Different kind of fun with Monika-3

At this time her mom called to see when she would be home, i told her she can stay for dinner again so Monika told her mom she won’t be home for a while and winked at me. Anyways we ordered in and ate, i asked her about her family, she told me that her […]

Different kind of fun with Monika-2

She thought about it for a few seconds and then agreed. I told her to hang out in the kitchen while i get ready. We went out for dinner, i dont think she expects that, she thought maybe i had food in the house and we would eat there.Anyways we went to an italian restaurant […]

Different kind of fun with Monika-1

A quick back story before we begin, I was an idiot when I was younger and in high school before even graduating I got a girl pregnant. Long story short, my parents forced me to move away so I wouldn’t “fuck up my life”. I lost all contact with the girl and my child before […]

I found my mom’s vibrator-2

It was at this stage that mom’s left nipple started looking like a delicacy. So I roused from my position, crawled towards mom and I grabbed that nipple with my mouth and started sucking it. I thought mom would jump up and freak out. But seeing how sensually worked up she already was, she didn’t […]

I found my mom’s vibrator-1

My mom and I have been sleeping together for awhile now. Not in that way. At least not yet. I outgrew my bed. My athletic self got to at least 5 feet, 9 inches tall, so my old bed could no longer support my height. So, I hitched a ride on mom’s bed in the […]

Sex with Aditi and Madhu-2

so 1st i just spread her big soft ass cheeks and began licking her asshole.i even tongue fucked her rose bud.then i slowly began to finger fuck her ass.i fucked her ass with 3 fingers then slowly i entered my cock in her ass.god it was so tight.i dont think she ever took anything up […]

Sex with Aditi and Madhu-1

Hi my name is Amit.i am 30yrs old.not married and didnt have a gf at that time.i was working at a resort.and one time i went to an island and thats when i 1st saw Aditi.she was divorced but had a 18yr old daughter named Madhu.Aditi was 40yrs old.she had a fantastic body.with big boobs […]

She is hungry for a cock-1

Hi I’m Amit 23 yrs old live with parent ,i was in construction and after work i would spend my time with my friends smoking weed and 3 times a week I would meet with Sangeeta a neighbor married woman for sex .We were young and crazy sometime me and my friend will go to […]

My first desi incest experience

My mother Priya 38 was left devastated by my father Vinay 53 divorcing her. Priya wasn’t aware of Vinay’s affairs and was totally blindsided by Vinay. But she got the house and half of everything else, mainly because Vinay wanted a quick divorce and didn’t want it dragged out in court by my aunt Lalita […]

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