Real couple swapping story of Bhopal couple-1

I am narrating a real experience with couple from Bhopal with whom we had last year monsoon. We have interacted thru Wife Sharing Group,they were new and feeling shy to go ahead, though the hubby had strong desire,that is why he had posted in the site. We had few telephonic talks among four of us,but nothing seems to positive neither we were talking any erotic chat.

We exchanged foto with face edited(erased),just confirm about all existence. After few hiccups, we all finally decided to go ahead.Being in this life style since many year,I was in cool and planned to visit Bhopal. We have travelled to Bhopal which is just 6 hours from our place and checked in a decent (budgeted) hotel and contacted them.

He had invited to their house which was quite good and spacious and their children are away from city persuing their studies in some other places.So they were alone.The hubby gave greeted us and took to their to drawing room and make us comfortable by offering some refreshment.After chatting for some time the wife came in with a nervousness and he introduces with us.

The husband Vinod was around 46 years of age while the wife, Seema was 45 years.I was very delighted to see her as she was just looking very simple and very healthy with thick and dense natural hair. My wife too amused seeing the hubby who is quite sturdy but little heavy as of mine’. We both felt urgency to have them as soon as possible.Vinod was very talky and his wife very shy to talk.

We gossiped place,Bhopal,children etc.After an 1/2 an hour or so,I tactfully switches the gossips into the sexual topics and,Vinod too started telling about his preferences and how he gets turned on seeing the ladies etc. Both ladies sat mutely and listening to our talks.After some time,Vinod took us to their bedroom and made us very easy.

Though we had experienced and behaving like normal,but Seema was in little bit nervousness. This is her first time and therefore feeling little cold. On the bed my wife sat and I was on mini-sofa and they were just stood aside adjusting curtains etc.Silence was there and I was thinking how to start.Vinod went to bathroom and called Seema inside.

I heard some murmuring, Probably he was trying to convincing her.My wife sat beside me. When Vinod came out,he was looking little tense bcoz of his wife’s reluctances. I told him to be relax and asked him if any drinks is available,he immediately went inside and brought two glass and a scotch bottle.he also offered to my darling,but she refused instead she just sat mutely.

We again started conversatation about swappings etc and our previous experience.Vinod was telling about Seema’s horniness when they used to fantasies about same room swapping etc.He was disappointed about Seema’s reluctances and he said he was dreaming to have sex with other woman in front of her hubby and his wife,but now it seems to be washed out..the excitement was vanishing from his face,

but I said “Ok,be cool,Perhaps,she was not anticapetd it will be real.Though I was too disappointed so as Meenakshi,but I was also thinking if Seema is not enjoying,let Meena do it with him in front of me..So, I said to him””if Seema is not intd,then will it be OK to go ahead to screew my darling in front of me ? Will Seema will not make any truoble ?

He kept quite for some time and then went another room where Seema was there,I dont know what conversation took there,but he Vinod returns with little relieved and nodded yes about proposal. In the meantime I observed Vinod started staring my wife’s cleavage.I also teased and asked her bluntly about her preference,she blushed but kept quite.

She straight asked vinod about his likes/dislikes and also whether he performs orals or not. Vinod asked her preferences,she said she likes sturdy men with hairy chest and armpit. The person must be cleane and hygenic and not using deo. This conversation were making me horny and I told her to go ahead..She excuses and went wash room with her vanity bag.

Vinod too went away to another room. Meena came out bath room with changing her cloth and wearing small lingerie with transparant gown.Meanwhile Vinod too returned with another small pegs,but I refused.I told her to come closer sat between us which she obeyed promptly.she stood up again and inclined towards Vinod with her finger circling his chest inside his shirt,

then moving the hand toward his strong bicep,underarms.She gradually began robbing her face to his chest and then he hugged her tightly. Suddenly she opened his shirt, both of them became adam and eve very shortly.Soon after both of them started kissing each other and smooches underarms,necks, without realizing that I was there.


Meanwhile Seema entered and stunned to see the scene. I was aroused to see this and wanted to touch Seema,but she again went away.I was little disappointed again but kept silence and enjoying the kissing, hugging,caresing by Vinod to my wife who was deeply engrossed with him,I began to fondling my pennis,enjoying their action.

Vinod called again Seema to come out but all in vain.Sensing the atmosphere could be bad due to inaction of Seema, I consoled Vinod told to go-ahead.Then after some moment Seema came outside wearing a sexy transparant lingerie and sat beside of me Though, I was totally engrossed seeing my darling with Vinod, I gradually pulled her hand came closer to her and planted kiss to her.

She still down the face,I began licking her back and,lifted her hand and smooches the armpit which was little hairy.She has sexy body odour which made me crazy,I began to licks,kisses her armpits,necks,throats.This made her aroused and she disrobed her cloth and took the cock of mine and began licking.

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