was chicken preparations.

Jabbar and Noor ate lot of chicken. In the night her mother asked Noor to sleep in the next room. Somehow she slept separately from her mother. Next day Jabbar and his wife wanted to go to meet the doctor. Noor said she will also come. The doctor after examining Jabbar’s wife told him that she has suspected TB and that her life has to be regulated, with regard to the food she ate, life she leads etc.

Sex was totally prohibited. A course of treatment was prescribed which has to be observed strictly and periodical check up. They bought a bunch of medicines and returned home. Noor told her mother to go and lie down and she will take care of the household. Jabbar was very unhappy with the sudden turn of events.

He came after two years and he wanted plenty of sex and good food and lot of merry making with wife and daughter. But all was just a dream. Noor was there to take care of his needs. She gave him tea whenever he needs. She consulted her mother and prepared food as per the prescriptions of her mother.

Noor asked mother to sleep separately and gave her medicines at the prescribed time. In the evening she found she had no place to sleep except with her father. In his prayers Jabbar prayed that he should not be tempted by the charms of his daughter. But Noor was restless. She touched her father, and embraced him. Jabbar afterall a human being, He kept his mind firm and his body firm.

But with such a beautiful girl lying near him, even if she is his own daughter, his eyes looked at her raised boobs and nice childish face. When Noor was lying near him, close to him she could feel the bulge in his body. She knew what it is and how it is caused. Jabbar had no control over his body. She laid her hands on his bulge. Slowly she removed it from his underwear.

It was a huge 8″ cock brownish in colour with bulging veins by the sides. Jabbar was shocked. So far it was just childsplay. But now her taking his cock out become very much an adult play. Jabbar was in great dilemma. Whether to get angry with her for her mischief, or to fondle her and ultimately to yield to her. Finally he had to yield to her desires.

She slowly removed his dress and underwear They had finished their supper and there is no other work but to sleep.Jabbar embraced Noor and kissed her on her cheeks. But she moved her lips to his lips and wanted to kiss on his lips. Jabbar could not stand anymore. He kissed her lips and sucked her lower lip and the tongue.

He pressed her boobs and unbuttoned her shirt and licked her nipples. Jabbar wanted her to be decently married and settled well in life. Early marriage was common among them but she was not even finished her school. But when Jabbar was thinking about all these things, Noor rode on him and rubbed his cock on her pussy.

Jabbar did not do anything and allowed her to have in her own way. She did not know how she can insert his big cock into her small fuck hole. She just rubbed his cock on her clitoris and was enjoying. Jabbar told her not today they can have fun the next day. By the time Noor had some fun and she just cuddled with him. Doctor laughed and told him it is all because of the food we eat.

Now the chicken sold in the market is full of harmones and small girls show signs of maturity. There are instances where the NRI girls get pregnant with their brothers or uncles or even grandfathers. Best thing would be to avoid eating such food. Jabbar went home worried. He knew that his daughter liked chicken very much and she cannot be without it.

Harmon fed broiler chicken is brought from Tamil nadu and other places. Jabbar realized that the situation has gone beyond his control. The best thing would be to see a good grrom and get her married. That night Noor was again on him, asking him to fuck her. Jabbar told her to do whatever she wants. She was rubbing the cock in her pussy.

Jabbar just fondled her boobs and licked and sucked the nipples. Noor was rubbing and finding pleasure. Jabbar found a suitable groom for her working in gulf and decided to get her married. His wife also improved her health and was returning to normalcy. Jabbar could return to his business with peace of mind.

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